Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dr. Phil part 3

On the final installment of the George and Cindy interview, George said that he doesn't believe it's possible to reconnect with Casey and that she should be held responsible for Caylee's death.
Being accused and reconciling
George said that he feels he was "played" by Baez over the past three years.
"That was an extreme low blow. I wanted to go and jump over this little railing…and I wanted to confront Mr. Baez…I haven't cared for him from day one."
"I do love my daughter, I don't like what she's done to this family."
Cindy said she never believed the molestation allegations against George.
 “Do you know to the absolute core of your heart that this man never molested your daughter?” Dr. Phil asked Cindy.
“Absolutely.  Because if I knew that he would not be sitting here today,” Cindy said.  “I would have either killed him, myself or had him arrested or moved him away.”

Secret Meeting
Cindy said she hopes the relationship between her and Casey can be mended and that she feels Casey should have been acquitted.
She also said Baez invited her to his office for a private meeting shortly before the trial began because "he said that Casey wanted me to know how Caylee died. When he told me she had drowned in the pool and that Casey panicked ... I was hysterically crying and couldn't believe our daughter had put us through this and ruined her life."
George, who wasn't invited to that meeting, said he thinks it was all an effort to manipulate Cindy emotionally and set him up the scapegoat for Casey's erratic behavior during her disappearance.
"I didn't believe anything," he said. "I didn't believe anything that the defense told me. I felt I had been played."

The Jury
"I think the jury based the verdict on the lack of evidence the state presented.  If I had been on that jury, I would have done the same thing."
"I didn't want to see my daughter put to death. I wanted her to be held responsible for my granddaughter and I still do," George said.

Contact with Casey
Cindy said the last contact she had with Casey was via Baez. He said she wanted to pass along "That she loves us and that when the time is right she'll talk to all of us."
She said she thinks her daughter likely has remorse about the allegations she made against her father.
"I think she regrets it, but I don't think Jose regrets it.  But it's something Casey will have to live with for the rest of her life." Cindy said that if Casey asked to move back into the family home, it would be a difficult dilemma. "Lee and I would find a place for her. Whether or not she would physically move into our current home, I don't think that's possible", she said. " I don't think the relationship between Casey and I will be any more than it is right now." George said. 
"My hope for her is that she does get the therapy that she needs and...I hope at some point she can move on with her life. I would love to see her be happy either in a career or in a family setting. I would love for her to get married if she so chooses." Cindy said.
Cindy doesn't want Casey to have another child until she gets therapy. "Casey always wanted to be a good mom. Casey was a good mom and something happened along the way…I don't know if a pregnancy would trigger another instance of something," she said.  Cindy said that she would even feel comfortable with Casey Anthony babysitting any children that Lee Anthony might have in the future. I highly doubt Lee feels the same!
"I don't think Casey is evil. I don't think Casey would allow anything to happen especially to another child. I think Casey has suffered the loss of her daughter and is going to have to live with that the rest of her life. I think she would be extra cautious," Cindy said.
Of course she wouldn't let something happen. She knows to many people will be watching her!
This woman (Cindy) is in serious denial and needs more intense therapy!!! GEORGE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!

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