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I'm writing this to say how FURIOUS I AM!!! Google should be ashamed of themselves!!!  All of my readers I'm sure saw that I had ADS on my blog. Well, I would get paid for these ads being clicked. Apparently so many people were interested in these ads that GOOGLE has taken my money right before I would have received a check and had too many clicks were being registered! They are ridiculous!!!!! I cannot believe that they are STEALING from people this way!  Letting EVERYONE who reads this......GOOGLE AND GOOGLE ADSENSE ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Larry Flynt continues to disgust

On Thursday evenings, Nancy Grace show , Hustler magnate,Larry Flynt, admitted to propositioning Casey Anthony's people for a photo spread of her nasty self on the pages of the magazine. She would be paid $500,000.00.
Jean Casarez was the stand in for Nancy on the show. The following are parts of the interview:

CASAREZ: We want to go out now to a very special guest. We thank him so much for joining us tonight, Mr. Larry Flynt, one of the foremost businessman in this country, truly, the founder of "Hustler" magazine and the co-author of the book "One Nation Under Sex."

And I want to ask you about that book a little bit later on, but I first want to talk to you about Casey Anthony. Mr. Flynt, I want to ask you, our sources are telling us that her people are actually the ones that approached you or your people in regard to Casey Anthony being in your magazine. Can you confirm that?

LARRY FLYNT, "HUSTLER" MAGAZINE: No, I won`t confirm what talks that we`ve had. But right after the verdict, I was asked if I wanted to do something. And I felt like a lot of Americans did. Even though I didn`t necessarily agree with the verdict, I thought she might have been responsible for the death of her child, and I just felt that people wouldn`t necessarily want to see her with her clothes on or off. So I kind of forgot about the idea.

But I just recently got off a book tour where dozens of people would come up to me in Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, and they`d say, Why haven`t you made an offer to Casey Anthony? You know, Why don`t you want to pose for pictures? And many of them came up and actually would say things like, Look, she`s a really attractive person. You don`t realize this because she`s been in jail. She was in the courtroom, the clothes that she was wearing and all this. A great hair stylist and makeup artist could have her looking, you know, really fabulous.

So I`ve never been one to shy away from controversy because when nobody else in the country would, I published he nude photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1975, and I made over $20 million off of them. So I -- if something will work, I don`t have a problem doing it.

Now, the offer that we made to Casey through her attorney, the half million dollar payment`s only part of it. We`re willing to pay 10 percent of the profits. So if this thing goes viral, and it could be as big as everybody thinks it would because of how big the trial is, she could make millions, more than`s ever been discussed with her in any other possible interviews that she would be involved in.  

CASAREZ: So you're saying that people actually come up to you on your book tour, asking you that they want to see her?

FLYNT: They want to see her in the magazine. Why haven`t you made an offer? We can`t understand it. You know, It looks like you would be the one to do it. And I`ve seen that there has been interest in past years about, you know, certain celebrities, but never to this extent. I think a lot of people really think that she is attractive and they would like to see her in that sort of a layout.

CASAREZ: What do you think the fascination is -- very short, we have to go to break -- but with people coming to you in droves that they want to see Casey in your magazine? Why?

FLYNT: That was my big surprise. Why, I don't know. I looked at her and I never had a desire to see her in her birthday suit, but a lot of people did.

Well, we made an offer of a half a million dollars, but in addition to that, any additional profits, she would receive 10 percent of and the reason why I did that is I`m still ambivalent as to how well this will do.

But in case it goes viral and there`s this huge interest and everybody wants to see the photographs, well, you know, millions could be made, so we don`t know, but I think it was generous of us to put a percentage of the profits in for her because it could amount to a great deal more money.

And one thing I want to say while I`m at it, I didn`t bring this up before because I feel like it`s sort of pandering, but we really did decide before we ever did this that we were going to donate a portion of the profits to abused children and abused children`s shelters. So we intend to put up money for that and that doesn`t change the horrific crime or incidents that`s already happened. That`s created all this grief.

CASAREZ: Did you watch the trial?

FLYNT: Yes, I did. I didn't watch all of it, but I watched a good part of it.

Well, people there it is. Honestly if this happens it will bring in money from alot of sick people out there. But hey, if they want to waste their money on this BEAST OF A WOMAN, more power to them!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dismembered remains found and identified as mother of 2

A specialized dive team has finished searching for the remains of a Kinston mother that police say was murdered by her ex-boyfriend and his wife. Dismembered remains found scattered in a Texas creek were positively identified Tuesday as those of a missing North Carolina mother of two.  Investigators say they believe 27-year-old Laura Jean Ackerson was killed and dismembered in North Carolina before being transported in ice chests to Texas, where her remains were found in a creek about 60 miles south of Houston. Investigators say the body is so decomposed that it may not be possible to determine how Ackerson died.  Grant Ruffin Hayes, 32, and his wife, Amanda Perry Hayes, 39, are accused of killing Ackerson, who was last seen in Raleigh on July 13 and reported missing two days later. The couple was arrested early Monday in Kinston, N.C., and charged with murder.  Nevada state records show that Grant and Amanda Hayes were married in Las Vegas on April 19th, 2010. A judge ordered them held without bond during their first court appearance on Tuesday. 

Ackerson, who had two children with Hayes, was involved in a custody battle with him before she disappeared.  She was reported missing after she failed to meet Hayes in Raleigh to pick up her two sons. Her white 2006 Ford Focus was later found abandoned in a nearby apartment complex. Hayes had primary custody of the two boys from his relationship with Ackerson. A judge granted Hayes emergency temporary custody in June 2010. Hayes claimed Ackerson was unfit for sole custody. The custody dispute was still going on at the time of Ackerson's disappearance. The next scheduled court hearing was supposed to be in August.
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Craig Brady said Monday that search crews have recovered 60 percent of remains belonging to Ackerson, a businesswoman.
Her dismembered remains were found on Sunday near Oyster Creek, Texas -- about 100 yards from where Amanda Hayes' sister lives.
"The objects, we believe, were floating, and that came up into the lily pads, (which) made it difficult," said Mark Thorsen, a member of the Houston Police Department's dive team. "It was a football field of lily pads and weeds and stuff like that that we had to go through to try to search."
While investigators have yet to determine a motive, Brady suggested Monday that the custody issue might have been a factor in Ackerson's death.
"I don’t know if it was a planned homicide or if tempers flared, but I can’t imagine someone being that cold or just uncaring that, after the murder, they took the steps of dismembering this lady in the manner that they did and just tossing her in a creek," Brady said. "It’s one of the most gruesome scenes that I’ve seen in 30-something years of law enforcement."

Here is a time line of how the disappearance of Ackerson has unfolded so far:
July 13: last reported sighting of Ackerson, dropping off her two boys at the Raleigh home of Grant Hayes, the father of the children.
July 15: Ackerson fails to meet Hayes to get the boys back at their appointed meeting place in Wilson, according to Patsy Hayes, the suspect's mother. She reports he was "surprised" Ackerson did not show up.
July 18: Ackerson's co-worker reports her missing to Kinston police. Police alert the media.
July 20: Raleigh police locate Ackerson's car in an apartment complex parking lot, find no evidence of foul play in the vehicle. Raleigh police take over the investigation.
July 24: Officials in Texas find human remains in a creek in Fort Bend County. Raleigh police announce detectives have traveled to Texas. Reports say officials believe dismembered remains belong to Ackerson.
July 25: Raleigh police announce the arrests of Grant Hayes and Amanda Hayes at a location in Kinston.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where has the romance gone?

So the other day I had a revelation told to me my my husband when I asked “Where is the romance?” His response: “I want to  but you’re always home so I can’t surprise you and we don’t have anyone to take care of the kids. Even if we put them to bed, they still keep coming down and talking to us.”
So I thought to myself, “Well, I can’t be the only one out there who has gotten this response from my husband.” Well, it inspired me to write about this topic on my blog. I asked all my guy friends on Facebook, what would they do if they were in this situation?How would they romance their significant other?  Below are there collected answers as I received them. Guys, take note and ladies print this out and tuck it somewhere your significant other will find it.

Y.M.:Cook dinner... Lol... Or arrange a good friend or family member watch the kids as I rent a limo and take u to a spa treatment and after a catered picnic at a park with some nice chilled Pinot grigio

L.S.: I would wink at her and say "you want some of this!"

TJ:get a babysitter and take her out lol

CM:Not sure, since i'm not in that situation but i think as with everything, you have to stay creative, find the romance in everyday life instance and/or find a way to put romance into everyday instances

JO: I walk thru the door to find you knee deep in kids and toys...i pick up the phone and call one of our closest friends to sit with the kids for a few hours...I turn and take over kid duty so that you get a chance to take a long hot shower as... we wait for our friend...once they get to the house I escort you to the your side to let you keep asking where we are going...I simply tell you..."you'll see"...we drive to your favorite restaurant were I have already called ahead to order your favorite meal...a nice bottle of wine...and only candle light to steal romantic glances at each other as we eat...after a wonderful meal...a playful game of footsie under the table...and a shared scope of ice cream...we decide to drive back home...but take our time getting out of the car...after re-enacting a stolen moment before we were married...we sneak to the backyard to enjoy the oversized hammock i set up before hand together under a crisp moon-lit night...after a second trip down memory lane...I open the porch door...but before you cross the door way I steal one last kiss at the base of your neck and whisper to you..."same time next Friday..." did I do ok with that scenario?

So I thank the 5 out of 21 men that I asked this to!  This goes to how that there are quite a few men out there that really do not have an inch of romance on them or could care less to romance their significant other. It's a darn shame that romance has truly died.
Yes, a couple are funny, but still they acknowledge doing SOMETHING to get things started!

So I say BRAVO to those that give romance to the ones they love and show them appreciation.  You are a special few.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This is why we need Caylee's Law!

UPDATE: Tatum Contosta was found Friday morning at a Walgreens in Orange County. Police said he would be turned over to the Florida Department of Children and Families. No other information was released.

Another child has been missing for a period of days and has JUST been reported missing to police.  The 4-year-old boy missing since July 14.
Tatum Contosta was last seen at the Budget Inn Motel, located at 307 E. Vine St. in Kissimmee, Fl.  This area is known for sleazy motels that house a number of drug users and sexual offenders.
Kissimmee police issued the alert late Thursday, over a week after Tatum's mother, Jessica Contosta, said she left the boy at the motel with Silverio Irizarry, 45, a homeless man.
The boy's mother was later arrested in Orange County. She was booked on Public Indecency.  She said she had not seen or heard from either her son or Irizarry since July 14. 
Police said they are particularly worried, because Irizarry is homeless and has drug problems, including an addiction to heroin.
Jessica Contosta, 32 said Irizarry was only supposed to watch her son for about an hour. Irizarry is not related to either Tatum or his mother.
The proposed Caylee's Law will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing within 24 hours.  Why didn't this lady mention the whereabouts of her son as soon as she was arrested!
People are saying that Florida is not a safe place for children. On the contrary, I believe it's an amazing place to raise children. I moved from NYC to Florida in order to give my kids the life I know they wouldn't be able to have in NYC. When I was raised there it was a different time, now kids are wild and things are happening to children there as well with molesters and horrible parents! The reason why it's not heard as much over there is because there are WORSE crimes occurring that these sexual crimes are not making headline news! In Florida, crime is minimal so yes, you hear about these crimes more often!

If you see either Tatum Contosta or Silverio Irizarry, contact one of the following:
  • CrimeLine: (800) 423-TIPS (8477)
  • Kissimmee police:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sexual offender gets custody of step-daughter

A judge's decision to award a convicted sex offender custody of a nearly 4-year-old girl has sparked protests and made headlines around the world. Donald Coleman, 51, was convicted of sexual battery on a child in 1997 after getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant. He served prison time for the crime, and when he got out of prison he married the young girl. He went on to father two more children with her. Coleman's wife then had an affair that resulted in the birth of 3-year-old Miranda Coleman. The woman died in a car crash shortly after Miranda was born.
Donald Coleman

"I made a promise to my wife I'd take car of our kids if something happened to her, and she made the same promise if something ever happened to me," Coleman said. Last week a judge awarded custody of Miranda to Donald Coleman, her legal, but not biological, father. Ever since, Miranda's biological family has begged to get the girl back in their custody, saying she shouldn't be living with a registered sex offender. Miranda has been raised by her maternal grandmother.  
Miranda will turn 4 years old on Sunday. Since the judge's ruling, she's living with Coleman and her three half-sisters, ages 8, 10 and 13.Friends and family of Miranda's late mother have been outside the Baker County Courthouse since last week's ruling, protesting, asking for help. They said they won't give up until they get her back."It's awful," said Becky Graves, Miranda's aunt. "She's been with us since she's been born, and to have her snatched out of our arms is just as bad as losing her mom."Coleman's supporters said Miranda's in a good place."He's not a monster," Carter said Tuesday. "If he's such a bad person, why didn't they fight to get the other three kids back? I mean, all four have the same mother. Why are you after one instead of all of them?" MAYBE BECAUSE HE IS NOT THE FATHER OF THIS BABY!!!!!!

 This is an outrage! What type of judge would even think this is proper!  What is wrong with the justice system today!?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pharmaceutical Tycoon's girfriend found dead a week after his son fell from stairs

 Police are investigating reports that a noisy party was held at a mansion the night after a six-year-old boy fell down the stairs and was fatally injured - and just hours before his father's girlfriend was found dead hanging naked from a balcony.

Max Shacknai, the son of multimillionaire pharmaceutical tycoon Jonah Shacknai, died at a San Diego hospital yesterday as a result of the fall. 
Two days after the accident his father's girlfriend, Rebecca Nalepa - who was looking after him at the time - was found hanging naked from a second-storey balcony, her hands and feet bound with orange electrical cord.
Reports of a party, which would have taken place as Mr Shacknai and his ex-wife held a vigil at their son's bedside, deepen the mystery surrounding the two deaths at the historic Spreckels Mansion in the upscale Coronado suburb of San Diego.
Last Monday, Max fell down the stairs at the property in what police called a tragic accident. He was not breathing and did not have a pulse when paramedics found him.
In a joint statement issued last night, his parents announced that the little boy died at Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego yesterday, and a memorial service will be held today.
Tragedy: Six-year-old Max Shacknai died one week after he fell down the stairs of his millionaire father's mansion in an upscale suburb of San Diego. His father's lover was found dead on WednesdayThe death of 32-year-old Miss Nalepa, described by police as 'very bizarre', came just two days after the fall.

Mr Shacknai's brother, Adam, who was staying in the mansion's guesthouse, cut her down to try and save her then called 911. Mr Shacknai was not at home, police said. 
Adam told detectives he found her hanging by her neck from a second floor balcony, with her hands and feet bound.
Firefighters tried to revive Miss Nalepa, who they described as being 'in distress', but she was later pronounced dead at the scene.
Detectives are still waiting for forensic test results to help determine whether Miss Nalepa committed a ritualised suicide or whether she could have been murdered.
Now police have told Mail Online that they are taking another bizarre twist seriously.

Together: Jonah Shacknai with his 32-year-old girlfriend Rebecca Nalepa, who was found dead hanging nude from a balcony at his mansion
'We received information that there may have been a party at the house on Tuesday,' said Homicide Sergeant Roy Frank. 'This is only a report. The exact nature of the get together at the house is something we will be looking at.'

Despite the fact that the victim was found bound at her hands and feet, Sergeant Frank said police have not ruled out suicide.
One theory being examined is that she was overwhelmed with grief after the accident involving her lover's son.
But investigators have not established a formal connection between the two tragedies. Sergeant Frank said officers were carrying out interviews with witnesses and waiting for forensic tests.

Rebecca, who has a past conviction for shoplifting, had given up her job as an ophthalmic technician in December to devote her time to Mr Shacknai, Max and his other two children.
Sprawling: The mansion where Nalepa's body was found, which is owned by pharmaceutical millionaire Jonah Shacknai She was discovered naked, hanging from a second-storey balcony with her feet and hands bound with orange electrical cord, police have revealed.
She met what officers described as a 'very violent and very suspicious end' at the mansion.
While an autopsy has been completed, police are not releasing the details and have not yet ruled whether her grisly death was murder or suicide.
Speculation mounted it could be connected to the accident just days before.
Rebecca,  who had been in a relationship with Mr Shacknai for two years, was reportedly looking after the little boy at the time.
The mystery surrounding her death, which police have described as 'bizarre', deepened as it emerged a loud party had been held at the 27-room house on Tuesday night, the day before she died - and the day after the little boy's accident.

Police said Adam Shacknai is not currently being considered a suspect, although he was the only other person believed to have been in the 27-room mansion when Miss Nalepa died.
Both brothers and Mr Shacknai's ex-wife Dina, who is six-year-old Max's mother, are being questioned by police as witnesses.

Adam Shacknai

Dad murders family

An Oregon man is believed to have brutally stabbed his wife and four children to death before setting fire to their house on Monday.  At 9:30 am firefighters responded to the house fire and rescued a woman,
Tabasha Paige-Criado 30, and her four children.  Three sons, ages, 5, 6, and 7, and her 2-year-old daughter were pulled from their Medford, one-story home.
When they were pulled from the house, responders saw what appeared to be stab wounds on the family.
All five were pronounced dead at the hospital.
"The front yard looked like it was a plane crash or something, the people working on those folks," said Medford police Chief Tim George.
"There were some heroic efforts on the part of police and fire personnel. My understanding is they were actually able to get a pulse on two of those children at the scene, but they eventually succumbed."

The woman's husband, Jordan Adam Criado, 51, suffered smoke inhalation but is expected to survive. Authorities said they believe he killed his family but did not immediately charge him.  Criado is sedated and in stable condition after surviving the blaze.
A motive was unclear.
Before the fire began, Criado called cops to report his wife was missing, the Medford Mail Tribune reported.
Officers found the woman a few blocks away at a convenience store and escorted her home.
"They both met and conversed," George said of the couple. "What happened between 7:30 and 9:30 in roughly a two-hour time span is what we are trying to figure out right now. More than a man of interest but I won't go as far as calling him a suspect but that will more than likely change."
About two weeks ago, Criado and his wife could be heard arguing loudly late at night, said Chris Bennett, 23, an Oregon National Guard infantryman who lives three doors down.

"He just bluntly told her, 'Hey, you need to calm down, the kids are asleep,'" Bennett said.

"It was always her yelling," said Bennett's fiance, Shilo Croswell, 22. "Anytime we saw him it was just him and the kids. Then we saw this woman. She kept asking him who we were, and he was not responding because he was talking to us."

Investigators were getting a new search warrant before going back into the house Tuesday to gather more evidence.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Parents dead while teen parties

A Florida teenager is accused of killing his parents and then throwing a house party inside their Port St. Lucie home.  Police said the high school dropout sent a Facebook invitation to friends about a party at his house Saturday night. Police said 40 to 60 teens attended the party, which lasted into the early-morning hours Sunday.

Police said 17-year-old Tyler Hadley used a hammer to kill Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley on Saturday. Police went to the home at 371 Northeast Grandeur Ave. about 4:20 a.m. Sunday after getting an anonymous tip that a teenager had murdered his parents and that their bodies were still in the home. Capt. Don Kryak said Tyler initially told officers  that his parents were out of town.
 Officers found the victim's bodies in the locked master bedroom and a weapon possibly used in the killings nearby."We believe that the homicide occurred outside the door of the master bedroom," said Port St. Lucie police spokesman Tom Nichols. "We believe that Mom was killed first, then Dad, and then Tyler did then bring the bodies back inside the room, where they were laid on the floor, the hammer between them, where he tried to conceal the bodies with household items."

Police said Tyler Hadley concealed the bodies by putting towels, linens and even picture frames on them.About 40-60 people attended the party inside the home after the killings had been committed. The party started at 9 p.m. Saturday, and they believe the teen's parents were dead by then.Detectives said Hadley was very nervous after he was arrested and refused to answer many questions. There is no known motive right now."They said that he killed his parents with a hammer because they wouldn't let him throw a party," a partygoer said.  Hadley is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is being held without bond.The medical examiner is conducting an autopsy on the victims to determine exactly how they died. Police believe Mary-Jo Hadley was a teacher and that Blake Hadley worked for Florida Power and Light.

Roy Kronk sues Leonard Padilla!

Roy Kronk, the man who discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains, is suing bounty hunter Leonard Padilla for defamation.  Good, he deserves everything he can get!  He should sue Casey and Baez as well! The claim was filed Friday in Orange Circuit Court.
 The complaint seeks more than $15,000 in damages.
The lawsuit claims Padilla published false and defamatory statements about Roy Kronk over the course of two years. It says the false statements were broadcast or published, posted on the Internet and through Twitter and made on national television shows, such as Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew.
It alleges that Padilla’s statements were "done with malice" and attempted to injure Kronk’s reputation.
  The following is the clam as it was filed:
ROY KRONK, Plaintiff,
Defendant. ______________________________/
COMES NOW, Plaintiff, ROY KRONK (" Kronk” or “Plaintiff”), by and through his undersigned counsel, and hereby files his Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial against Defendant, LEONARD PADILLA ("Padilla” or “Defendant”), and in support thereof, state as follows:
1.    This is an action for damages in excess of $15,000.00, excluding attorneys' fees and
2.    Venue is proper in Orange County, Florida, pursuant to Chapter 47, Florida Statutes, because the claims concern and relate to events that occurred in Orange County, Florida, and such the cause of action accrued in Orange County, Florida.
3.    Kronk, at all material times, was employed and working in Orange County, Florida as a meter reader for Orange County. At all relevant times, Plaintiff Kronk was acting as a good s samaritan, by doing the right thing and reporting what he found to the proper authorities. What Plaintiff Kronk found turned out to be the remains of Caylee Anthony. Plaintiff asserts that under the facts herein he is a private figure.
76293 v11
eFiled in the Office of Clerk of Court, Orange County Florida 2011 Jul 15 04:22 PM Lydia Gardner
4.    Defendant Padilla is a self-professed professional "world famous" Bounty Hunter and "Godfather of Bail". Defendant Padilla does business in Orange County, Florida. At all relevant times, Defendant Padilla was acting as a non-media Defendant. Defendant Padilla bailed Casey Anthony out of jail in Orange County, Florida and had extensive communications and appearances in Orange County, Florida.
5.    Defendant Padilla is subject to the jurisdiction of this Court as he has operated, conducted and engaged in business in the State of Florida.
6.    Defendant Padilla has committed a tortious act within the State of Florida. 7.    Defendant Padilla has engaged in substantial activity within the State of Florida.
8.    All conditions precedent to filing this action have occurred, accrued or have been waived as a matter of law.
9.    Over the course of the past two (2) years, Defendant Padilla published false and defamatorystatementsaboutPlaintiffKronk. Thepublicationsoccurredinalmosteverymediaformat imaginable and were broadcast and/or published across the country, if not the globe, via the Internet, Twitter, the news print media, and national television shows, hosted by Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and Jane Valez-Mitchell. Defendant Padilla's statements are too numerous to recite. However, the substance and gist of his false and defamatory statements against Roy Kronk are as follows:
(a)    That Roy Kronk was involved in a conspiracy with law enforcement which resulted in him finding the remains of Caylee Anthony;
(b)    That Roy Kronk was involved in a conspiracy with Casey Anthony which resulted in him finding the remains of Caylee Anthony;
(c)    That law enforcement told Roy Kronk where Caylee Anthony's remains were located;
(d)    That law enforcement told Roy Kronk's "girlfriend" where Caylee Anthony's remains were located;
76293 v12
(e)    That Roy Kronk was provided information that came from Casey Anthony which resulted in his finding the remains;
(f)    That Roy Kronk was somehow involved with the killing of Caylee Anthony;
(g)    That Roy Kronk secreted the body or hid the body;
(h)    That Roy Kronk was directed to the body by law enforcement after Defendant Padilla stated that law enforcement would have the body within two days;
(i)    That Roy Kronk is connected to Casey Anthony and the Anthony family and is involved in the killing or cover-up of the crime;
(j)    That Roy Kronk is a suspect, should be investigated, has something to hide, and cannot be trusted;
(k)    That Roy Kronk did not see any remains in August, 2008; and
(l)    That Roy Kronk was not working and doing his job on the date the remains were found.
10.    In order to bolster his false and defamatory statements, Defendant Padilla contacted relatives or former acquaintances of Plaintiff Kronk to assist Defendant Padilla in the character assassination of Plaintiff Kronk.
COMES NOW, Plaintiff, ROY KRONK (hereinafter referred to as “Kronk” or “Plaintiff”), by and through his undersigned counsel, and hereby sues Defendant, LEONARD PADILLA (“Padilla” or “Defendant”), and states as follows:
11.    Plaintiff hereby realleges and incorporates Paragraphs 1 through 10 above, as if fully set forth herein.
12.    This is an action for damages for defamation (on its face).
13.    The above referenced statements made and published by Defendant were false and defamatory statements concerning Plaintiff.
76293 v13
14.    Defendant made and published these false and defamatory statements against Plaintiff without reasonable care as to the truth or falsity of the statements. Defendant made and published false and defamatory statements with reckless disregard for the rights of Plaintiff.
15.    Although Defendant knew or should have known that the statements were defamatory on their face, Defendant proceeded to publish the false and defamatory statements without regard to Plaintiff.
16.    The actions taken by Defendant constituted unprivileged publications to third parties of the above described false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff.
17.    The actions of Defendant amounted to, at minimum, negligence or gross negligence and were done with malice in an attempt to injure Plaintiff’s reputation. The above statements were made with the intent to expose Plaintiff to hatred, ridicule or contempt or charged Plaintiff with committing a crime and tended to injure Plaintiff in his business, reputation or occupation.
18.    The actions of Defendant were the direct and proximate result of the damages suffered by Plaintiff as Plaintiff has suffered loss of reputation, embarrassment, humiliation, outrage and has otherwise been directly damaged by Defendant’s unprivileged actions.
19.    In excess of the specific damages suffered by Plaintiff, Plaintiff is entitled to special damages due to the special harm caused by the unprivileged publication.
20.    Defendant made and published these false and defamatory statements without reasonable care to determine the falsity of the statements.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff, ROY KRONK, demands that this Court render judgment against Defendant, LEONARD PADILLA, and award all damages, including interest, costs and any and such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper under the circumstances. Plaintiff, ROY KRONK, reserves the right, pursuant to §768.72, Florida Statutes, to amend his Complaint and seek
punitive damages upon the requisite predicate showing. 4
76293 v14
76293 v15
COMES NOW, Plaintiff, ROY KRONK (“Kronk” or “Plaintiff”), by and through his undersigned counsel, and hereby sues Defendant, LEONARD PADILLA, individually (hereinafter referred to as “Padilla” or “Defendant”), and states as follows:
21.    Plaintiff hereby realleges and incorporates Paragraphs 1 through 10 above, as if fully set forth herein.
22.    This is an action for damages for defamation (Innuendo).
23.    The above referenced statements made and published by Defendant were false and defamatory statements concerning Plaintiff.
24.    Defendant made and published these false and defamatory statements against Plaintiff without reasonable care as to the truth or falsity of the statements, in that a proper investigation would have demonstrated to Defendant that the statements were false and misleading. Defendant's statements gave false suggestions, impressions and implications and conveyed a materially different meaning than the truth would have conveyed.
25.    Although Defendant knew or should have known that the statements were defamatory (Innuendo), Defendant proceeded to publish the false and defamatory statements with malice and without regard to Plaintiff.
26.    The actions taken by Defendant constituted unprivileged publications to third parties of the above described false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff.
27.    The actions of Defendant amounted to, at minimum, negligence or gross negligence and were done with malice in an attempt to injure Plaintiff’s reputation. The above statements were made with the intent to expose Plaintiff to hatred, ridicule or contempt or charged Plaintiff with committing a crime and tended to injure Plaintiff in his business, reputation or occupation.
28.    The actions of Defendant were the direct and proximate result of the damages suffered by Plaintiff as Plaintiff has suffered loss of reputation, embarrassment humiliation, outrage and has otherwise been directly damaged by Defendant’s unprivileged actions.
29.    In excess of the specific damages suffered by Plaintiff, Plaintiff is entitled to special damages due to the special harm caused by the unprivileged publications.
30.    Defendant made and published these false and defamatory statements without reasonable care to determine the falsity of the statements.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff, ROY KRONK, demands that this Court render judgment against Defendant, LEONARD PADILLA, individually, and award all damages, including interest, costs and any and such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper under the circumstances. Plaintiff, ROY KRONK, reserves the right, pursuant to §768.72, Florida Statutes, to amend his Complaint and seek punitive damages upon the requisite predicate showing.
COMES NOW, Plaintiff, ROY KRONK, by and through his undersigned counsel, pursuant to Rule 1.430, Fla.R.Civ.P., and hereby demands a trial by jury on all issues so triable.
Dated: July 15, 2011.
76293 v16
/s/ Howard S. Marks HOWARD S. MARKS, ESQUIRE Florida Bar No.: 0750085 ABBYE E. ALEXANDER, ESQUIRE Florida Bar No.: 0662348 BURR & FORMAN LLP 369 North New York Avenue, Third Floor Post Office Drawer 1690 (32790) Winter Park, Florida 32789 Telephone: (407) 647-4455 Facsimile: (407) 740-7063 Attorneys for Plaintiff

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The case of Ana Cacho

So early this morning , I mentioned the name Ana Cacho and her maybe connection to Casey attorney, Jose Baez. Well he is more information pertaining to this high profile case in Puerto Rico.

Lorenzo, a child who excelled in soccer and was admired by friends and teammates, died on March 9, 2010, after being hit in the head with a sharp object. That night, he was in his home ( an upscale area in Puerto Rico),  along with his mother Ana Cacho, his two sisters (ages 13 and 5) and two men who were visiting Ana Cacho until well past midnight.  In a radio interview she gave before listening to her lawyers advice about keeping silent, Ana Cacho said of the evening: that the boy had been playing soccer, then was taken to a fast food restaurant by his father and brought home around 8:30 that evening. According to Ana, Lorenzo showered and started doing homework, but fell asleep on his notebook. Ana said she put all three children in bed by 9:30 p.m.  She didn't mention however the men that arrived later that evening.

Lorenzo’s younger sister told Ana that Lorenzo was bleeding on her. She then went to check up on her son yet waited an hour and a half before taking Lorenzo to an emergency room. Odd, what type of mother would wait that long. I would think it would happen instantly.  He died later in the hospital from what the ME determined to be blunt force injuries to the head.
Investigators found no evidence of forced entry in the Cacho residence, but they did find a pipe and an empty crack capsule in the house. Forensics found Ana’s DNA traces on the pipe.  Months passed before any action was taken against Ana. People believe that the Police Department, led by Jose Figueroa Sancha, seems to cater a special treatment for Ana. People seem to agree that, if the crime had been committed in a humble and marginalized sector, the story would have been otherwise: by this date someone would have been prosecuted.

During the rest of the radio interview, Ana  focused on the acts of her ex husband and father of her three children, whom she considers a chronic jealous man and a stalker who would even get on the roof of her own house to spy her.  The public perception is that the questions and the editing of the interview were accommodated to favor Ana , who  in the eyes of the public opinion is hiding the truth.

 Ana has not cooperated with investigators and has remained silent.   Senior political analyst and lawyer Juan Manuel García-Passalaqua said in the local radio station WKAQ: “I am going to give you my opinion as a lawyer—to me, these people were all doped and having a party and one of them hit the boy.”

Update to previous blog: Casey's released!

So as reported before, I did see a plane take off that may have held Casey. It turns out that plane was not the one from NY. The plane from NY had fired up it's engines but never took off. The one that did take off was headed to Columbus, Ohio. It is not known if Casey was on the plane. It has yet to be confirmed.
The flight was originally scheduled for 10 p.m. Saturday, two hours before Casey got out of jail.
The Anthony family is originally from Ohio. At the Anthony family home, George emerged once to wish goodnight to a visitor earlier in the night, but by the time Casey was released, it looked like to neighbors that they had gone to sleep.
UPDATE: Sources are now telling news outlets that Casey Anthony boarded a plane at Executive Airport, where these other planes were, at 3:00 am Sunday. No reports as to where that plane was headed to, but that the plane did have a connection to an attorney on her defense team.

So you can make your own decision. Did Casey go back to Ohio or did she go to an undisclosed location? Personally, I think she went to Ohio.

Casey Released!

Casey has been released at 12:11 am. She left in a caravan. She was led by Baez and was walking quickly wearing a hot pink shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. A plane from Westchester, NY was at Executive Airport. She was taken to the OC courthouse for a car transfer. More news will be available as soon as I get info.
Meanwhile people from as far away as Canada voiced their displeasure at Casey's release. One radio station paid someone to fly a banner over the jail. It said "guilty bitch"
According to AP the sheriff's office did not want to give her any preferential treatment. So she along with Baez walked out the front entrance. The AP cameraman said she looked relieved. *To me it looked like she was anxious and trying to hold Baez' hands.
(I'm writing on my IPhone as this is happening, so it may be choppy)
Currently looking at cars at Executive Airport. Personally, unless they have a mass of cars it shouldn't be hard to see her with her hot pink shirt. 

2 cars stopped next to the airplane that is owned by Wells Fargo, and unloaded a mass of luggage.  The jet is a 22 seater and the number of people that came out of the car were about 9 people, including a blond female in a dress. Still have yet to see a hot pink shirt board the plane. There are rumors that the plane will be going to Puerto Rico (WE DON'T WANT HER THERE!!!). Supposedly one of her attorneys have a few houses there.
There is also a high profile case occurring there with a woman named Ana Cacho who is being tried for the murder of her 8 year old son.  His 5 year old sister was sleeping next to him when she heard a noise and felt wetness coming from his head, that would turn out to be blood.  Rumors are that she may want Baez to represent her.

The plane has left , but it is still not confirmed that she was on that plane.  The news reports that even though there is no tracking on it, but they have kept track of the plane's tag # and will find out where eventually it lands.
Again, I'll be sure to update in later blogs to warn where this baby killer has landed and for those interested in the case with Ana Cacho can contact me and let me know if they want me to follow if I can.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casey to be "released " from prison tomorrow!

As soon as the clock strikes 12 midnight tonight, many reporters and spectators will be outside the Orange County Jail waiting to see the departure of Casey Anthony into civilization. Jail officials would not give an exact time of Casey's release, because of concerns for her safety. She leaves the jail even more popular than when she entered on July 16, 2008. 
Casey was found Not Guilty, on July 5, 2011,  by 12 idiotic jurors who said there was not enough evidence to convict her of her daughter Caylee's death in 2008.  They DID think Casey killed her but did not think she was GUILTY! Well, anyway Casey leaves jail to a mass amount of death threats against her. According to one of her defense attorneys, Cheney Mason, Casey is frightened for her life! Honestly I think it's worse punishment being "free" than being in prison for her.  If she doesn't kill herself from her loneliness then someone is bound to get her.  While in jail, she had guards and her attorneys keeping her company. On the outside, she has nobody. Not even her family.
She may change her looks and cut her hair, but everyone has seen all her looks, from short hair to long hair, from blonde to brown.  What is she going to turn to? She has supposedly rejected plastic surgery when given the option.  She can change her name, but she has become one of the most recognizable women in the world!
In prison, the food was brought to her and she wore her prison garb. Now in the outside she will have to do groceries and buy her own clothes.
She will leave with some money, however. Not only will Casey get to take what's left in her ever-growing commissary account, but she has also received a $20 check from an Adrian, from Denver, and a $15 money order from an Orlando woman. Casey will walk out with $529.18.
Though the Orange County Jail does offer re-entry assistance. It remains unclear if Casey will take advantage of that, or the free LYNX bus tickets the jail often offers to help former inmates get home.
Considering the media frenzy surrounding her, it's very unlikely that she'll take public transportation. Let's not start talking about all the lawsuits she has going her herself! From Zenaida Gonzalez to Texas Equusearch, she is going to be busy.
So as the clock starts ticking down to her "freedom", the question is : Is Casey REALLY FREE or will she be living in her own prison for life or give herself her own death penalty?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey gets away with it again!

As of this morning, a new judge has taken over and taken charge in the civil case against Casey Anthony.
At an emergency hearing Friday, Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon denied a motion from Zenaida Gonzalez's attorneys, Morgan & Morgan, for a deposition scheduled for Tuesday.
Gonzalez is suing Casey for defamation. She claims Casey ruined her life when she told authorities a nanny by the same name took her daughter, Caylee, in 2008.  Gonzalez lost her apt., job, and even friends over this lie. 
Friday's hearing was pushed back from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. following a motion to remove Judge Jose Rodriguez from the case.  No explanation was given. Casey's attorney was the one that wanted Judge Rodriguez to step down after 20 minutes of sidebar.
Shortly after court went to recess Friday morning, defense lawyers from Casey's criminal murder case filed a notice of appeal to review the four guilty verdicts she received for lying to law enforcement.
Once the appeal is filed, Casey would not be required to answer any questions in any deposition until the appeal is over. Basically she can plead the fifth. Hmm...sounds fishy.

Attorney John Morgan served the subpoena to Casey in jail last Tuesday, just hours after a jury acquitted her of first-degree murder. He said he wants Casey to appear for deposition on Tuesday, July 19, at his office in downtown Orlando.
Morgan then filed an emergency motion on Wednesday, asking Judge Rodriguez to compel Casey to appear for the deposition.
Greene said he has another trial scheduled to begin on the same day, and if Casey was to be deposed at that time, she would have no choice but to plead the fifth.
Casey's civil lawyer said the criminal trial for her was "a grueling experience that has left her emotionally and mentally exhausted."
Gonzalez's attorneys said they are worried Casey might leave the Orlando area after her release, but they would do everything in their power to find Casey, should she flee Florida.
They also said they hope to get to the bottom of what happened to Caylee Anthony.
"We've had this case since 2008," said attorney Keith Mitnik, with Morgan & Morgan. "We've been on the back burner, and I'm about to get hot."

This is happening as reports from ABC are stating  said he doesn't want his daughter back in his house. The report said George Anthony also is pushing Caylee's Law, The law would make it a crime for parents not to report a child missing in a timely manner.  Casey Anthony likely had no plans to move home and is willing to talk only with her brother, Lee.

As some people have been making offers to Casey, one company that is not proposing any monies to Casey is playboy. Hugh Hefner told HLN today that even though he knows many people would be interested in a spread involving Casey (don't know who!), he does not run a magazine that exploits people. He would not be interested in having her pose.  Macy's is also reporting that the shirt that Casey was wearing during the verdict cannot stay on the racks long enough. People are buying them as soon as they get new ones in. They are planning on dressing up as a Casey for Halloween.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toddler strangled by Python, Parents guilty. Casey murders and tosses and is Not Guilty

A Sumter County, Florida couple was  found guilty on all charges, including 3rd degree murder, in death of toddler strangled by a Python. WOW! So a pet kills the owners kid and the owners are found guilty and Casey kills, disposes, and parties, add to that lies to the police and WHAT? NOT GUILTY! What the hell is going on over here in Florida! Something is seriously wrong when this happens.
Yeah, it's upsetting that a python was kept so close to this child and wasn't properly maintained but to find the parents GUILTY of murder is wrong! If anything they should have been fined a large amount of money and done some time but not for MURDER!!
They have been convicted in the death of the woman's 2-year-old daughter, who was strangled in her crib by a pet python in 2009.
A jury Thursday found Jaren Hare and Charles "Jason" Darnell guilty of manslaughter, third-degree murder and child neglect. They could face 35 years in jail.
Authorities said Darnell's 8-foot, 6-inch albino Burmese python wrapped itself around the head of Hare's daughter, Shaianna, on July 1, 2009.
"When the snake constricted her, it was primarily around her head," said associate medical examiner Dr. Wendy Lavezzi. "We can tell that in autopsy, because the area across her face which covers her eyes, nose, and mouth was white."
Other testimony revealed the snake had not been fed for a month before the attack.  NOW THAT IS WRONG AND IS CALLED ANIMAL ABUSE!!!
Defense attorneys had argued that the toddler's death was an unpredictable accident. But prosecutors said the pair should be held accountable for failing to keep the python properly caged.

 Seriously the justice system has really backfired this summer! Just last month, a judge found three teenagers accused of attacking a freshman football player at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando not guilty of battery and hazing.  The judge said he believes Darrion Denson, 16 was attacked, but isn't positive who did it. Therefore, he found them Not Guilty.  Denson,  said he was beaten and then thrown in a trash can for walking into the varsity locker room.

Seriously, something is wrong.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Explanation of Casey's release date

Orange County Corrections released the following memo Tuesday to explain the calculation of Casey Anthony's release date:

July 12, 2011
FROM: Michael Tidwell, Chief, Orange County CorrectionsInmate Casey Marie Anthony was found guilty of four (4) first degree misdemeanors on July 5, 2011. In anticipation of the announced sentencing on July 7, 2011, jail staff began to calculate possible outcomes in order to be responsive to the Court. One scenario that was evaluated was a sentence of four (4) consecutive one (1) year terms in the Orange County Jail.

Initial computations indicated, based on a sentence of four (4) one (1) year terms, inmate Anthony was eligible for 240 days of “statutory gain time”, awarded at the rate of 5 days per month for each of the 48 months. In addition, inmate Anthony was eligible for “constructive gain time”, as authorized by County Ordinance due to her Protective Custody status.Calculations yielded a projected release date of 8/25/11.On July 7, 2011, Orange County Corrections advised the Court of the projected release date of 8/25/11. Shortly thereafter, the Court issued an order awarding Ms. Anthony to 1043 days time served.In an effort to respond quickly to the Court, Corrections staff recomputed the projected release date. The amount of “statutory gain time” remained the same, but the amount of “constructive gain time” was reduced as the projected length of sentence was reduced. In the process of this rapid recalculation, inmate Anthony was inadvertently credited with “constructive gain time” for a complete month July‐August, rather than for a partial month.This oversight resulted in the Court being advised that the projected release date was 7/13/11.As with all time served cases, staff conducted a routine secondary review of the sentence computation and discovered the oversight. Once the oversight was corrected, it was determined inmate Anthony had been erroneously awarded four (4) additional days due to the change in length of sentence. This changed the projected release date from 7/13/11 to 7/17/11. This change was immediately reported to the Court.

Reward set up

A reward fund is being established in the case of Baby Kate.  The infant has been missing for almost two weeks now.  Investigators  looking for people who may have seen Sean Michael Phillips on Wednesday, June 29th, the last day that baby Kate was seen.
The reward fund is being collected by the Area Chamber of Commerce.  The reward will be distributed if any information is given that will bring back baby Kate to her family.
Volunteers are still needed to help with the search, so if you are available and live in the area please volunteer. Don't let this family lose hope in finding their baby. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Mason-Oceana 911 at 231-869-5858.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Kate

On June 29, 2011, 4 month old,  Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips, was taken by Sean Michael Phillips, 21, of Scottville, Michigan. The baby's mother, Ariel Courtland, 19, says he is the father. The couple also has a 3-year-old daughter together.

Courtland said she and Phillips were arguing in his car outside Birch Lake Apartments,   in Ludington, Michigan, where she resides. When she stepped from the car, Phillips drove off with the baby, she said.

When police caught up with Phillips hours later, the child wasn’t with him. He has not cooperated with police on what happened to the child. He was charged with kidnapping and is in the Mason County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bond. Phillips has refused to cooperate with police.  He has said however the baby is alive.  If anyone has any information on this child please call the proper authorities at 231-869- 5858.