Friday, December 14, 2012

Graphic Jenni Rivera Pics

Below are some pics from Jenni Rivera's plane crash. A warning they are GRAPHIC! But then again if you know this blog, you know what Graphic means!
Jenni died December 9, 2012 when her Learjet crashed in Mexico. She died along 6 others including her lawyer and publicist.

Last photo
Last email sent. She says she is happy and at peace. She trusts God completely.
Posted on her Twitter page December 6 by Jenni. After scandal broke out of her divorce to an ex MLB player she was depressed. She accused her husband of sleeping with her daughter (his step-daughter)

foot and fingers


Hair and skin

Foot, Fingers, Hair

May she rest in Peace


  1. Descansa en Paz Jenni, que Dios te tenga en su Santa Gloria. We love you and miss you, gone but never forgotten.

  2. Rest in Piece ): que triste saber que una gran mujer y señora se fuera asi de feo y de repente... Te vamos a extrañar mucho pero siempre seguiras viva en nuestros corazones.
    En Paz Descanse La Diva de la Banda, nunca nadie te va a remplazar!
    Tambien que Descansen en Paz los que la acompañaban en el avion ):
    Eres un Angel... Lo bueno es que estas en un lugar mejor sin sifrir mas.