Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michelle's family hires Morgan & Morgan

The family of missing mom Michelle Parker has retained Morgan and Morgan law firm as representatives to help navigate them through the legal process. That's the same Morgan and Morgan from The Zenaida case. Yes, I must admit that from seeing their ads on TV even before the Casey Anthony case, I always said if I needed legal advise, I would go for them!

One day after police named Michelle Parker's ex-fiancĂ© the prime suspect in her disappearance, new details have emerged about the missing mother of three's relationship with Dale Smith II, and the couple's violent past.
According to public records, the couple was involved in a domestic violence case involving children in 2009. Parker and Smith have 3-year-old twins together.
Public records also showed Smith was previously convicted on drug and domestic battery charges.
Smith joined the U.S. Marines in 1996, but was dishonorably discharged as a private in 2003.

Police said Smith is their only suspect in his former fiancée's disappearance.
Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney said Smith would not take a lie detector test when asked.
Parker's mother and sister stood with Rooney during Monday's announcement, and are now begging Smith to come forward with answers.
"If you made a mistake and it was just a second of 'Oh, I lost my head,' or whatever, and you didn't know what to do, our family needs to have Michelle home. We need to heal," said Michelle Stewart, Parker's mother.

"We want to ask him, if he's out there watching, and I want to say to him directly: Help us," said Lauren Erickson, Parker's sister. "If you know something, let her be a mother to her children. Work with us. That's all we're asking -- for you to work with us and come forward, and if there's anything that you know, that you're holding back, please just work, just help us."
Dale Smith has hired prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame to represent him. NeJame used to represent George and Cindy Anthony.

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