Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Suspects of Boston bombing on film?

So even though I lived in NY during the World Trade Center attacks for some reason I have been traumatized by the Boston Attacks more. I don't know if it's because this attack was in a family event and I think of my kids and back then it was just me. I'm really furious andd I hope they catch these fucktards and torture the shit out of them. Could these guys be involved?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Casey pics without the boring stuff

So Casey has been in the news as recently as Friday. Why? Because she is filing for bankruptcy and believes that will be the first step toward closure. According to attorneys she is flat broke and can't even get a job at McDonalds "because people will be looking at her instead of the menu."  Oh well, right. Guess that's the luck of a child killer who was let go. She is $1 million in debt. Anyhoo, I know people were curious to see the pics so here they are.
26 year old Casey relaxing on a Cape Canaveral beach 
Casey with her legal team in August 2012

Oh, and you guys will love this one: Her attorneys say she wants to be a paralegal and they think she is actually capable to be one. On another note though, I swear with he luck this chick is getting with men backing her up (surprise surprise) she must be selling her soul to the devil.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thoughts on " Prosecuting Casey Anthony"

So the movie aired on Lifetime on Saturday. Rob Lowe would have appeared closer to Ashton if they would have dyed his hair grey. Other than that, he portrayed Ashton quite well in my opinion. I did enjoy Casey's drunk photos quite a bit! as well as the video superimposing the skull and tape. I think the movie could have been a bit more interesting but it did bring back anger concerning the verdict and case. I would like to know what other people thought about the movie. I hope those 12 village idiots are feeling the Karma they deserve!

Sandy Hook was planned by the Gov't?

Everyone must see this 30 minute video about The Sandy Hook incident! It's shocking and disturbing!