Friday, September 2, 2011

Underwear stops fart smells!

So as I was dropping off my children at school today, I was listening to the radio and I heard a discussion about underwear that stops the smell of farts!  I was shocked! Really? Where can I find these? I know a few people in my life that desperately need this. So I came home and started searching.
So this underwear is supposed to hide the smell of farts if you accidentally let one go in public or when you do it on purpose because you are with your pregnant wife and you figure everyone that passes by would think it's your wife and....anyway I'm going off the point..... so yeah it hides the smell of your fart!
If you fart and you DON'T appreciate the smell or you want to be courteous to those around you, then this underwear is for you!  The answer to this problem is the use of a flatulence filter in ’flatulence underwear’. These have proven to successfully control the bad odors and allow you to be around people without fear by simply controling fart odor.
First on our list is the fart underwear known as Under-Ease that has been launched by Under-tec.  In the underwear you will find a triangular cut that has been provided at the back.
While the outer covering of this triangular exit is made up of a simple porous material, the inner part consists of a pocket that houses a high technology fart filter, which helps get rid of any smell that the fart may contain. A carbon filter is placed in the center, which is then surrounded by a layer of unwoven polypropylene and spun glass materials. This again is covered by wool felt and finally by a soft durable material that enables quick and easy replacement of the flatulence filter.
 The Under-Ease flatulence underwear can last anywhere from a number of weeks to many months.
Many people have tried out the product and are immensely satisfied by the results. You can visit the Under-Ease underwear website at
As they don't show any images of their shreddies flatulence underwear, I don't somehow think it looks as good as the above...

Next on the list is the underwear from the makers - Shreddies. This has a powerful carbon flatulence filter that is placed inside the underwear and helps free the fart of its odors. Apart from the fart underwear, Shreddies also offers other kinds of underwear for both men and women that help keep out any kind of body odors.So if you stink, think Shreddies! LOL
The website is
Third is the fart underwear from, a company registered with the FDA.Yes, the FDA takes fart smells seriously!
Their patented underwear uses strong carbon fart filters to remove bad smells. The products have been tested and approved for their efficiency by doctors. 
Another popular fart underwear comes from GasMedic. It has an exclusive source-trapping filter that prevents the odors from coming out of the underwear, making it possible for other people to be in the same room as the stinker instead of being driven away by their smelly fart. 
Apart from the underwear, the website has other products for controlling  odor such as the fart seat, which is basically a thin cushion that can be placed on a chair and consists of similar carbon filters. You can take a look at their products in detail at
Don't make your friends suffer anymore! Buy fart underwear!!!!!

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