Saturday, November 19, 2011

Example of volatile relationship Michelle Parker had with ex

In the recent missing case of Michelle Parker who has been missing in Orlando, Fl since Thursday afternoon, her car has been found but the mother of 3 has yet to be found. We all hope she is found safe and that her kids can have their mom back.
The same day her episode detailing her abusive relationship with her ex ( Dale Smith) aired was when she disappeared. The following is the link to the full episode. It's a horrible copy but it shows everything she went through with this man. I'm not saying he is involved with anything, because he has not been mentioned in any news I have heard as being involved with her disappearance.
Her family thinks Michelle's ex-boyfriend may know something.
“He was mad because the truck was in his name and he wanted it out of his name, now the truck has been found and he's not,” said Michelle's mother Yvonne Stewart.

 Again they are looking for volunteers to help post flyers.  Like the following page on Facebook for more info.

Michelle Parker Missing Person

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