Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Michelle's body may have been found

A sheriff's spokesman in Camden County, Ga., acknowledged that a body found Wednesday night near a south Georgia Interstate 95 on-ramp could be that of missing Orlando woman Michelle Parker, according to First Coast News.

Spokesman William Terrell said it's too early to speculate, but he confirmed that the body found off Exit 14 is believed to be that of a white female, the report said. The body, which Camden County Sheriff Tommy Gregory said had been there for some time, will be taken to Macon for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
Terrell said that there are no missing persons in Camden County who are unaccounted for, according to First Coast News.

Late Wednesday evening Michelle's family said that they have spoken to the investigators in Georgia and that the body is not that of Michelle.

Search in new area and kids are taken away

The sheriff's office sent dive teams into Lake Ellenor Wednesday as part of the search for Michelle Parker.
10 to 15 officers were in the area of Sand Lake Road. Underwater teams were also searching Lake Ellenor. The Orlando Police Department is the main agency handling the investigation, but the sheriff's office does not have a dive team.

Lake Ellenor is just south of Oak Ridge Road, between John Young Parkway and Orange Blossom Trail.
A spokesman for the OPD says this search because of a tip they received, it is just part of the investigation.

On Tuesday DCF took Michelle and Dale's kids away from Dale as part of the investigation into Michelle's disappearance.  Attorneys for DCF argued the children are not safe with Dale. They cited a history of violence against women he was involved with as evidence of a "significant future risk" to the children.  Mark NeJame argued there wasn't any evidence the children are in danger by staying with Dale.
Ultimately, the Judge decided to rule in favor of Dale, pending any developments in Michelle's disappearance.
After the hearing Dale and Michelle's mom hugged in the hallway of the courthouse.
Dale's attorney, Mark NeJame said Dale is asking for the missing-persons search group Texas Equusearch to help look for Parker. NeJame said his client is declining to take a lie detector test because it's unreliable and not because he is hiding anything.
"If this doesn't ring as a testament to a man who is not guilty, I don't know what does," NeJame said. "Mr. Smith wants Michelle found. Now what guilty person is asking for a search to be conducted? If she is found alive or not, he knows that will exonerate him."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michelle's family hires Morgan & Morgan

The family of missing mom Michelle Parker has retained Morgan and Morgan law firm as representatives to help navigate them through the legal process. That's the same Morgan and Morgan from The Zenaida case. Yes, I must admit that from seeing their ads on TV even before the Casey Anthony case, I always said if I needed legal advise, I would go for them!

One day after police named Michelle Parker's ex-fiancé the prime suspect in her disappearance, new details have emerged about the missing mother of three's relationship with Dale Smith II, and the couple's violent past.
According to public records, the couple was involved in a domestic violence case involving children in 2009. Parker and Smith have 3-year-old twins together.
Public records also showed Smith was previously convicted on drug and domestic battery charges.
Smith joined the U.S. Marines in 1996, but was dishonorably discharged as a private in 2003.

Police said Smith is their only suspect in his former fiancée's disappearance.
Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney said Smith would not take a lie detector test when asked.
Parker's mother and sister stood with Rooney during Monday's announcement, and are now begging Smith to come forward with answers.
"If you made a mistake and it was just a second of 'Oh, I lost my head,' or whatever, and you didn't know what to do, our family needs to have Michelle home. We need to heal," said Michelle Stewart, Parker's mother.

"We want to ask him, if he's out there watching, and I want to say to him directly: Help us," said Lauren Erickson, Parker's sister. "If you know something, let her be a mother to her children. Work with us. That's all we're asking -- for you to work with us and come forward, and if there's anything that you know, that you're holding back, please just work, just help us."
Dale Smith has hired prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame to represent him. NeJame used to represent George and Cindy Anthony.

Dad shoves 3 year old into washer as punishment

Christophe Champenois, from Meaux, near Paris is a complete asshole who failed as a father. This 33-year-old man took the clothing off his 3-year-old son Bastien, and placed him in the washing machine because he threw a classmates drawing in the toilet. Apparently time outs were not something he was familiar with, and this seemed like a better form of punishment. I mean, if this was your solution, you might as well just beat the child; At least that way he’d still be alive and just resent you for being a piece of shit.
He is then said to have run the cold cycle wash for a few minutes at their house, in the village of Germigny-l’Eveque.
His 25-year-old mother, Charlene was the one who had to recover her blond-haired angelic baby boy in the machine. He had apparently died of head injuries on Friday night, which were a result of his father’s punishment. Sadly, the mother told her neighbor ‘Alice’ that her son had fallen down the stairs. Why the fuck would she cover for her baby’s father after finding her poor innocent child dead?!
Alice told Le Parisien: ‘I picked him up and his limbs were as loose as those of a rag doll.
‘I felt his heart beat for the last time and then he died.’ 
Bastien’s older sister Maud, 5, told police that this hadn’t been the first time his father had put him in the washing machine to punish him. It’s pathetic that a 5-year-old girl has to share how her brother was abused, yet alone, witness the abuse.
Neighbours told the newspaper that the boy had been repeatedly abused – by being locked up for hours in a cupboard and also by being left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket.
Bastien was an unwanted child’, claimed Evelyne, his grandmother.
‘On the day he was born, his father was out drinking and when I told him he had a son, he said that he didn’t want him.’

So why disn't the family members that CARED take this sweet little boy away!!!!! That poor child!!!! There IS something called adoption!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

When PETA does good

 This is unacceptable! This is what PETA should continue doing! Not going after idiotic things!!!

Suspect named in Michelle's disappearance!

Police have officially named Michelle Parker's ex-fiancee, Dale Smith Jr, as the primary suspect in the woman's disappearance.
Dale Smith Jr.
Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney made the announcement Monday afternoon at a news conference."We had to look at every aspect in the case before we could come out publicly and state that Mr. Smith is our primary focus."  

Dale Smith declined to take a polygraph test. Police have no plans to arrest Smith at this point.  Police believe he was the last person to see Parker alive.
In regards to the raid on Smith's father's house, Michelle's dad said, "For them to use tear gas on that, they had to have a good tip or lead. I'm keeping an open mind. I don't know who it is. Maybe Dale should come out here and support. I don't know if he's scared."

The $50,000 reward leading to Michelle's finding expired last night at midnight. 

Deadly words used by women

Six die following exorcism to remove HIV

Can Jesus remove HIV through an exorcism? These people believe he can:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Police raid home in search for michelle

Even though I feel like I'm dying from this cold and I'm typing on my iPhone in bed I will still update you guys on what's going on in the search for Michelle Parker.

SWAT teams tear-gassed a home, where Parker's ex-boyfriend stays, and went inside. The home is on Rose Boulevard, off of South Texas Avenue. That's just east of John Young Parkway. 
Police only said they are searching for "a piece of the puzzle" on where they might find her.
Orlando police said no one was arrested in the raid, however neighbors claim everyone was taken out of the home and someone was put into a patrol car.
According to Orange County property records, the home is registered to "Dale Smith Senior." Michelle Parker's ex-fiance's father. Parker's family said Dale Smith Jr. lives in the home.

"They had reason to search the house. They searched the house, they didn't come up with what they were looking for," Erickson said. "The SWAT team was there, They had dogs there and they didn't come up with nothing."
The Parker family has said in the past they don't think Smith had anything to do with the disappearance.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dad shares voicemail

Below is a link to a voicemail Michelle left her dad the morning before she disappeared. He shared it with the public on Thanksgiving day.

"Hey Dad, It's about 8:40 just giving you a shout on Wednesday morning. I know you are at work. Call me when you have lunch or a break or at the end of your day. Ok? I love you. I'll talk to you soon bye."

Michelle's friends and family were hoping for a Thanksgiving miracle and she that she would be found. Says her mother, Yvonne, "Michelle is always in charge of the sweet potato casserole. Michelle is awesome. She likes to cook. She likes to bake. She loves to be around the family."

 Brad Parker, her father says "When she calls ‘Hey Daddy,’ I say ‘how much money you need.’ It's Thanksgiving. I'm gonna save this forever."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Will Michelle be found soon?

Police and family have released a new photo of Michelle Parker who has been missing a week on Thursday. Her mom says last week she was looking forward to eating mashed potatoes and gravy but this week she just wants to have her baby home. She is finding new hope in a newly released photo of Michelle in a yellow top with a cross necklace. She may have been wearing that necklace when she disappeared.

Police say right now there is no evidence that a crime has been committed so they are focusing their attention on finding Michelle and not suspects. Michelle's boyfriend also says that Michelle is a grounded girl that wouldn't just take off and leave.  Her ex-fiancee has also been cooperating with authorities and has been taking care of the 3 year old twins he shares with Michelle. Police and family will be searching throughout the holiday and are looking for volunteers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300


May all my readers be blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

I'm thankful for all of you!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's not over yet for Dr. G and Casey

Dr. G is taping a TLC special on the Anthony case that will premiere Jan. 1. As of now it will be titled: "The True Story of Caylee Anthony." "It's more about my take on the science I was involved in," she says.She said that the decision to classify Caylee's death a homicide was the "only logical conclusion … the circumstances of death did not fit anything but a homicide." She mentions the delay in reporting the child's disappearance, the body's disposal in a swampy area and the duct tape with the remains.
Baez' thoughts? "Dr. G needs a TV special to explain her science because her testimony was not based on science. All three reasons she used to give her 'opinion' that it was a homicide did not require any medical training whatsoever. That is why the jury rejected it."The program also interviews forensic anthropologist John Schultz of the University of Central Florida, forensic anthropologist Mike Warren of the University of Florida and toxicologist Bruce Goldberger of the University of Florida.
One topic involved in the show? Should Caylee's skull should have been opened? Anthropologists thought it wasn't necessary, and she agreed.This was VERY controversial during the trial.

Giant Little Red Wagon

 I dedicate this story to my sister in NY. She swears that there is something in the water down here in Florida that makes people do funky things. Well, here's another one for ya!

Ok, so you all know those little red wagons that people pull their kids in or that kids pull their toys around in? Well, one Florida man, Chuck Redding,  just doesn't want to let go of that part of childhood. He created a giant one that can drive around! AND IT IS LEGAL!!!! 
Modeled after the original Western Flyer, the car has all the amenties: a horn, wipers, V-6 engine and a nearly 9-foot tall handle.  While battling prostate cancer, it took him 8 months to build it and he says it took his mind off of things that were going on withing his body at the time.
Redding’s Western Flyer Rocket is one of only two in the country. The other one is in Alaska.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Taking this opportunity

Thought I would take this opportunity to mention I am now selling Mary Kay products! I am writing a successful blog but it doesn't bring in any income so I have started selling in order to bring in some extra money. I have a web page where you can now buy products from me online! AND Mary Kay is not just for ladies! Fellas, we have something for you as well! Cologne!!!! My website is

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Texas Equusearch involved now in Michelle's search

Volunteers from Texas Equusearch, which was associated with looking for Caylee Anthony is also now involved in the search for Michelle Parker. They arrived Saturday night to assist family and friends.
Michelle's mother
More than 100 people gathered at the former Jesse Black's Saloon on 333 E. Oak Ridge Road both Saturday and Sunday, where a donated camper serves as headquarters for the search effort.

"It's going well, and we've got a lot of volunteers," said Orlando police Sgt. Rich Lane.Family and police say that Michelle's ex-boyfriend who appeared on The People's Court with her has been cooperating fully with the search and is not considered a suspect. Family have been saying that they think Michelle may have been carjacked.  Her car was located in West Orlando, but the OnStar system in the vehicle was not activated at the time of her disappearance.  
A candlelit vigil was held Sunday night and Home Depot have been donating items in order to assist the search.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Orlando police or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Example of volatile relationship Michelle Parker had with ex

In the recent missing case of Michelle Parker who has been missing in Orlando, Fl since Thursday afternoon, her car has been found but the mother of 3 has yet to be found. We all hope she is found safe and that her kids can have their mom back.
The same day her episode detailing her abusive relationship with her ex ( Dale Smith) aired was when she disappeared. The following is the link to the full episode. It's a horrible copy but it shows everything she went through with this man. I'm not saying he is involved with anything, because he has not been mentioned in any news I have heard as being involved with her disappearance.
Her family thinks Michelle's ex-boyfriend may know something.
“He was mad because the truck was in his name and he wanted it out of his name, now the truck has been found and he's not,” said Michelle's mother Yvonne Stewart.

 Again they are looking for volunteers to help post flyers.  Like the following page on Facebook for more info.

Michelle Parker Missing Person

And again....

PETA wants Turkey, Texas to change it's name to Tofurkey, Texas for a day. thoughts exactly..........oh PETA, what crazy things will you do next. Ho Hum....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Craigslist used in Ohio killing

In Caldwell, Ohio, a 16-year-old high school student and a 52-year-old Akron man have been arrested for a shooting that occurred back on November 6th.
According to the shooting victim, a South Carolinian, he had come to Noble county Ohio in response to a Craigslist ad for a general labor job on a 688 acre cattle farm. He said that he was told he’d be living on the farm, and thus was instructed to bring all of his belongings with him. He reportedly met two men for breakfast in a nearby city and they set off together, supposedly for the farm.

The men eventually pulled over, explaining to the victim that they would have to take the rest of the journey on foot due to the impassable roads ahead. As they were walking through the woods, one of the men pulled a gun on the victim, who was able to deflect the barrel aimed at his head and begin running away. As he was fleeing, he was shot in the elbow.
The victim waited hours in the woods until he felt the coast was clear, and he eventually made it two miles to a residence where he was taken in. The authorities were then notified of the situation.
Authorities think that this was all part of bigger scheme that involved phony Craigslists ads. The suspects are thought to have placed the ads with the intention of getting unsuspecting workers out to their farm where they would rob them of all their possessions and kill them.
This is the working theory because shortly after the shooting incident, authorities found a shallow grave in woods nearby, which they think was meant for the South Carolina man. A day later, they found another shallow grave near the first – but this one was occupied.
The dead man is a Florida man, who was reported missing by his twin sister after he also responded to a similar Craigslist ad. They don’t really know if this phony ad killing scheme is limited to these two, or extends to others.

Something worth sharing

Another missing Florida woman

UPDATE : Her car was said to be found in an apartment complex near Conroy and I-4.

 UPDATE: Her phone powered down at 8:01 pm near Oakridge. There will be fliers being posted there according to a Facebook page created for her. The check point is JESSIE BLACK'S ON OAKRIDGE. Bring tape, tennis shoes, and plenty of liquids.

Police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing Orlando woman.
Michelle Parker, 33, was last Thursday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. by some friends.Michelle appeared on The People's Court this same day. Orlando police said Parker has a "violent history" with her ex-boyfriend.Parker drives a black Hummer with license plate AWG M26. Anyone with information is asked to call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.
The last woman that was missing was Osceola County's Nicole Fields. Her body was found last Thursday after missing for 2 weeks. She was last seen with her ex-boyfriend, Steven Louis,  who is also the father of her baby. She was found not far from his home in Poinciana. He has been charged in her murder.  My husband apparently had met her at a friend's house though he doesn't recall her. Small world!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another reason I hate PETA

Another reason why I despise PETA! They are actually attacking poor Mario from the Super Mario Bros because he dons a racoon outfit in Nintendo's new game for the plumber. Anybody that has played Mario Bros. games know that the suit has been around for a while. You get a leaf and get to fly around for a short period of time thanks to the raccoon tail flapping around. In Super Mario 3D, according to PETA, the fact that he wears the suit shows that he thinks it's ok to promenade in fur!
REALLY?! Are they serious!? PETA has really nothing else to do but to attack cartoons and video game characters now!? GET OVER IT!!!! I'm so tired of these rejects!

In a yahoo games article, PETA states: "Tanukis are real-life raccoon dogs who are beaten and, as PETA's undercover exposés show, often skinned alive for their fur. This winter, everyone can give raccoon dogs and other fabulous animals a 1-UP by keeping our wardrobes fur-free."
ARE THEY FOR REAL!!!!!????? He also swims using a frog suit. When are they going to complain about that one!?

They have invented a fake video game parodying this one in which players can grab their own skin back from flying Mario, which supposedly is disturbing,  but since I wish that PETA would just implode itself I refuse to post a link or state the name.
Boy do I feel bad for anybody who is related in any way to these PETA folk. They are truly disturbed!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh yeah, that Mason guy was hospitalized

In case anyone cares. On Friday Cheney Mason was hospitalized after appearing weak and feeling faint at a conference, in which, he was to speak about the case. He told reporters he was "feeling something he had never felt before." yup, I'm sure he was. Oh well. La dee da! Karma's a bitch! Enjoy! ;)

A video game to meditate?

Leela. That's it. Relax. Well, that's the name of celebrity counselor, Deeprak Chopra's new video game. Yes, a counselor has a video game. It's not what you may be thinking however. It's a mind,body and souls type of game. The screen will display aura-like items floating in spacial areas while you maneuver your body to follow or grab these orbs.
According to him, it will help you to relax and meditate while escaping your stressful world. He said he made a video game because they are addictive. So why not make a game that will be good for you instead of stressful. I don't know. Make of it what you will.
P.S. Jeff Ashton's Casey Anthony book also comes out this week. Pacquio won. Marquez lost. There was no scandal. Get over it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I now pronounce you brother and sister

A South African couple found out that they are brother and sister when their parents met just before their wedding.
 The engaged couple, who met while studying at the University of Technology in Nelspruit and dated for five years are expecting a child in a months time, but are devastated after the discovery.
 The pair had decided to introduce their single parents to each other before they tied the knot, but received a shocking revelation after the meet, the Daily Mail reported.
 The country's Sowetan newspaper reported that the siblings had been raised separately after their mother and father went through an acrimonious divorce in 1983.They have decided to split but are unsure of what they will tell their child.

Friday, November 4, 2011

She destroys his Star Wars collection, he kills her

During a fight caused by his wife damaging his Star Wars memorabilia, Ricki La Touche, 30,  suffocated Pornpilai Srisroy, 28, before running off to his mother’s house to tell her what he had done.
The mother-of-one was later discovered dead on the couple’s bed covered with a duvet and pillow in Leigh, Greater Manchester.
He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years yesterday after a jury found him guilty of murder. He had admitted manslaughter.

La Touche – also known as Rickie Nehls - told police his wife had smashed up his Star Wars collection as part of a campaign to "make his life hell."
He claimed to have "flipped" after she threatened to leave him to go back to her native Thailand.
He claimed to have been abused by her throughout their marriage and had turned to a domestic abuse hotline before the murder in April, the court was told.
When police arrived La Touche told them: "We woke up. My wife is from Thailand and she keeps threatening to leave."
"We argued and she said she was going to make my life hell. She’s put me through it before. I couldn’t let that happen again."
"I then just remember getting up from on top of her. I think I’ve choked her"
He claimed his wife had once hit him with a pool cue and threatened to kill him when he was sleep and then "cut him up and eat him."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oregon couple kills horse, climb inside

According to an incident report, the female, whose boyfriend took the pictures, said she wanted to ‘feel one’ with the horse,
But despite the graphic and disturbing nature of the photographs, Washington County investigators say the couple did not break the law.
In addition to the picture of the petite woman, who stands 5’6″ and 119lbs, smiling from inside the horse, another photo shows her blood-soaked body standing in front of the animal.

The woman and her boyfriend are also pictured holding what is believed to be the animal’s heart; and a fourth photo shows the pair holding a piece of the animal in front of their mouths as they pretend to eat it.
Washington County Sergeant Dave Thompson told local KOIN-TV even he was shocked by the graphic evidence.
‘At some point you in your career you say yeah I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff – you see this kind of picture and you realise maybe you haven’t seen everything,’ he said.
Police told the station the woman and her boyfriend had recently taken over care of the 32-year-old horse, which had lived in Ridgefield, Washington.
Washington County’s investigation is suspended because no criminal activity had taken place. 
The animal was reportedly in declining health.
According to an incident report, the couple told investigations they fired a single shot with a high powered rifle to put the horse down in effort to ‘humanely kill the horse and eat the meat’, according to KOIN.
The woman’s mother said she had no knowledge of the incident until she was shown photos by the station. She says her daughter has since received death threats from angry people across the U.S.
The mother confirmed the horse’s meat was harvested and eaten.

I refuse to show the actual picture of her inside the horse. It is too disturbing.