Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cindy and George Part 1

So I finally watched the first part of the Dr. Phil interview and I must say I am convinced that George and Cindy had absolutely nothing to do with Caylee's death.  So I will write the blog, like I wrote my notes.

The interview starts with George and Cindy agreeing with Dr. Phil with the fact that they didn't accept payment. Only accepted a donation made to Caylee's foundation (George or Cindy will not profit from this) They said that it was time to talk about what happened and that they felt Dr. Phil would get their side of the story best. They trust him to tell their story.
Dr. Phil asks what they believe happened. Is Casey responsible for the death of Caylee?
George: 1+1=2. Casey was last person seen with Caylee. Casey was responsible for Caylee, no matter what happened.
Agreed Casey did and does lie alot.
Cindy: Casey started changing after Caylee was born. Looking back she thinks maybe she suffered post-partum schizophrenia.
When asked about when she knew Casey was pregnant, Cindy said "5 months". At this point she scratched herself (a sign of lying).

After George came back after separation from Cindy for losing $30,000 in gambling debt, he realized that Casey didn't want him to move back home.  He also noticed her lying and stealing.

Cindy: On defense theory----> "George would never have put us through those 6 months of not knowing where Caylee was."
Dr. Phil points out that she always seems to find the good in people. Cindy says she would be angry if she could talk to Casey about her lies.
Dr. Phil mentions pay stubs. Cindy says she had faith in Casey just like she had in George.

Before Caylee went missing in Spring of 2008, Cindy was more confrontational with Casey. She was trying to get information on jobs and Casey repaying her for money she had stolen.  It got worse when Casey stole money from Cindy's mother.
George said Cindy was an enabler for Casey.  Cindy admits she may have pushed Casey too far and that it may have led to Caylee's death.
Cindy said she guesses something must have happened when Casey called her that fateful day 6 times in 4 minutes. Cindy said she wishes Casey would have asked for help earlier.

When questioned about the 31 days and discovering all the lies, Cindy tenses up and says Casey started talking about the nanny in 2006. Therefore, it wasn't a new name.   Says that in those 31 days, she never had any reason to doubt Casey. She looks back and says that if she knew about the past 2 years of lies she would have even called the army to look for Caylee and Casey.

George knew Casey was spiraling down in terms of her behavior as years passed. "Was I taken for a fool? Absolutely!"

Cindy said she went to Universal on July 3, because she found it odd that she never could speak to Caylee or hear her in the background,whenever Casey called.  Says she is over the anger stage.

On finding the car
George: Noticed the odor and was feeling sick in the stomach. Saw the garbage and was relieved.
Cindy: "Truthfully, I don't know to this day what the smell was."
George: " I believe what the investigators tell me. Some parts of me believe that she was in the trunk."
Cindy: " She had to be transported to the woods somehow. I don't know if she was in that trunk."

Cindy says she punched the bed instead of choking Casey and hitting her when she overheard Casey tell Lee about Zanny the Nanny stealing Caylee.
 She thought Casey was too calm when talking to 911 operator.
" George and I didn't know if we could be in the same house with her." She says that;s when she spoke to Sheriffs about placing Casey in custody.   Says in the jailhouse videos, she tried to get Casey to look at her to see if she was lying. After Casey was released from jail the first time, George was suspicious of Casey. "I didn't believe 2/3 of what she was telling me."
Cindy: Says Casey, according to one of her friends, was subdued in the hot body contest. She was coerced by friends to get on the stage.  Cindy says at the trial, they show what paints Casey in a bad light.

Dr. Phil tells Cindy to stop defending Casey.
George: "There are some things Cindy and I don't agree with. I could not be out celebrating." He doesn't think the hot body contest was out of context.
Cindy: "People don't know she had a Gran Mal seizure when she came back from jail the first time.  "I don't know if she blocked out that day and something happened."
She believes that Casey is a victim of something medically wrong within Casey.  Casey also had a seizure in 2007 and doctors found nothing wrong.
She does say throughout the interview that Casey was an amazing mother and that something must have gone wrong to make someone who loves children do this.
This interview makes me think if Casey has a tumor in her brain hidden somewhere that makes her act in this crazy way.  Dr. Phil did mention that although Cindy thinks Casey may have a tumor, she doesn't have any medical proof.

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