Sunday, November 27, 2011

Police raid home in search for michelle

Even though I feel like I'm dying from this cold and I'm typing on my iPhone in bed I will still update you guys on what's going on in the search for Michelle Parker.

SWAT teams tear-gassed a home, where Parker's ex-boyfriend stays, and went inside. The home is on Rose Boulevard, off of South Texas Avenue. That's just east of John Young Parkway. 
Police only said they are searching for "a piece of the puzzle" on where they might find her.
Orlando police said no one was arrested in the raid, however neighbors claim everyone was taken out of the home and someone was put into a patrol car.
According to Orange County property records, the home is registered to "Dale Smith Senior." Michelle Parker's ex-fiance's father. Parker's family said Dale Smith Jr. lives in the home.

"They had reason to search the house. They searched the house, they didn't come up with what they were looking for," Erickson said. "The SWAT team was there, They had dogs there and they didn't come up with nothing."
The Parker family has said in the past they don't think Smith had anything to do with the disappearance.

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