Monday, November 14, 2011

A video game to meditate?

Leela. That's it. Relax. Well, that's the name of celebrity counselor, Deeprak Chopra's new video game. Yes, a counselor has a video game. It's not what you may be thinking however. It's a mind,body and souls type of game. The screen will display aura-like items floating in spacial areas while you maneuver your body to follow or grab these orbs.
According to him, it will help you to relax and meditate while escaping your stressful world. He said he made a video game because they are addictive. So why not make a game that will be good for you instead of stressful. I don't know. Make of it what you will.
P.S. Jeff Ashton's Casey Anthony book also comes out this week. Pacquio won. Marquez lost. There was no scandal. Get over it.

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