Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who is Robyn Adams?

So earlier today, I brought you breaking news about a former cell mate of Casey's who was brought back to the Orange County Jail from Tallahassee, Fl where she is serving 10 years on Drug charges.   She will be testifying for the prosecution against Casey Anthony. So is this pen pal? Well, Let's find out, shall we?

Robyn Adams, is a convicted drug dealer who shared an area of the jail with Casey for six months in late 2008 and early 2009.  They struck a friendship and started communicating with each other through "pen pal" letters. Officer Hernandez allowed them to communicate through these letters even though is was not allowed to do so. The result of these letters show a more detailed version of who Casey Anthony really is.

Some of the things that were mentioned in these letters are as follows:

-Casey wanted to help Equisearch (company that was searching for Caylee). She felt she could help them on the outside more than inside in jail.
-When they first started their friendship Caylee told Robyn that she dropped Caylee off at her babysitter's apt. but as they got closer she later confessed that she knew Zenaida had nothing to do with her disappearance.
-She knew a body found at Blanchard Park was not that of Caylee. She mentioned the investigators were not looking in the right place.
-When investigators found Caylee, before she was identified, Casey did not speak to anybody. Robyn found that odd because they always spoke.
-The next day Casey's eyes were bloodshot and she told Robyn that they found Caylee's body wrapped up in a blanket inside a black bag, but never mentioned how she knew this information and who told her.
-Told her that he brother and father had abused her.
-Caylee had trouble sleeping and that she would use medicine to put her to sleep
- "I was a great mom!," she wrote. "I love my daughter with everything I have. I would give my life to have her back, even for five minutes."
- When  another girl from Florida (Haleigh Cummings) went missing she wrote that she had to hold herself from crying. Wonder's why people are so "heartless and evil"? She wrote : "Satan continues to tempt and more and more individuals succomb (her spelling) to that damned temptation. It makes me so sad!"
-Also mentions the fact that she is "crushing" on one of her attorney's but doesn't mention who. She claims it because she has been locked up for so long.

The letters Anthony wrote in jail show a different side of her. While waiting to go into court, Anthony wrote in a letter: "I know I'll be an emotional wreck later. Hell, it's been a full month almost since I've seen any of my family. The only one I have pictures of, is my daughter. I wish she was going to be there :( :( :( Great. I'm going to make myself cry, if I'm not careful."

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