Friday, September 30, 2011

Casey Videos

So in case you guys want to see the reaction Casey had while she was in jail and they discovered a dead child in the woods near her home, here is the link to the 2 reaction videos:

Casey's reaction will be released

Judge Belvin Perry has granted a motion to unseal a videotape in the Casey Anthony case.
That video shows Casey Anthony’s reaction to learning remains of her daughter Caylee were found. Stan Strickland, the former judge in the case, ordered it to be sealed.

In the motion, Judge Perry wrote:
The jail video, as the Court has previously recognized, is a public record subject to disclosure under Chapter 119. The reason for sealing it - Ms. Anthony's right to a fair trial - is no longer applicable because the trial has been completed and she has been acquitted of all charges other than lying to law enforcement officers.

Mama's Art Studio is open for business!!!

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I am making shirts, onesies, aprons, tote's and canvas prints out of my own artwork I have either drawn up or painted.

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Currently am drawing up Halloween items. So come help Mama Glenda out!

Southwest says no to Lesbians and baggy pants!

Leisha Hailey, a musician and television actor was thrown off her flight in El Paso, Texas, this week after she kissed her girlfriend and bandmate, Camila Grey, in the seat next to her.
A cabin crew member, apparently responding to a passenger complaint, told Hailey that Southwest was a "family airline" and asked her to stop. By the time Hailey and Grey had stopped swearing and cursing, they were back in the airport, waiting for the next flight.
Southwest later insisted the problem was the abusive language, not the kiss. "The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight," it said.
After days of incensed reaction from Hailey, her friends and the lesbian and gay community, however, Southwest backtracked, saying it was offering a full refund for the flight and had "reached out to extend goodwill" – a form of words that fell just short of an outright apology.

Earlier this month, the lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, was escorted off another Southwest flight in California because he refused to pull up his sagging trousers when asked. "Don't you have better things to do than worry about that?" he retorted. The flight attendant responded: "Pull your pants up or you're getting off the plane."
Armstrong complained, loudly, after he and his companion were taken back to the airport, and Southwest ended up apologizing.
He was luckier than Deshon Marman, a college American football player who suffered his own baggy trouser incident on a US Airways flight in June. He ended up in handcuffs, under arrest and charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. The charges were later dropped, and Marman is now suing the airline.

Kevin Smith, the film director was thrown off a flight, in February last year supposedly because he was too fat. Southwest, once again, offered "heartfelt apologies" but also said he had been removed "for the safety and comfort of all customers".

Thursday, September 29, 2011

An app to tell if your son is gay??? SAY WHAT????

Hey moms, want to know if your son is gay? Well, there's an app for that! Now available on the Android market: An app that answers the question you wouldn't rather ask personally yourself: Are You Gay? q
For only $2.69, users can download " Is My Son Gay? " The app can tell you that in just 20 easy steps!
The app prompts users to answer 20 questions about their son, ranging from "Does he spend a long time in the bathroom?" to "Was he shy as a child?"
The answers you may receive are as follows: 
Your son is a normal young man: modern and concerned about taking care of himself assuming some feminine habits while maintaining his attraction to girls. However, he may have already had some homosexual experiences with his best friend. These things happen. It is more and more usual in these times to maximize pleasures without taboo.
"You do not have to worry you, your son is not gay. So there are chances for you to be grandmother with all the joys it brings."
"No need to look the other way! … He is gay! … ACCEPT IT! …"

What do the developers say about the app? Enmene-Moi, the group behind the test, told The Huffington Post that the app is not intended to be taken seriously and was actually created to promote a book.
"This app was conceived with a playful approach," they responded. "It is not based at all on scientific research … Through humor, "Is My Son Gay?" and the forthcoming novel have the sole objective of toning down/improving the situation and helping mothers to accept their sons' homosexuality."

How many mothers are really going to download this app? UM....well maybe a few of those uptight moms would. And I doubt they would accept their childrens homosexuality based on an APP!!!

Casey on verge of Mental Breakdown!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Casey Anthony is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and could be headed to a mental hospital if things do not change. Apparently in her therapy sessions she has been exhibiting multiple personality disorder. Cindy and George mentioned seizures on Dr. Phil and Jesse Grund even mentioned them.
With Florida trying to get $200K from Casey, she is going to be left with no choice but to write a book or hit the talk show circuit or something to raise cash.
Honestly I was thinking about this earlier today and I thought to myself that maybe the Not-Guilty verdict was perfect and just what she needed. What better revenge are we all getting knowing that if she goes to Walmart, as we all know happened, she will get recognized and be taken out the back by security and that she really can't do anything but stay in her secluded house watching The View and Googling herself all day. C'mon we all know that's what she does.
This is perfect. She is in her own personal HELL! She wanted to be free which is why she killed Caylee and now look at her! What type of life is that!? Who wouldn't go crazy knowing they can't go outside to shop for clothes or food and they can't work to make money for all the bills coming her way!? Would she risked getting killed just for a chance of sanity. ......Yeah, she would, CAUSE SHE'S CRAZY so prepare yourselves to hear about another sighting in Tallahassee soon.

Peta could care less about victims of sharks

Animal rights group PETA doesn't have much sympathy for the spear fisherman attacked by a shark this weekend. Their publicity-stunt plan: billboards and bus-bench signs on Anna Maria Island showing a shark biting a human leg with the slogan, "Payback is Hell. Go Vegan."
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals abandoned plans for similar ads in 2001 after a series of shark attacks on the East Coast.
Longboat Key resident Charles Wickersham, 21, was spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico off Anna Maria Island on Saturday when a bull shark bit his leg, tearing back enough flesh to expose his thigh bone. He had surgery Monday and his family expects he will return home in about 10 days, said his sister, Kristi Wickersham.
"We're glad that Mr. Wickersham is going to be OK," said PETA spokeswoman Ashley Byrne. "But we do hope that after this painful and frightening experience he will consider the terror and pain fish feel when they are impaled and suffocated to death. Maybe he will consider taking up another pastime."
The Wickershams could not be reached Tuesday.
PETA does take things to the extremes sometimes! They just need to back it up a little on their advertising tactics.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ice Cream costume =Nazi?

The Ice Cream Family Corner and Sandwiches, run by a normal Puerto Rican family, opened just three months ago in Ocala, Florida and is already causing controversy! They use an old ice cream costume, found in the closet of the building where they are located, as a way to bring attention to the restaurant.  Well this costume is causing issues because some people think it resembles a KKK outfit.

People started writing about the resemblance on Facebook and workers at the restaurant noticed a drop in customers.  The family claims they didn't know about the KKK until recently when all of the scandal started.  They have since stopped using the costume and apologized for any trouble it may have caused.

Without sprinkles please!
Some customers said they could see how people would be confused since the person outside often held a sign covering part of the costume.  Um....Call me crazy but I don't remember the KKK having colorful balls on their heads.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Opening Day in Michael Jackson trial

In the first day of the Conrad Murray trial, his defense team claimed Michael Jackson 'caused his own death'.
Murray has been accused of administering the lethal dose of the anaesthetic Propofol that killed Jackson on June 25 2009.

Attorney Ed Chernoff, in his opening statement said "During the 10 hours on June 25, 2009, while Michel Jackson was frustrated because he could not sleep, frustrated because his doctor refused to give him a drug that he preferred, that he wanted, he did an act without his doctor's knowledge, without his doctor's permission, against his orders - he did an act that caused his own death.
When Dr. Murray left the room, Michael Jackson self-administered a dose of Propofol that created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. He died so rapidly, so instantly - he didn't even have time to close his eyes.
They said science will prove that Jackson did this to himself.

During their opening statement of the trial, the defence team claimed Murray had always been concerned about how much knowledge Michael had of Propofol and couldn't cope when Murray weaned him off it after two months.
Prosecutors insist that Murray used a makeshift intravenous drip to administer propofol, a practice they argue violated the standard of care and led to the pop star's death.
But Chernoff said Murray did not use a makeshift intravenous drip to administer the drug. Chernoff added that an expert on propofol will testify that Murray was not responsible for Jackson's death.
Kenny Ortega: Producer
-said he was shocked by Jackson's appearance when he arrived at a rehearsal, on June 19, less than a week before he died.
-"He appeared lost and a little incoherent. I did not feel he was well."
-said he gave the pop singer food and wrapped him in a blanket to ward off chill. Jackson watched the rehearsal and did not participate.
-helped Jackson prepare for the "This Is It" world tour scheduled for London's O2 Arena in 2009.

In an e-mail written early June 20, Ortega wrote, in part, to AEG president Randy Phillips, "My concern is, now that we've brought the Doctor in to the fold and have played the tough love, now or never card, is that the Artist may be unable to rise to the occasion due to real emotional stuff. He appeared quite week and fatigued this evening. He had a terrible case of the chills, was trembling, rambling and obsessing. Everything in me says he should be psychologically evaluated. If we have any chance at all to get him back in the light. It's going to take a strong Therapist to (get) him through this as well as immediate physical nurturing. ... Tonight I was feeding him, wrapping him in blankets to warm his chills, massaging his feet to calm him and calling his doctor.
"I believe that he really wants this ... it would shatter him, break his heart if we pulled the plug," Ortega wrote. "He's terribly frightened it's all going to go away. He asked me repeatedly tonight if I was going to leave him. He was practically begging for my confidence. It broke my heart. He was like a lost boy. There still may be a chance he can rise to the occasion if get him the help he needs."
-said Murray was unhappy that Jackson did not rehearse and told him not to try to be the singer's physician
-Jackson insisted the next day he was capable of doing the rehearsals.

Evidence that was entered to the court was a recording of Jackson talking while drugged and his post-mortem picture on a stretcher.
Michael's brother Jermaine and sister Janet held hands across sister Rebbe's lap in court, while his mother, Katherine, was tearful.
If found guilty, Murray faces four years in jail.

Judge delays welfare drug ruling

A federal judge decided to take more time before ruling on whether to grant an injunction to a man challenging a Florida law that requires state welfare applicants to be drug-tested before receiving assistance.
Judge Mary Scriven also gave attorneys for the Florida Department of Children & Families a 14-day extension Monday to challenge a motion on whether Luis Lebron's lawsuit can represent all Florida welfare applicants.
A 35-year-old Navy veteran and father of a 4-year-old son, Lebron applied to Florida's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families this year. He met the program's eligibility requirements but was denied assistance after he refused to take the drug test as required by a law that took effect in July. He then sued DCF.
"I feel I have served my country and served my Constitution," Lebron said. "I just want it to serve me."
The Florida American Civil Liberties Union says Lebron and other welfare applicants are being forced to forfeit their constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure by submitting to the drug testing. They argued that the program has been in existence since 1996 and never required the test before.
DCF, which oversees the program, has tested 1,500 to 2,000 recipients since mid-July. About 2.5 percent tested positive and about 2 percent declined to take the test, state officials said.
I don't understand what the problem is with this program. If you really need assistance and you're not on drugs then so be it! Take the damn test! If you are taking drugs, then how about stop spending money on that and pay some rent! Deal with it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bam! Girl shot while playing CSI

Logansport, Indiana police says an 11-year-old girl fired a 20-gauge shotgun into a door jamb, striking her 14-year-old sister in the head with pellets.
The accidental shooting occurred Saturday at a home outside the northern Indiana city.
The older girl went to Logansport Memorial Hospital for treatment. Police did not talk further about the girl's injuries.
The girls' parents were not home at the time. The names of the girls were not released. Police are continuing to investigate, but right now they are calling this an accidental shooting.

Christina's Fundraiser was a SUCCESS!!!

This past Sunday at Beso Lounge in NYC,  1 year to the day that they met up at our 10 year High School reunion, some of Christina's friends met up again along with others to celebrate her life and passion. They held a fundraiser to earn donations for her family, her wife, and her dream.

I hear that it was a success. People won prizes from raffles and shared in memories of a wonderful person.

Jessica Shay

Beso Lounge

One of the coordinators of the event, Todd Alessandro said "Everything went so well!" He even said the painting I made for the event was a hit!  Another coordinator, Jessica Shay said "We raised a little over $3000 at the Fundraiser for Christina last night. I'm so full of love today and I just know its because she's smiling down on each and every one of us. 1+1=♥"

My painting among event goers and Coordinator Todd.
Thanks to Xtina Roldos, Alex Tull and Anthony Argo for the images!  

1 + 1 = <3

Personally, I want to say that it was a pleasure being part of this event to honor Christina. Love is Love no matter what!  

Don't forget to love me at!/pages/Anything-about-Everything/156722501071355

Sex offender village planned in Florida

Barbara Farris, a self proclaimed ex offender vigilante is planning a nice community for sexual offenders! The village would start with 288 predators and offenders in a leased facility, but could expand to 1,100 on 500 acres.

She hopes that this will keep offenders that she has been fighting against, away from children. "They have an atmosphere where they're not looking out their window at kids in a park, not a mile away from your school," said Farris. The village would house, monitor, counsel, help them find a job, and give them transportation.
Parents are not happy about this and I don't blame them! "Honestly, I wanted to cry. I was absolutely furious.  This can't happen to our neighborhood," said one mother.
A Facebook page and a petition is online to stop this village from happening. "There's kids everywhere and they just don't need to be around any sex offenders, much less a large quantity of them."

Farris' response? "I'm sure they're outraged and I can understand, but I'm an advocate for children. I'm not trying to put any children in danger. They're far enough out that they're going to be monitored." Florida is not the only state that should be worried about this. Farris has other plans to open more of these communities throughout the United States!

What do you guys think? What should be done with Sex offenders? Personally , I believe that they should be in jail for life. But seeing as the law doesn't work that way, what should be done about these sick individuals?

To sign the online petition, click here:

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Bob Ward’s guilty conviction this morning didn’t receive the same scrutiny from television as Casey's acquittal. This time a jury did their job! He was found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2009 shooting of his wife, Diane. He will be sentenced Nov. 8. Bob, who could face life in prison when he is sentenced, was handcuffed and escorted from the courtroom.

The verdict came on the jury’s second day of deliberations.

A legal expert said the jury is “apparently doing what juries are supposed to do. They’re asking questions. They’re challenging each other’s recollections.” Unlike the STUPID PINELLAS COUNTY jurors!!!!

The jury wanted to see the revolver, and it was sent to the jury room. Then the jury wanted a yardstick to judge the distance the gun was from Diane Ward. The defense objected, and the judge agreed that the jury wouldn’t see it.  And the jury wanted to hear about DNA evidence on the gun.
See jurors and all their supporter, this is the way it's done!!!!!

Later Friday, Ward’s daughter Mallory said that the trial was “a farce.” But this morning, she was in tears.
This time justice was served!

Casey pays more!

Judge Perry has increased the reimbursement costs Casey must pay to investigators for searching for Caylee.
Judge Perry signed an order Friday adding another $119,000 to the bill she must pay four law enforcement agencies. The new amount brings the total to more than $217,000. That's still short of the $500,000 prosecutors were seeking.
The additional amount comes from the Orange County Sheriff's Office providing the judge with more details about their costs.
Wonder what would happen to her if she doesn't pay. What do you think should happen?

Friday, September 23, 2011

First teen found guity of burning and killing teen

Seath Jackson
Seath Jackson

The state's first witness on Wednesday in the first-degree murder trial of Charlie Kay Ely was Michael Bargo, who is accused of firing the shots that killed Seath Jackson on April 17 in Ocala, Florida.  Assistant State Attorney Amy Berndt concluded that Ely was not a small player in the incident. According to Berndt, Ely didn't seem to be too scared when she sent 108 texts and received at least two phone calls in three hours after Seath's death.

The prosecution alleges Ely helped lure Seath to her home, knowing that he was going to be killed. The plan was to kill Seath because he had been talking trash about his ex who was now dating Bargo.
The defense argues that the state has no direct evidence that Ely knew Seath was going to be killed.
Florida law states that in order to be a principal to first-degree murder, a person must do or say something that directly causes the crime to be committed.
Bargo entered the courtroom in his red and white-striped jail uniform outside the presence of the jury.
Assistant State Attorney Amy Brendt asked Bargo if he shot Seath Jackson, but Bargo immediately invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination
Circuit Court Judge David Eddy asked Bargo if he would continue to invoke his right if questioned further. Bargo said he would.
The judge ruled Bargo was not available to testify and then the jury was brought into the courtroom.
Bargo's appearance in court paved the way for prosecutors to question Crystal Anderson about what Bargo said to her following Seath's death. That would be considered hearsay and wouldn't be allowed in court normally.
Crystal Anderson-mother of Bargo's girlfriend
-Bargo confessed to her about beating, shooting and burning 15-year-old Seath.
-Bargo fled to Anderson's home shortly after the incident.
-Bargo had dated Anderson's daughter for about six months.
-Bargo told her that they disposed of the remains in a flooded limerock pit.

When asked why she did not immediately call law enforcement after Bargo told her what had happened, she said she was scared.
-"He said he has done something crazy. He said he shot him eight times. I was scared."

Kathleen Schmidt and Lisa Berg-Marion County Sheriff's crime scene technicians  
-helped process the crime scene at Ely's Summerfield home.
-Schmidt went though photographs of an unkempt house, where .22-caliber ammunition, as well as spent shell casings, were recovered.
-several areas in the bathroom, where Seath was reportedly killed, showed the presence of blood.
-Schmidt further said they found a fire pit behind Ely's home, where Seath's body was presumably burned. 
-five deformed lead fragments resembling bullets were found in the pit. There were also numerous fragments that looked like bone in the ash.
-Berg later testified that she collected evidence at the limerock pit where Seath's remains were dumped in three 5-gallon buckets.
-Berg photographed and made casts of shoe prints and rings, which looked like impressions made by the buckets, stretching over a 1½-mile road leading to the pit.

Michael Warren-Head of the C.A. Pound Human Identification Lab at the University of Florida 
-more than 100 human bone fragments were found in the pit and were scattered randomly.
-"It shows that this fire was tended and stirred." 
- testified that the buckets, two of which were found in 12 feet of water and the other floating on the surfaces, contained more burned bone and some charred portions of internal organs

Dr. Kyle Shaw- associate medical examiner at the District 5 Medical Examiner's Office in Leesburg 
-testified that parts of Seath's heart, kidney and liver were recovered.

Ely turned her head as Jonathan Bull, her defense attorney, viewed the photos of the remains.

At the end of the day a jury found her guilty. Let's hope it's the same for the others.  Bargo, 19; Justin Soto, 20; Kyle Hooper, 17; and Amber Wright, 15, are all charged with first-degree murder. The other four have pleaded not guilty and await their own trials.
Bargo and James Havens III, 37, are accused of disposing of Seath's remains. Havens is Wright and Hooper's stepfather. He pleaded not guilty to serving as an accessory to first-degree murder after the fact and is awaiting trial as well.
Prosecutors have said that they will seek the death penalty against Bargo, who is alleged to have been the mastermind of the murder plot.

Closing arguments given in Bob Ward trial

The defense rested Thursday after calling six experts and Bob told the judge himself he did not want to testify.The jury will be deliberating the whole day today.  Closing arguments took all afternoon Thursday after the defense rested its case earlier in the day.
The state said Bob said five different times on the 911 call "I killed my wife," and it's what he didn't do after his wife was dead that screams that doesn't fit the puzzle. 
The defense's final witness was a blood stain analyst who said Bob was at a very close distance to his wife, when she was shot. He also said Diane did not just drop to the ground, like prosecutors had claimed.
According to analysts Bob didn't testify on his behalf because of outbursts he had done earlier in the week. On Tuesday, Bob slammed his fist on the defense table when a prosecutor asked his daughter, Sarah, if she was there when her father shot her mother in the face.
Then on Wednesday, Ward shouted in the middle of a witness' testimony. The jury was not in the courtroom during that outburst. 
Defense attorney Kirk Kirkconnell said the state asked an insensitive question to Ward's youngest daughter which caused Ward to slam his hand down.