Monday, September 19, 2011

Sea World hearings begin today

Today SeaWorld will be appealing a $75,000 fine, in connection with trainer Dawn Brancheau's death last year. She was killed last year when her hair, which was in a ponytail instead of having it tied back in a bun, was used by Tilikum, the 6 ton killer whale to drag her into his mouth and drowned her.
This case could dictate whether SeaWorld and other concerns are able to put trainers in the water with whales. The case also could impact how trainers handle other large animals.
The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined SeaWorld $75,000 and recommended prohibiting trainers from working with the whales without a physical barrier. Violating that order would cost the park $7,000 a day.SeaWorld says water work is essential to adequately caring for the highly social animals. And the shows are the company's most marketable thrill to vacationers around the world.
SeaWorld called the OSHA findings "baseless."
"The safety of our guests and employees, and the welfare of our animals, are core values for SeaWorld and areas in which we do not compromise," the company said in a statement.
My thoughts on this is that the fine should be repealed. Anybody that chooses to work with animals knows about the dangers that can happen. Ex Sea World employees say that Sea World never explained the extent of dangers that could be possible. Well, then maybe they shouldn't have been working there in the first place! Maybe people should realize when swimming with a HUGE whale, maybe they should have put their hair tight instead of letting it flow loosely in front of the whale's mouth!  Sea World shouldn't have to pay for her death or any other trainers death!


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  1. I am sorry that Dawn died, however, because of the type of work she did and what she was working with, she knew that there was a certain amount of danger. That said, Sea World is paramount in the care and training of the whales and those who care for them. There is a saying; you can take the animal out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the animal. Again, I am so very sorry that Dawn died and that her family is suffering as a result of her death, but to say that it is the fault of the animal or sea world is absurd.