Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 2 of Isleworth Millionaire Trial

Today the jury was shown the revolver used to kill Diane Ward, as well as a photo of a dead Diane lying on the bedroom floor. Evidence also included photos of the bloodied walls,  Bob's clothing and bedding.  Wine stains were on the bedding and according to investigators the scene looked liked a domestic disturbance had occurred.

There were no finger prints found on the gun. Now if there were no fingerprints on the gun wouldn't that in itself be suspicious?

The couple's two daughters left the courtroom, not wanting to see the photos. Bob also kept his head down while they were shown.
A witness from the Medical Examiner’s office testified, and the jury was shown Diane Ward’s autopsy photos. She was shot in her face, almost right between her eyes.

Mallory Ward : Bob and Diane's daughter
 -"She told me a month before she died that my father was the finest man she'd ever known. "It was a relationship built on respect, and they loved each other so much."
Mallory and Sarah
-when she spoke to her mother just hours before she was shot, she seemed fine.

Prosecutors said Ward had no remorse over his wife's death. An officer said while Ward was in his patrol car, he talked mostly about football.

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