Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's not over yet for Dr. G and Casey

Dr. G is taping a TLC special on the Anthony case that will premiere Jan. 1. As of now it will be titled: "The True Story of Caylee Anthony." "It's more about my take on the science I was involved in," she says.She said that the decision to classify Caylee's death a homicide was the "only logical conclusion … the circumstances of death did not fit anything but a homicide." She mentions the delay in reporting the child's disappearance, the body's disposal in a swampy area and the duct tape with the remains.
Baez' thoughts? "Dr. G needs a TV special to explain her science because her testimony was not based on science. All three reasons she used to give her 'opinion' that it was a homicide did not require any medical training whatsoever. That is why the jury rejected it."The program also interviews forensic anthropologist John Schultz of the University of Central Florida, forensic anthropologist Mike Warren of the University of Florida and toxicologist Bruce Goldberger of the University of Florida.
One topic involved in the show? Should Caylee's skull should have been opened? Anthropologists thought it wasn't necessary, and she agreed.This was VERY controversial during the trial.

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