Monday, September 26, 2011

Sex offender village planned in Florida

Barbara Farris, a self proclaimed ex offender vigilante is planning a nice community for sexual offenders! The village would start with 288 predators and offenders in a leased facility, but could expand to 1,100 on 500 acres.

She hopes that this will keep offenders that she has been fighting against, away from children. "They have an atmosphere where they're not looking out their window at kids in a park, not a mile away from your school," said Farris. The village would house, monitor, counsel, help them find a job, and give them transportation.
Parents are not happy about this and I don't blame them! "Honestly, I wanted to cry. I was absolutely furious.  This can't happen to our neighborhood," said one mother.
A Facebook page and a petition is online to stop this village from happening. "There's kids everywhere and they just don't need to be around any sex offenders, much less a large quantity of them."

Farris' response? "I'm sure they're outraged and I can understand, but I'm an advocate for children. I'm not trying to put any children in danger. They're far enough out that they're going to be monitored." Florida is not the only state that should be worried about this. Farris has other plans to open more of these communities throughout the United States!

What do you guys think? What should be done with Sex offenders? Personally , I believe that they should be in jail for life. But seeing as the law doesn't work that way, what should be done about these sick individuals?

To sign the online petition, click here:

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