Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woman kills husband, buries him in backyard

Deputies in Florida say they believe a woman who they arrested today shot and killed her husband and then buried him in their Melbourne home's back yard.
Jennifer Hearn was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder with a firearm, deputies said.
Deputies were at the home on the 500 block of Ana Avenue searching for clues and for 41-year-old Carl Hearn's body.
According to deputies, statements from 40-year-old Jennifer Hearn and other relatives led them to an area in the back yard where Carl Hearn was buried. "There have been some long-standing problems in the relationship. It appears there was a verbal argument that escalated to the point that she took her husbands life," said Lt. Tod Goodyear of the BCSO.
Neighbors told reporters that they haven't seen Carl Hearn in at least two months. But they didn't think too much of that after Jennifer Hearn told them her husband had run off with another woman.Neighbor Al Ely said he knew the couple had been having problems."He and his wife were kind of separated. So I don't really know," said Ely.  NEighbors said that he used to run a landscape business and that they usually saw him working outside.
Apparently nobody questioned the fresh dirt that appeared on the side yard where it was visible to the neighborhood.
Investigators said there is no documented history of domestic violence. Jennifer Hearn was transported to the Brevard County jail where she is being held without bond, officers said.
The couple has 3 grown children.

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