Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey gets away with it again!

As of this morning, a new judge has taken over and taken charge in the civil case against Casey Anthony.
At an emergency hearing Friday, Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon denied a motion from Zenaida Gonzalez's attorneys, Morgan & Morgan, for a deposition scheduled for Tuesday.
Gonzalez is suing Casey for defamation. She claims Casey ruined her life when she told authorities a nanny by the same name took her daughter, Caylee, in 2008.  Gonzalez lost her apt., job, and even friends over this lie. 
Friday's hearing was pushed back from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. following a motion to remove Judge Jose Rodriguez from the case.  No explanation was given. Casey's attorney was the one that wanted Judge Rodriguez to step down after 20 minutes of sidebar.
Shortly after court went to recess Friday morning, defense lawyers from Casey's criminal murder case filed a notice of appeal to review the four guilty verdicts she received for lying to law enforcement.
Once the appeal is filed, Casey would not be required to answer any questions in any deposition until the appeal is over. Basically she can plead the fifth. Hmm...sounds fishy.

Attorney John Morgan served the subpoena to Casey in jail last Tuesday, just hours after a jury acquitted her of first-degree murder. He said he wants Casey to appear for deposition on Tuesday, July 19, at his office in downtown Orlando.
Morgan then filed an emergency motion on Wednesday, asking Judge Rodriguez to compel Casey to appear for the deposition.
Greene said he has another trial scheduled to begin on the same day, and if Casey was to be deposed at that time, she would have no choice but to plead the fifth.
Casey's civil lawyer said the criminal trial for her was "a grueling experience that has left her emotionally and mentally exhausted."
Gonzalez's attorneys said they are worried Casey might leave the Orlando area after her release, but they would do everything in their power to find Casey, should she flee Florida.
They also said they hope to get to the bottom of what happened to Caylee Anthony.
"We've had this case since 2008," said attorney Keith Mitnik, with Morgan & Morgan. "We've been on the back burner, and I'm about to get hot."

This is happening as reports from ABC are stating  said he doesn't want his daughter back in his house. The report said George Anthony also is pushing Caylee's Law, The law would make it a crime for parents not to report a child missing in a timely manner.  Casey Anthony likely had no plans to move home and is willing to talk only with her brother, Lee.

As some people have been making offers to Casey, one company that is not proposing any monies to Casey is playboy. Hugh Hefner told HLN today that even though he knows many people would be interested in a spread involving Casey (don't know who!), he does not run a magazine that exploits people. He would not be interested in having her pose.  Macy's is also reporting that the shirt that Casey was wearing during the verdict cannot stay on the racks long enough. People are buying them as soon as they get new ones in. They are planning on dressing up as a Casey for Halloween.  

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