Friday, September 23, 2011

Closing arguments given in Bob Ward trial

The defense rested Thursday after calling six experts and Bob told the judge himself he did not want to testify.The jury will be deliberating the whole day today.  Closing arguments took all afternoon Thursday after the defense rested its case earlier in the day.
The state said Bob said five different times on the 911 call "I killed my wife," and it's what he didn't do after his wife was dead that screams that doesn't fit the puzzle. 
The defense's final witness was a blood stain analyst who said Bob was at a very close distance to his wife, when she was shot. He also said Diane did not just drop to the ground, like prosecutors had claimed.
According to analysts Bob didn't testify on his behalf because of outbursts he had done earlier in the week. On Tuesday, Bob slammed his fist on the defense table when a prosecutor asked his daughter, Sarah, if she was there when her father shot her mother in the face.
Then on Wednesday, Ward shouted in the middle of a witness' testimony. The jury was not in the courtroom during that outburst. 
Defense attorney Kirk Kirkconnell said the state asked an insensitive question to Ward's youngest daughter which caused Ward to slam his hand down.

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