Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Foolproof Suffocation" search missed on Casey Computer

So apparently today we find out that someone on the afteroon of June 16, 2008 did a search for"foolproof suffIcation." Misspelling SUFFOCATION. 
Baez revealed this in his book and he says the fact that it was never brought up implicates a State coverup for George. Apparently the searches were done that afternoon while George was at work implication Casey. 
Burdick said she never asked investigators to search for the term "suffocation" specifically before or during the trial but that, "I asked for a full history of June 16, 2008, before trial. I have those emails."
Linda Drane Burdick didn't know about the evidence until after Casey was acquitted of killing Caylee.
Baez,revealed their computer expert found the Anthony computer suffocation search in a mirror image of the hard drive the state provided them.
A sheriff's official said Tuesday that law enforcement experts failed to find the search in the same hard drive.
Capt. Angelo Nieves told WESH 2 News,"We're looking to see how we can do things better in the future. There are a number of things we can take away from the episode."
Whatever. This evidence just proves what everyone already knew except for those 12 idiots from Pinellas County that were anxious to go on their vacations! CASEY IS GUILTY OF MURDER AND SHE GOT AWAY WITH IT!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wreath out of Hula Hoop

So a quick craft idea for those who like crafts!
I did this in 2010 and my wreath still looks awesome.

I went to Dollar tree and bought a hula hoop, christmas garland, a bow and some Christmas flowers. I basically wrapped the garland around the hoop and stuck the stems of the flowers around and in it. You may want to cut the ends of the stem if they are too long. Tied the bow at the bottom AND VOILA! A Christmas wreath for outdoors or indoors! This one isn't hard at all to do. The instructions are pretty basic and simple for anyone to create!

 There it is over my Garage!
If you do this craft I would love to see your pics!