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Cindy and George Part 2

So as I'm watching this interview, one question keeps bothering me. Where exactly did they film this interview? I couldn't find any information of where this took place. That def. is not their home! I can assure you that!  Anyhoo, let's get onto this interview thing.

The Anthony's: The Revelations

Regarding the seizures, Casey's attorneys told Cindy not to mention anything about Casey's seizures and health history.

George: People do things because they feel a rush of adrenaline. Agrees with Dr. Phil that people don't always do things because they have brain tumors or suffer from seizures.

Cindy bites her tongue as Dr. Phil tells her that people out there would like to shake her awake.

Cindy: George didn't change overnight, neither did Casey.  She says something happened that day (June 16) to change Casey's behavior.
Dr. Phil says George didn't have a tumor when he gambled away the money.

Finding the remains
George: It was rough knowing where she was and knowing she was so close.
Cindy: It was difficult to comprehend. They had only 10 min to tell family members before they found out through the media.
George: "I couldn't deal with the loss of Caylee."  He said it was tough seeing Cindy and Lee's faces through that time.

As they read the suicide note from George, they both tear up.

George: " Why didn't I stay home from work that day?"  He says he ended the letter with just "Casey-", because he believes she had something to do with Caylee's death.  He has nothing more to say to her.    He says it's obvious Casey had something to do with it.  "She deceived us. She lied to us, her parents."  he can't comprehend how Casey along with possibly anyone else could do that to Caylee.

George Alone
On the affair:

-Did not have an affair. No sexual relations.
-"She probably wanted more out of the relationship, But I never went in that direction."
-Never had the "snowballed out of control" conversation.
-Believes his reputation has been tainted to a degree, but says he had nothing to hide.
-Thinks it was a smear campaign against him.
-Doesn't understand why they attacked him.

listens to jury foreman describing him about being suspicious.
-When asked yes or no questions, he says one may come out suspicious or sound like they have selective memory.
-Says if he was involved in this, why wasn't he prosecuted.
-"If Casey watches this someday, I believe she is responsible."
-He believes she was there at the woods with someone's help.
-Starts crying and says that the way Caylee died and was treated is no way to treat a human being.
-Can't comprehend his daughter doing these things to his granddaughter. All he can see is "Caylee dancing through the hallway in the mornings and making his life beautiful."
-If she drowned, there's no reason to tie her up and put her in laundry bags.

George and Cindy together again
Cindy believes Caylee drowned accidentally. She doesn't believe the circumstances surrounding the drowning, where George found Caylee.

George "can't do in that direction". He doesn't understand how she drowns and ends up in the woods down the street.

George says inside of his heart, he believes Casey and someone else gave Caylee too much drugs and she fell asleep. Believes she was in the back of the car being driven around and taken to the woods. "She sedated this child to go out and have this life she couldn't have with Caylee around."

Cindy: Casey's friends never said she was involved with drugs. Toxicology doesn't prove that Caylee was drugged.

At this moment Cindy says she has never heard that theory and they go back and forth amongst themselves.  George says he's mentioned it to Cindy and she argues that he hasn't, but that she's happy that he's getting it out of his system, because she thought that the emotions held inside would end up killing him.

Honestly if George didn't cheat on Cindy, well then Bravo for him, becasue I know I would cheat on that beast.

Anyhoo... Cindy says she is angry that Casey never came to her to tell her what happened.

The Woods

George: It's a question that he's asked himself many times.

Cindy believes that Casey used the shovel to cut a bamboo root.  The car was never moved. Ahe never left the house. Unless she walked.

George: Neighbor didn't watch her the whole time. He was doing other chores.

Cindy believes Casey had knowledge or had something to do with placing the body there.  Casey and Cindy believe once the person dies, the body is empty.

Cindy says there's no excuse for putting Caylee there in the woods, BUT " what else were we going to do? Our belief is cremation."   WHAT!!!!?????

Dr. Phil says he gets being loyal to the children but it's disloyal to Caylee.

Cindy says she would love to hug her granddaughter "the shell of her body" again. 
Says that when the verdict was NOT GUILTY, Caylee was given justice. That was God's sign that the death was accidental. Caylee wouldn't want her mother to be in jail because of her death.

Says something IS wrong with her daughter. 

Part 3 includes their plan if Casey shows up at their porch. What does George think about the verdict?

Part 3 airs on Monday's Dr. Phil.
Cindy says she is angry that Casey

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