Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony = Susan Smith?

Susan Smith (South Carolina) was sentenced to life in prison for murdering her two sons, 3-year-old Michael Daniel Smith, born October 10, 1991, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith, born August 5, 1993.  She was convicted on July 22, 1995

Casey Anthony (Orlando, Florida) was charged with killing her 2.5 year old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony with chloroform and duct tape. She was found Not Guilty on July 5, 2011.

 Smith's case gained worldwide attention shortly after it developed, due to Smith claiming that a black man stole her car and kidnapped her sons. Smith later claimed that she suffered from mental health issues that impaired her judgment.

Anthony's case gained worldwide attention shortly after it developed, due to Casey lying about Caylee being with a nanny named Zanaida Gonzalez Fernandez and not reporting Caylee missing for 31 days while she went clubbing and shopping.  She later claimed Zanny had kidnapped Caylee.  Then in court claimed that Caylee had drowned in the family pool.  Casey blamed sexual abuse and a BIZARRE family life impairing the way she would react to her daughter's death.

On October 25, 1994, Smith initially reported to police that she had been carjacked by a black man who drove away with her sons still in the car. Smith made tearful pleas on television for the rescue and return of her children.

On July 15, 2008 31 days after Caylee was last seen, Casey was confronted by her mother, Cindy Anthony, and  reported to police that the nanny took Caylee against her will and that she decided to look for Caylee through other means which she herself claimed was "a stupid thing to do" Searches were immediately started to find Caylee and Zanny.

It later emerged that investigators had been suspicious of Smith's story from the beginning and believed she had killed her own children. From the second day of the investigation, the authorities suspected that Smith knew where the children were.

In the Case of Casey Anthony, from the second day they spent with Casey, investigators knew she had been lying when she took them to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and  claimed to work there. Apparently she had been telling her whole family she had been working there for a few years and finally confessing to authorities she wasn't working there.  There was also a scent of decomposition emanating from her whole car.  At this point, law enforcement knew she was lying.

Lakes and ponds began being searched, even the nearby lake in which the children were eventually found. The reason for not finding the children earlier is that the authorities thought the car could have traveled out only about thirty feet and that was the extent of the search.

The areas near the Anthony home were searched and a meter reader, Roy Kronk, found Caylee's remains less than a minute 10 sec drive from the Anthony family home in a wooded area. The reason why the body had not been found earlier was because the area had been flooded.

It was disclosed in her trial that Smith was molested in her teens by her stepfather, who admitted that he had molested Smith when she was a teenager and had consensual sex with her as an adult.

Casey claimed to have been molested by her father, George Anthony and her brother, Lee Anthony and her defense used this as an excuse for her actions and not thinking straight when she knew her daughter was dead.   Though this was never proved.

Smith's alleged motive for the deaths — to dispose of her children so that she might have a relationship with a wealthy local man who had no interest in a "ready-made" family

Anthony's alleged motive for Caylee's death-to be free to date her many boyfriends and party with out worrying about Caylee and who was going to babysit her.

What's strange about these two beasts is that they don't seem to care that what they did was wrong. They seem to be in their own world as if they had the right to continue their lives and steal the lives of these beautiful children.  They both seemed to be caring mothers who turned out to be cruel, lying, manipulative monsters who would hurt anyone in their family with no remorse or guilt, for the simple reason of their freedom.


  1. Wow that is so similar it is scary to think that they probably were getting ideas from that case!! God is the one who will do justice for Caylee & Casey will have to answer him sooner or later!!

  2. This is what happens when teens and people in their early twenties are pressured to grow up too fast and start relationships before being emotionally mature. Pregnancies happen and the child is seen as a burden, and the overwhelmed "parents" instinct is to rid themselves of that burden. Sad, but until we stop the media trend of sexualizing pre-teens and older kids, people will continue to "mature" before their time with miserable consequences.

  3. I agree completely. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to the days when The Brady Bunch was considered a great show. Sadly when I was growing up the family show was Married With Children.