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Amy Huizenga's testimony

On her friendship with Casey:
The only other witness called Tuesday, Casey's former friend, Amy Huizenga, said she met Casey on New Year's Eve 2007, entering 2008. She said they were "very, very close friends," and the two talked or texted each other nearly every day.
On Caylee:
Huizenga recalled Casey not being able to go out some nights, about once a week, because she had no one to watch Caylee. She said sometimes, Casey brought Caylee with her to friends' homes, but always put her down "at a reasonable hour." Huizenga also said there were a lot of times in May 2008 that Casey would get frustrated when her mother could not watch Caylee.
On making plans to live with Casey:
She said Casey researched apartments, but later said it would not work out. Huizenga also said Casey told her she was going to take over mortgage payments of her family's home, and Amy could move in with her. Huizenga said they even set up dates for moving trucks, but Casey later cancelled, saying Cindy cancelled the previous deal.
On Casey's relationship with Cindy:
She recalled Casey telling her that Cindy thought Casey was an unfit mother. Huizenga said Casey described Cindy as crazy, and when she was nervous when Cindy approached her in July 2008 to help lead her to Casey.
On Casey's promise to drive her to Jacksonville:
Huizenga said Casey was supposed to drive her to Jacksonville so she could buy a new car. But Casey told her she had a last-minute family emergency and could not take her.
On Casey's "car trouble":
She said she knew via texts from Casey that she was having car trouble. In one text, on June 27, 2008, Casey mentioned a possible source of the smell:
Definitely part of a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car.
Casey also told Huizenga her car ran out of gas two Fridays in a row. Casey said she parked it at an Amscot and hoped it would not get towed.
On keeping Caylee out of the Anthony home:
Huizenga said Casey told her George and Cindy were having problems at home, and were considering divorce, so she wanted to keep Caylee away of the drama.
On her trip to Puerto Rico:
Huizenga acknowledged taking a trip to Puerto Rico with her friends, Ricardo Morales and Troy Brown, who previously testified. Casey picked them up at the airport on July 15, 2008.
On Cindy reaching out to her:
Huizenga said she was shopping at the Florida Mall when Cindy Anthony called her cell phone. She admitted she was cautious, because Casey had told her Cindy was crazy. After she agreed to lead her to Casey, she described the mother-daughter confrontation as a "massive explosion."

Casey's body language

Ok obviously anyone watching the trial has got to be tired of Casey playing with her hair already. She does it every moment of the whole trial on a daily basis. It's annoying! So i went looking around and that is what I found on body language of liars:

When people lie often they show signs of discomfort or they touch themselves in different ways that can give away their true position.
Here are some basic body language movements of a liar.
  • Scratching or rubbing the bottom of their nose.
  • Scratching or rubbing their ears.
  • Scratching in general.
  • Covering their mouth with their hand while they speak.
  • Unconsciously stroking a part of their body (this gives a feeling of comfort).
  • Tuning their body away from you.
  • Males may cover their groin area.
  • Males may put their hands in their pockets.
  • Their hands are in the center of their body line.
  • Their eyes are looking for a way to get away from the situation.
  • They run their hands through their hair (This is a gesture that could mean “This person is getting in my hair”).
  • Rubbing the back of their neck (this could mean “This person is being a pain in the neck”).
  • Placing objects in between themselves and the person they are lying to.

The 911 call....

 The following are the notes I have taken from the first half of the trial:

#1 Anthony family attorney argued that Lee Anthony is next-of-kin because he is the victim's uncle. Lee Anthony was excluded from rule of sequestration. He has been deposed and there was no reason for him not to be present. Will his presence change ambiance? Defense claims that George Anthony's abuse made her the way she is. Judge may exclude those questions about Lee's possible molestation. Defense may attack him about possible computer searches he may have done.

#2 Judge did check George Anthony's deposition and found no inconsistencies between that and his testimony on trial.

#3 As Cindy walks in, she did not look at Casey. Casey does keep glancing over @ Cindy as jury enters courtroom. Prosecution mentioned possible motive. Casey jealous of Cindy because  Cindy made her feel she was unfit as a mother.

My Space page: Casey felt betrayed. Felt attacked. Caylee was "missing" from Cindy's heart. Cindy felt betrayed. Casey was not punishing Cindy by taking her away, she just needed space and needed to work things out. Cindy realized she was being selfish. Casey made it seem like she was pursuing a relationship, so Cindy stopped questioning any further. Just kept texting to make sure everything was ok. But never spoke to Caylee. She was napping or at "various places"

Picking the car up: Called Casey and told her that she had alot of explaining to do. She needed to be home ," to talk this out."
"I was close to the car, when George came around" Did not detect odor.
Starts getting emotional as she explains what she smelled. "I said it smelled like something had died in the car." Opened trunk , hood, and battery of car was taken out in case Casey returned, she would not leave with it.

Caylee's favorite doll was in car seat. Her backpack was in trunk of car. Backpack included toothbrush and diapers. Things she would have needed if she was in somebody's care.  She took them out of car as well as Casey's purse.
 "Caylee's doll smelled like the car" She wiped the face and arms with Clorox wipes and Febrezed the soft body and used a whole bottle of Febreze on the car. "The smell of the car was something i never... It was pretty extreme."
She mentioned she has smelled rotting flesh in her job as a nurse.

Cindy almost mentioned the fact that there was a steak knife and was stopped by prosecution. Defense called sidebar. Jury was instructed to disregard statement made by Cindy mentioning "One of my steak knives"
Cindy got emotional when shown picture of Caylee's doll, Casey shows no emotion. Is that normal that a mother does not get emotional at seeing her deceased child's favorite doll?

Yellow envelope inside Casey's work purse contained Amy Huizenga's resume. Umm...why? Assume her life (remember check fraud)
Cindy told coworkers: "It smelled like something died in the car" "It was a figure of speech"

THE 911 CALL: Cindy starts getting nervous and starts taking deep breaths and shaking. The following is a transcript of the third 911 call.

Dispatch: 911 what's your emergency?

Cindy: I called a little bit ago. The deputy sheriff's not here. i found out my granddaughter has been taken. She’s been missing for a month. her mother finally admitted she's been missing.

Dispatch: ok. What’s the address you're calling from?

Cindy: we're talking about a 3 year old little girl. My daughter finally admitted that the babysitter stole her. I need to find her.

Dispatch: your daughter admitted that the baby is where?

Cindy: that the babysitter took her a month ago. That my daughter's been looking for. I told you my daughter was missing for a month. I just found her today. But I can't find my granddaughter. She just admitted to me that she's been trying to find her herself.  There’s something wrong. I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car.

Dispatch: okay. What is the 3 year old's name?

Cindy: Caylee. C-A-Y-L-E-E Anthony.

Dispatch: Caylee Anthony?

Cindy: yes.

Dispatch: okay. is she white, black or Hispanic?

Cindy: she's white.

Dispatch: how long has she been missing for?

Cindy: I have not seen her since the 7th of June.

Dispatch: what is her date of birth?

Cindy: um. 8. 8-9, 2000. Oh god she's 3. She’s 2005. George, Caylee's missing.

George: what?

Cindy: Caylee's missing. Casey says (Zenaida) took her a month ago. (inaudible).

Dispatch: okay. I need. um. I understand. Can you. Can you just calm down for me for just a minute. I need to know what's going on. Okay. I’m gonna try and...

Cindy: (inaudible)

Dispatch: is your, is your daughter there?

Cindy: I’m on the phone with them.

Dispatch: is your daughter there?

Cindy: yes.

Dispatch: can I speak with her? Do you mind if I speak with her? Thank you.

Cindy: I called them two hours ago and they haven't gotten here. Casey finally admitted that (Zenaida) took her a month ago and has been trying to find her.

Dispatch: ma'am, ma'am.

Cindy: it's the orange county sheriff's department. They wanna talk to you. (inaudible) answer their questions.

Casey: hello.

Dispatch: hello.

Casey: yes.

Dispatch: hi. What can you... can you tell me what's going on a little bit?

Casey: I’m sorry?

Dispatch: can you tell me a little bit what's going on?

Casey: my daughter's been missing for the last 31 days.

Dispatch: and you know who has her?

Casey: I know who has her. I’ve tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today. Now from a number that is no longer in service. I did get to speak to my daughter for about a moment. About a minute.

Dispatch: okay, did you guys call and report a vehicle stolen?

Casey: um. Yes, my mom did.

Dispatch: okay. So is the vehicle stolen too?

Casey: no. this is my vehicle.

Dispatch: what vehicle was stolen?

Casey: um, it's a 98 Pontiac Sunfire.

Dispatch: okay, I have deputies on the way to you right now for that. So now your 3 year old daughter is missing? Caylee Anthony?

Casey: yes.

Dispatch: white female?

Casey: yes. White female.

Dispatch: 3 years old? 8-9-2005 is her date of birth?

Casey: yes.

Dispatch: and you last saw her a month ago?

Casey: 31 days. been 31 days.

Dispatch: who has her? Do you have a name?

Casey: her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales.

Dispatch: who is that? Babysitter?

Casey: she's been my nanny for about a year and a half. Almost two years.

Dispatch: why... why are you calling now? Why didn't you call 31 days ago?

Casey: I’ve been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try to find her, which was stupid.

Dispatch: can you... can you give me the name of the nanny again? Like spell it out for me?

Casey: Zenaida. Z-E-N-A-I-D-A.

Dispatch: last name?

Casey: Fernandez.

Dispatch: Fernandez?

Casey: hyphen Gonzales. I think the officers are here.

Dispatch: the officers are there?

Casey: yes.

As they played the call, Cindy bowed her head down to her podium and cried. Casey forced tears to come out.  As the 911 call is being played one thing is evident. Cindy is a grandmother who was desperate to find Caylee. Casey however, speaks to the operator in a monotone way. As a mother myself, there is no way, God forbid, I would be calm in this situation. Your daughter has been supposedly kidnapped! Why are you not screaming and running around?! Why did you ask Cindy to let you have one more day to try to find Caylee?  Cindy eventually had to ask for a break. Judge gave a 5 minute break.

Then they played the call Casey made to her house from jail asking for her boyfriends phone number. The following is a transcript of that call:

Cindy: Hello?
Recording: hello this is a free call from Casey, an imate from the Orange County Corrections Center. For a rate quote press 7. To accept this free call press 0. This call is subject to monitoring and recording. Thank you for using Global Tell Link. Cindy: Casey?
Casey: Mom. .
Cindy: Hey sweetie.
Casey: Well I just saw your nice little cameo on TV.
Cindy: Which one?
Casey: What do you mean which one?
Cindy: Which one? I did four different ones, and I don’t know, I haven’t seen them all. I’ve only seen one or two so far.
Casey: You don’t know what my involvement is and stuff?
Cindy: Casey.
Casey: Mom.
Cindy: What?
Casey: No.
Cindy: I don’t know what your involvement is, sweetheart. You’re not telling me where she’s at.
Casey: Because I don’t ****ing know where she’s at. Are you kidding me?
Cindy: Casey, don’t waste your call
Casey: No
Cindy: To scream and holler at me.
Casey: What is my call sitting in, oh, the jail. (inaudible)
Cindy: Who’s fault is, who’s fault is you sitting in the jail? You’re blaming me that you’re sitting in the jail? Blame yourself for telling lies.
Casey: It’s not my fault.
Cindy: You mean it’s not your fault? What do you mean it’s not your fault, sweetheart? If you’d have told ‘em the truth, and not lied about everything, they wouldn’t …
Casey: Do me a favor. Just tell me what Tony’s number is. I don’t want to talk with you right now. Forget it.
Cindy: I don’t have his number.
Casey: Um, well get it from Lee because I know Lee’s at the house. I saw Mallory’s car was out front. It was just on the news. They were just live outside the house.
Cindy: I know they were.
Casey: Well
Cindy: Well?
Casey: Can you get Tony’s number for me so I can call him?
(Long Pause)
Cindy: ((in the background) I’m not talking to her. (Inaudible)
Lee: Hey.
Casey: Hey, can you give me Tony’s number?
Lee: I, huh. I can do that. I don’t know what real good it’s going to do you at this point.
Casey: Well I’d like to talk to him anyway.
Lee: OK
Casey: Because I called to my mother and it, it’s a ****ing waste. Oh by the way, I don’t want any of you coming up here when I have my, my first hearing for bond and everything else. Like don’t even ****ing waste your time coming up here.
Lee: You know you’re having a real tough, you’re making it real tough for anybody to want to try to even assist you with giving you somebody’s phone number.
Casey: See that’s just it. Every single ..
Lee: You’re not even letting me finish.
Casey: well that’s because …
Lee: I really…
Casey: Go ahead.
Lee: you’re asking me, first you’re asking me for Tony’s phone number so you can call him. And then you immediately want to start pressing towards me and saying ‘don’t’ even worry about coming up here for all this stuff, and trying to cut us out. What ..
Casey: I’m not trying to cut anybody out.
Lee: I’m not going around and around with you. You know that’s pretty pointless. I’m not going to go through, I’m not going to put everybody else through the same stuff you’ve been putting the police and everybody else though for the last 24 hours, and the stuff you’ve been putting mom through for the last four or five weeks. I’m done with that. So you can tell me what’s going on. Christina would love to talk to you because she thinks that you will tell her what’s going on. Frankly we’re going to find out. Something, whatever’s going on, it’s gonna be found out. So why not do it now and save yourself from this …
Casey: There’s nothing to find out. There’s absolutely nothing to find out. Not even what I told the detectives.
Lee: well, you know, everything you’re telling is a lie.
Casey: I have no clue where Caylee is. If I knew where Caylee was, do you think any of this would be happening? No.
Lee: Anyway, you only got a couple of minutes with us so I’m not going to let you completely waste it. Here’s Christina. She thinks she can get through to you.
Casey: No. No, I want Tony’s number. I’m not talking to anybody else.
Christina: Hello?
Casey: Hi. I’m glad everybody’s at my house. I’ll have to call you later, or I’ll have to call somebody to get your number. Do me a favor. Get my brother back because I need Tony’s number.
Christina: Ok, um, is there anything I can do for you?
Casey: I’m sitting in jail. There’s nothing anybody can do right now.
Christina: Well I’m just trying to be ….
Casey: Oh I know you are honey. I absolutely know that you are, and I appreciate everything that you’re trying to do. But I’d like to call Tony. He’s not at my house, is he?
Christina: No.
Casey: Ok.
Christina: No, it’s just me and your parents and Lee.
Casey: OK. Well can you do me a favor and get my brother back or get the number from him, please?
Christina: Um, does Tony have anything to do with Caylee?
Casey: No. Nothing.
Christina: Ok, so why do you want to talk to Tony?
Casey: I ….
Christina: You probably don’t want to tell me, do you?
Casey: Huh?
Christina: You probably don’t want to tell me, do you?
Casey: What are you, I didn’t hear what you said.
Christina: I said does Tony have anything to do with Caylee?
Casey: No, Tony has nothing to do with Caylee.
Christina: Oh, so why do you want to talk to him? You probably don’t want to tell me.
Casey: Because he’s my boyfriend, and I want to actually try to sit and talk to him because I didn’t get a chance to talk to him earlier. Because I got arrested on a ****ing whim today. Because they’re blaming me for stuff that I never would do. That I didn’t do.
Christina: OK. Well I’m on nobody, I’m on your side. You know that, right?
Casey: Oh honey I know that. I just want to talk to Tony, get a little bit of …
Christina: Casey, you have to tell me if you know anything about Caylee.
Casey: Sweetheart, if I ….
Christina: If anything happens to Caylee, Casey, I’ll die. Do you understand? I’ll die if anything happens to that baby.
Casey: Oh, wow. Oh my god, calling you guys, a waste, huge waste. Honey, I love you. You know I would not let anything happen to my daughter. If I knew where she was, this wouldn’t be going on.
Christina: Well how come everybody’s saying you’re lying?
Casey: Because nobody’s ****ing listening to anything that I’m saying. The media completely misconstrued everything that I said. The ****ing detectives told them ****ing bull****. They got all their information from me. Yet at the same time they’re twisting stuff. They’ve already said they’re going to pin this on me if they don’t find Caylee. They’ve already said that.
Christina: Well…
Casey: They arrested me because they said that ….
Christina: Yeah, because they said that the person that you dropped Caylee with doesn’t even exist.
Casey: Because, oh look, they can’t find her in the Florida database. She’s not just from Florida. If they would actually listen to anything that I would have said to them, they would have had their lead. They maybe could have tracked her down. They haven’t listened to a ****ing thing that I’ve said.
Christina: Do you know that that whoever has Caylee, nobody’s going to get away with this. Nobody.
Casey: I know nobody’s going to get away with it. But at the same time, the only way they’re going to find Caylee is if they actually listen to what I’m saying, and I’m trying to help them, and they’re not letting me help them.
Christina: Well how can I help them find her? The best thing you can do baby is listen to me.
Casey: They need to look up her information in a New York database. In a North Carolina database. Other places that she’s lived outside of Florida. That’s what I told them, even again today. I told them that four times today. I sat up at the police station. Up at the county police station for four hours.
Christina: Is she the one who has Caylee or she’s transferred Caylee to somebody else? Because her name has been.
: Honey, I haven’t talked to her. I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her.

Christina: How come everybody’s saying that you’re not upset, that you’re not crying, that you showed no emotion, no caring of where Caylee is at all?
: Because I’m not sitting here ****ing crying every two seconds. Because I have to stay composed to talk to detectives, to make other phone calls, to do other things. I can’t sit here and be crying every two seconds like I want to. I can’t.

Christina: OK. Casey don’t yell at me. I’m on your side.
Casey: I know you’re not.
Christina: Trust me.
Casey: I know you’re on my side. I’m not trying to yell at you.
Christina: Nobody is trying to say anything bad about you. Your family is with you 100 percent.
: No you’re not. That’s bulls**t. Because I just watched the ****ing news and heard everything that my mom said. Nobody in my own family is on my side.

Christina: Yes they are. Nobody has said…
Casey: They just want Caylee back. That’s all they’re worried about right now is getting Caylee back. And you know what? That’s all I care about right now.
Christina: Casey your daughter, ((Casey in background inaudible)) your brought your baby girl…
Casey: Christina please put my brother back on the phone. I don’t want to get into this with you right now. I love you honey and I’m glad that you’re there, thank you for your help. I will let you know if there is anything that you can do.
Christina: You can’t tell me anybody that can find Caylee? Nobody?
Casey: No. Because every number that I’ve tried, every number that I’ve called is disconnected. Nothing. I can’t get a hold of anybody.
Christina: But that that girl was the last person to have her?
Casey: She was the last person to have her. That was the last time I saw Caylee.
Christina: OK. Umm he doesn’t, Lee say’s he doesn’t have Tony’s phone number.
Casey: Yes he does. He has Tony’s phone number on his phone. He needs to stop f***ing lying. He just told me a second ago that he’d give me the number.
Christina: So if I go and I get you Tony’s number, are you gonna finish talking to me?
Casey: I, I will call you tomorrow. I want to talk to him really quick now. I want to actually close my eyes. I haven’t slept in four days. I have not slept in four days.
Christina: Listen if you’re going to talk to anybody, you can talk to me. And you know that.
Casey: I know I can talk to you. But at the same time, I know I can talk to Tony and that’s who I wanna talk to right now. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him since this morning. Since all this stuff happened with trying to set up some myspace. I made the myspace. And the facebook.
Christina: Do you know the password to that myspace?
Casey: I made all of it.
Christina: What’s the password to that myspace so we can see if anybody has written any leads of where Caylee might be?
Casey: You can go online and see it. As far as messages, I don’t know if anybody’s gonna be messaging stuff.
(Casey gives Christina a password and login)
Cindy: Hold on. Hold on one second.
Christina: Hold on one second.
Lee: Hold on one second for me.
Christina: OK, Tony’s number
Casey: Yeah
Christina: You’re ready?
Casey: uh huh
(Christina gives Casey a phone number)
Christina: Can Tony tell me anything?
Casey: Baby, Tony doesn’t know anything. And I haven’t even talked to him since this morning.
Christina: Has Tony seen Caylee?
Casey: Tony hasn’t seen Caylee since the beginning of June. What was the number again?
(Christina gives Casey a number)
Casey: OK thank you. I will find a way to call you back later. Leave your number at my house with my mom. So I can get it and I can either call you later tonight.
Christina: How can I get a hold of you?
Casey: I’m at the jail, you can’t.
Christina: OK, can you do you have a way to write my phone number down.
Casey: No I have no way of writing it down. I have to remember Tony’s number. (repeats number) I have to try to memorize his number right now.
Christina: OK. So.
Casey: No I will. Just leave your number with my mom and I will try to call you in the morning if I don’t get a chance to call you tonight.
Christina: So how can I find out information about that girl?
Casey: Have, have them
Christina: Is she in Florida or?
Casey: Have them look up a New York license for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. They’ve just been looking up the last name Gonzalez or the last name Fernandez. If they’d looked up her entire name, they might actually find her. They haven’t done that. They haven’t listened to anything that I’ve said.
Christina: How do you spell Zenaida?
Casey: Z-E-N-A-I-D-A
Christina: Fernandez?
Casey: hyphen Gonzalez.
Christina: hyphen Gon, Gonzalez. Where does she live? Because they went and looked at her place
Casey: Cuz she, baby you’re not telling me anything that I don’t already know. Again, I’ve only been in jail since oh about 8:30 tonight. I was with them all day today. I know that. I was with officers pretty much since 9 o’clock last night. Up until today. Like up until this evening when I came up here.
Christina: But you’re telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Cuz they’ll find

Casey: I have no clue where my daughter is? Yeah that is the truth. That is the absolute truth.
Christina: They’ll find out and whoever ha
Casey: OK Christina, I’m hanging up. I need to make this other call before I forget the number. I will call you later.
Christina: OK.
Casey: Bye.

She is upset that her family is concerned with the loss of Caylee and not her being in jail.
Casey looks angrier every time I see her. It's as if she is angry that she has been caught.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some personal pictures between Casey and Caylee

Could she really have killed her daughter?

Are her smiles real?


Chat transcripts from Casey Anthony

 The following is a transcript from Casey Anthony AIM chats to then boyfriend Tony Rusciano in May 2008. Notice how she refers to Caylee as "the kid"

NYITALIANO3 (11:11:46 AM): ??
CASEY O MARIE (11:12:31 AM): i’m going to have to call you in a bit. if I don’t finish this shit for work, i’m screwed
CASEY O MARIE (11:12:34 AM): i’ve been up since 5.
NYITALIANO3 (11:12:55 AM): ok, well what are the chances of chillin today at all?
CASEY O MARIE (11:13:27 AM): very good. as long as I can get this stuff done, and sent to my boss.
CASEY O MARIE (11:13:35 AM): this is my way of getting out of a wedding tonight
NYITALIANO3 (11:13:48 AM): you got a time guess?
CASEY O MARIE (11:14:56 AM): it’s going to be a couple hours, realistically
NYITALIANO3 (11:15:15 AM): yep
NYITALIANO3 signed off at 11:15:53 AM

Ten Hours Later

NYITALIANO3 (9:13:10 PM): get over here woman
CASEY O MARIE (9:13:18 PM): baby, if only.
CASEY O MARIE (9:13:24 PM): i’m going crazy over here
NYITALIANO3 (9:13:35 PM): even if its late come sleep
CASEY O MARIE (9:13:48 PM): that’s my plan
CASEY O MARIE (9:13:52 PM): i’m online so I can stay awake
CASEY O MARIE (9:13:58 PM): at least the kid is passed out
NYITALIANO3 (9:14:13 PM): get your rents home damnit
 (9:14:28 PM): i wish I knew where they were
NYITALIANO3 (9:14:44 PM): wtf
CASEY O MARIE (9:14:50 PM): seriously
NYITALIANO3 (9:16:11 PM): this really sucks its like 3 times now shjit has come up
CASEY O MARIE (9:16:36 PM): every other times it’s been work. honestly, I’ll start throwing that on the back burner
CASEY O MARIE (9:16:41 PM): but this, with my folks, i’m pissed
CASEY O MARIE (9:16:46 PM): my mom and i had a deal
NYITALIANO3 (9:17:24 PM): yeah
  CASEY O MARIE (9:17:35 PM): question…are you working next Saturday?
NYITALIANO3 (9:17:41 PM): no
CASEY O MARIE (9:17:56 PM): feel like being my date to a concert at the social?
CASEY O MARIE (9:18:14 PM): my nanny is my back-up that night. too bad she had a freaking date tonight :-(
NYITALIANO3 (9:18:14 PM): where?
CASEY O MARIE (9:18:18 PM): the social
CASEY O MARIE (9:19:08 PM): it’s at 9:30
NYITALIANO3 (9:19:14 PM): where is that? what band
CASEY O MARIE (9:19:45 PM): the social is downtown. i’ve been a few times. it’s pretty cool. John Frank…he’s local talent. it’s his cd release show.
CASEY O MARIE (9:19:57 PM): only $8. my treat.
CASEY O MARIE (9:20:20 PM): we can always grab drinks down there that night. maybe I can arrange a sleepover
NYITALIANO3 (9:20:35 PM): i dunno babe, i am not making plans anymore, I dont see why not, but look what happens when we make plans.
CASEY O MARIE (9:20:48 PM): i know
CASEY O MARIE (9:21:02 PM): at least for next weekend, my nanny has nothing planned, so if my mom backs out, i’m covered
NYITALIANO3 (9:21:44 PM): you show up tonight…at all, and im in next sat. :-)
CASEY O MARIE (9:22:23 PM): well fuck.
CASEY O MARIE (9:22:28 PM): i’m so sad right now
CASEY O MARIE (9:22:30 PM): I really am
NYITALIANO3 (9:23:00 PM): I am serious you show up, i will go, Ill prob end up going anyway, but it sounded good
CASEY O MARIE (9:23:05 PM): haha
CASEY O MARIE (9:23:08 PM): it’s a good plan
CASEY O MARIE (9:23:31 PM): so, i can’t find a song to top your’s
NYITALIANO3 (9:23:50 PM): nope dont even try, i ran across that song I havent heard it in forever
CASEY O MARIE (9:23:58 PM): i still have that cd!
CASEY O MARIE (9:23:59 PM): haha
CASEY O MARIE (9:24:04 PM): candy rain
NYITALIANO3 (9:24:24 PM): i have that song but I havent heard the other one in along time
CASEY O MARIE (9:24:37 PM): such a great cd
CASEY O MARIE (9:24:43 PM): i think it’s one of the first ones I ever bought
NYITALIANO3 (9:24:47 PM): ha
CASEY O MARIE (9:24:47 PM): pathetic. true story
NYITALIANO3 (9:25:09 PM): you were like 9
CASEY O MARIE (9:25:14 PM): I was
NYITALIANO3 (9:25:23 PM): young
CASEY O MARIE (9:25:35 PM): baby
CASEY O MARIE (9:28:14 PM): my song isn’t as great as your’s, but it’s still a personal fave.
NYITALIANO3 (9:28:18 PM): ha
CASEY O MARIE (9:28:28 PM): brb
CASEY O MARIE (9:28:31 PM): checking on the kid
NYITALIANO3 signed off at 9:34:21 PM

In further texts to the same guy, she also refers to Caylee as offspring and snot head.

The following is text from another AIM with the same man. See how he pressures her to have time for him:

CASEY O MARIE (7:37:31 PM): you know what you’re getting into with me, and I’m sorry, caylee has to come first, my job, a close second. I can only take so much time from that for anything else.
NYITALIANO3 (7:38:31 PM): I understand that but understnad my point I cant see someone oce every 3+ weeks and say we’re dating
CASEY O MARIE (7:39:03 PM): it’s not going to be once every 3 weeks
NYITALIANO3 (7:39:13 PM): it has been
CASEY O MARIE (7:39:19 PM): my schedule is changing at the end of this week. I’ll have a more flexible schedule
CASEY O MARIE (7:39:53 PM): if I get my L1, I can start training in a month, make my own schedule, and it’s cake from there
CASEY O MARIE (7:42:07 PM): I’m asking you to stick it out a little longer
CASEY O MARIE (7:42:13 PM): and if you can’t, then why wait?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cindy's testimony

Today started with questioning of Anthony Lazzaro about text messages between him and Casey. It basically described how frustrated Tony was eventually with Casey because she didn't tell anyone the truth. The messages from Casey mentioned how she felt she was a failure as a mother and that she couldn't protect her child.

The following is the transcript from the text messages:
Casey: I'm sorry for not telling you what happened. We need to talk. Love you more than you know.
Lazzaro: Where is Caylee?
Casey: I honestly don't know.
Lazzaro: Why wouldn't you tell me? Why would you lie to me that she was fine w/ nanny?
Casey: I'm the dumbest person and the worst mother. I honestly hate myself. The most important thing is getting Caylee back, but I truly hope that you can forgive me. Granted I will never be able to forgive myself. No.
Lazzaro: Who is this Zanny the nanny person?
Casey: Someone I met thru a friend 4 yrs ago, used to be my buddy Jeff's nanny before she became mine.
Lazzaro: Where did you drop off Caylee last time you saw her?
Casey: At her apt. at bottom of stairs, at Sawgrass Apts. Have told and shown police apartment. Drove out there w/ 2 diff. officers, just got back from 2nd drive.
Casey: If they don't find her, guess who gets blamed and spends an eternity in jail.
Lazzaro: Was scared to admit it, scared something would happen to my baby.
Lazzaro told attorneys he felt angry and betrayed, and asked Casey, "How do you not know where your daughter is?" He said Casey replied, "I just don't." At that point, Lazzaro said he got frustrated and told her he had to go to class, and hung up the phone.

Cindy Anthony became the main focus of today's trial. I for one have been waiting for this witness since George Anthony has been questioned.  I have been looking forward to her since she knows most of the lies that Casey has told since they have been told to her.  The following are some important facts that she testified to:

On finding out Casey was pregnant:
Cindy Anthony said Casey came to her work on June 30, 2005, and told her she was pregnant. Caylee was born just over a month later, on August 9. But Cindy mentioned Casey had problems with her periods in the past, and knew Casey suffered from bloating, and would look like she was pregnant.
On Caylee's bedroom:
Cindy burst into tears when prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick showed her a photo of Caylee's bed, adorned with a Winnie-the-Pooh blanket and pillow. She said they turned their computer room into a nursery for Caylee. However, Cindy said Caylee always spent the night in Casey's room, with an occasional nap in her own room.
 On life with Caylee:
Cindy said before 2008, she had never gone 24 hours without seeing Caylee. Casey had always lived with her parents up until then.
 On Father's Day, June 15, 2008:
Cindy said she went to visit her father at a nursing home in Mount Dora, and took Caylee with her. Also that day, she had lunch and went swimming with Caylee in their backyard pool. Cindy said they used a latter to get into the pool, and Caylee could climb the steps, herself. She said Caylee wore a life jacket, and when they were done, she put the ladder up again. At this point both she and Casey got emotional.
 On Casey's employment:
Cindy said she believed Casey still worked at Universal Studios. Casey worked there before Caylee was born, and Cindy recalled seeing Casey's work badge and text messages from Casey's boss.

As a 15 minute recess was called, Cindy walked off the witness stand and Casey showed frustration as she pointed to Cindy and as far as I could tell said something about "she did this to hurt me". Defense then comforted her and she shed the first real tears she has shown since the trial happened.

On "Zanny the nanny":
Cindy told the prosecutor she believed Casey had hired a babysitter named Zanny. She said she never knew Zanny's full name before Caylee disappeared. She also said Casey told her Zanny had also watched the son of a co-worker at Universal, Jeffrey Hopkins. Cindy acknowledge she had never met Hopkins.
On searching for Zanny:
She admitted she had never attempted to look for or meet Zanny before July 15, 2008. Cindy also said she was still looking for Zanny as recently as "up until six weeks ago."
On the 31 days she had not seen Caylee:
Cindy said she talked to Casey every day during the time frame after she last saw Caylee. On June 16, 2008, Cindy said Casey told her she was going to spend the night at Zanny's, because she had to work early the following day. At one point, Cindy recalled wanting to talk to Caylee on the phone, because she missed her. Casey told her there was a car accident while she was following Zanny back from Tampa, but she said she and Caylee were find, and not to panic. However, she recalled on the same day Casey told her she was in Tampa, George Anthony saw her at home in Orlando.
On Casey taking the gas cans:
Cindy recalled Casey telling her she returned George's gas cans on the same day George found the lock on his shed broken. Cindy said Casey told her she took the gas cans with her to Tampa.

What is shocking is that as a grandmother who has not seen her granddaughter for 3 weeks, why didn't she stop believing these lies and just call the cops and mention that something seems suspicious. Even though she stated Casey is a grown woman, one would think that she would go further into looking for Caylee.  Why didn't she know more about Zanny. My mother would have asked for all of Zanny's info the moment I would have mentioned I had a babysitter. These things seem odd as well.

Baez spent most of his time looking at his blackberry than paying attention to Cindy's testimony. He must have been looking for resources online that he could use to cross examine Cindy and save his and Casey's ass. LOL

One thing I know for sure is that with the number of lies Casey had said it's hard to imagine that the jury is going to believe that she was so distraught to her daughter drowning and yet it was possible that she still was able to make up all these lies.  I personally think the jury will eventually find Casey guilty and that Casey should have become an actress.  Nobody could lie as good as she did, though some would be a little smarter with keeping the lies in order! HAHA

Friday, May 27, 2011

What do you think? Casey Journal Entry

Jury that holds Casey's life in their hands

Five men and seven women from Pinellas County will decide whether or not Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.
Chief Judge Belvin Perry has also chosen five alternate jurors, if needed in case of an emergency.
Here's what the jury panel looks like:

Juror # Sex Occupation Marital Status Children
1 1398 F Retired nurse Married 2
2 1019 M Information technology worker Married 2
3 1055 F Nursing school student Single 0
4 1319 F Unknown (not discussed) Single 0
5 1429 F Retired hospital nurse's aide Divorced 3
6 1025 M Chef, restaurant equipment company representative Married 2
7 1007 F Child welfare administrative assistant Divorced 0
8 3015 F Verizon service representative Married 2
9 3185 M Unemployed, former logger Single 0
10 3310 M Verizon retention specialist Unknown 0
11 3016 M High school P.E., health teacher Single 0
12 3140 F Publix cook Married 2
Alternate Jurors

Juror # Sex Occupation Marital Status Children
1 3093 F Surgical technician Married 2
2 3170 M High school U.S. government teacher Married 3× 3*
3 4013 F Cashier at car dealership Widow 1
4 4192 M Carpenter Single 0
5 3308 M Water plant operator Married 0

* 1 son, 2 stepchildren.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quite the day....

For anyone who is interested and would like Mama Glenda's update on the Case against Casey, as I know at least one is since that's the reason I'm writing this now, here is the update today.

The trial started today with the defense continuing to cross-examine Tony Lazzaro.    Lazzaro described what a fun and happy child Caylee was. He explained how her favorite show was Dora the Explorer and how Caylee could count to 40 in Spanish. At this moment the camera showed Casey wiping tears and nodding in agreement with Lazzaro. This was the first time in fact that one could actually see a moment of a mother in Casey.
He also explained how he could not smell any odor of a decomposing body. He only smelled gasoline.  He was not close enough to see inside the trunk completely.

 After the jury was dismissed for the day, Lazzaro was brought in and questioned by Baez about a secret Casey told him.  Lazzaro explained that Casey had revealed that her brother Lee had tried to feel her up on occasion.  When asked about his reaction, he claimed that he was shocked and changed the subject. When questioned about George, Lazzaro said she told him about abuse, but that he thought it would be more physical than sexual. He mentioned that he took it as discipline instead of abuse.

The second person called up was George Anthony. This was a definite battle that went down between these 2 men that had and have Casey life in their hands.  Baez grilled George so much that Judge Perry actually allowed him to explain his feelings towards Baez regarding his questioning technique. This was in regards mainly to his repetition and not being specific about items he wanted George to talk about.
 The questioning was mostly about the gas cans in the shed.  The following is what occurred from the News 13 website:
On asking Casey about the gas cans:
George said Casey was surprised to see him when she came home that day. He asked about Caylee, but Casey said she had 10 minutes to get to work. George said he believed Casey had his cans, and told her he had to get something out of her car. But Casey rushed past him and got them herself, saying "Here's your [expletive] gas cans."
On the trunk of the car:
He said he never saw inside the trunk, and only smelled gasoline from the cans. He later clarified for the defense he did not smell human decomposition in the trunk that day.
On the duct tape on the gas can:
The prosecution showed the jury a photo of one gas can, with duct tape on it. George said he put that piece of tape there after Casey returned it, because a plastic piece was missing from the can. Jose Baez then cited a deposition in 2009, in which George said he did not put duct tape on the can. George clarified, saying that photo he was shown at that deposition was a different photo. Judge Perry told Baez he could not ask anything about a photo that has not been submitted as evidence.
On what he told police when he reported his gas cans missing:
Baez asked if George if he mentioned his granddaughter was missing. George said no, because to his knowledge at that time, "she wasn't missing."
George lashes out:
At one point, Baez showed the court three large poster boards featuring monthly calendars for June through August 2008. He asked George to mark down:
  • June 16 -- The date he last saw Caylee alive
  • June 24 -- Went to cut the grass, found gas cans missing
  • July 31 -- Interviewed by the FBI
  • August 1 -- Investigators collected the gas cans
At this point, George Anthony began to get frustrated, alleging Baez was trying to confuse and upset him. "Treat me with a little respect, sir, and I'll give respect back," Anthony told Baez.

The prosecution then brought in a slew of associates and friends  of Caylee. This was in order to establish the actions that Casey demonstrated and acted upon while her daughter was missing. They all mentioned the fact that Casey never mentioned anything that could have been wrong and never changed her demeanor. She was always happy. These witnesses were later used as a reason for Mistrial according to Baez. He claims that these witnesses are used in order to show that she has no remorse. According to him that is enough legal basis to file for mistrial.  Reasons for a mistrial are as follows: Hung Jury, Improperly Admitted Evidence, Jury Tampering, Witness Tampering, Court Officer Misconduct.   These witnesses did in part benefit the defense when explaining what a loving mother Casey was with Caylee.

Ricardo Morales: Dated Casey from Feb. 2008- April 2008. Mentioned that Casey told him she worked at Universal Studios. Both Casey AND Caylee would spend the nights over his house with Casey sleeping in between himself and Caylee. He last saw Caylee on June 10.  He sold pictures that he had of Casey and Caylee to The Globe for $4000.  One included a picture of Caylee with a bruise under her eye that did not result from abuse.  He was also questioned about a picture that he had posted on his MySpace which which showed a man romancing a female with the caption "Win her over with Chloroform"underneath it. He also told the defense he never searched for the term "chloroform" on Casey's home computer.  He found it funny at the time.

Melissa England only met Casey during a week vacation while visiting her boyfriend (Troy Brown) which was a friend of Casey's. One of the most damaging things for the defense was mentioned by this witness. Casey never mentioned having a daughter. According to her , Casey once lied to some friends over the phone, hung up and then said "I'm such a good liar."
Troy Brown was also questioned.  He mentioned that Casey would be angry on the phone one moment then as soon as she hung it up, she was back to normal. He last saw Caylee in June 2008.

On his time out with Casey:
He retold the same story as his former girlfriend, Melissa England. Brown also said he saw Casey become upset and cry while fighting with her brother over the phone, but she reverted to her "regular mood" whenever she was not on the phone.
On Caylee Anthony:
He said he last saw Caylee in June 2008 at Morales' home. Brown later told the defense he had no information on how, when or where Caylee died.

Iassen Donov described Casey as social, happy and talkative. When she contacted him in June and July 2008 over AOL Instant Messenger, he did not notice a difference. She talked about how she loved Caylee's nanny.  He was shocked when he found out about Casey's lies. Said Casey was not a heavy drinker.

Dante Salanti has known Casey for 11 years. Knew Casey to be a good mother and that she was "completely free of worry" when he saw her in June and July 2008.  Claims that Casey was not a heavy drinker.
 Cristopher Stutz had Casey and Caylee over his house in May 2008 and they spent the night at his apt. He saw Casey in June but Caylee wasn't with him.  In July Casey sent him a text mentioning the fact that Caylee was missing and said that she also tried to contact him from Jail.  Casey did not like to drink alot because she didn't want to leave Caylee at home with Cindy and George.

 Matthew Crisp has know Casey since 2002. Saw Casey June 17, 2008 and described her as "joyful"

The defense had the same question for all of these witnesses. "Do you know how, when or where, Caylee died?". No further questions.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some thoughts

I have a few things to say:

Baez is quite the entertainment in this case, whereas the prosecution is blowing up his whole defense.  Baez doesn't look to be worried that much about his clients life since most of the time he is trying to joke around with the judge and the jury.

Baez is seriously losing this case for his client. You want to know what is the relevance of showing off pictures of Casey partying at Fusion? Um..how about the fact that she is PARTYING while her daughter supposedly drowned!? Relevance of showing surveillance video of June 16 @ Blockbuster? Wow, her daughter just drowned that day and now she is fine renting a video?.......BIZARRE!

Secondly, I would like to know what secret life Casey had going on that she actually was able to support her daughter the whole time she lived and was able to spend $ @ JCPenney.  Where were the funds coming from? She def. wasn't a shot girl before June, so how was she raising Caylee? Where would she go off to when she left for work. AND I cannot believe that nobody asked her about work discounts at Universal Studios?! Yeah, that family life truly was BIZARRE.

In case you are wondering why I am using the word BIZARRE so often, it's because Baez kept repeating it during the opening statement in order to explain his client's BIZARRE behavior.

It all seems BIZARRE to me.

FYI, in case anybody wants to see all 107 evidence pictures before they are shown at trial, here's a link to them. They are from Casey's Photobucket account:


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Questions about Defense's Defense.

Alright, so it came out in court that Casey AND George Anthony knew about the drowning of Caylee and they both tried to hide it. So I'm sitting here watching the news and I'm wondering ( I know, it took a while),why did it take so long for this this to come out in the open?

What about all those jailhouse letters she wrote to her cellmates? Dud she ever mention her father knowing about the case? If she did, shouldn't that have been disclosed to the public? Her possible sexual abuse was!

Another thing that comes to mind: When are we supposed to believe a pathological liar!? The defense claims that Casey is in denial and has lied her whole life since that's how she was raised. So on that note, how do we know the drowning story is the truth?! How does he know he's not another victim of Casey's lies?

Hoping to get all these answers and more in the next couple of months.

Defense Statement



George apparently yelled at Casey screaming ""LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!"

Things came out in this statement that has really made this a case of credibility.  His statement was all about sexual abuse and a disturbed family. Baez kept repeating "This is wrong! This is disturbed!"

Casey was raised to Lie by this bizarre family who kept everything hidden.  They even kept her pregnancy hidden and tried to blame it as a tumor. "They hid this beautiful child like a flower in the attic. Why wouldn't they hide her death?" said Baez.

The part that anybody watching this live will never forget was when Baez said "this child at 13 years old would go to school and lie. This child can got to school after having her father's penis in her mouth!" When this was mentioned Casey broke down for real.

Baez has turned everything upside down from my point of view. It's true that he didn't mention anything about the searches but he was able to put doubt. For example, why didn't Casey's boyfriend smell the odor when they had to put gas in the car from the gas tanks?

When George claimed they had the fight over the gas tanks, why didn't he mention an odor?

When the car was towed why was there no claim of an odor?

As Caylee was missing, he met his mistress while buying the duct tape that was found around Caylee.  Theu even showed text messages George sent the mistress saying he missed her and that he needed her in his life. When she asked George what happened to Casey, he answered " It was an accident that snowballed out of control"

When George smelled the odor at the towing dept., when he thought it was a dead body and made a silent prayer hoping it's not his daughter or grandaughter, why didn't he call Casey? He is an ex-cop!?

Apparently, in Casey's boyfriend apt. complex, the dumpster is at the entrance of the vicinity, Casey simply forgot. The police took the garbage and aired it out, so that nobody could really test the odor.

Baez claims this is a coverup of a sexually abusive father.

First witness is about to be called!  George Anthony!!!!  This case will definitely call nationwide attention if it has not already. Gotta Go!

Opening Statements

My impression of the Prosecution's Opening Statement: Wow!!

The Prosecution decided to dive into the opening statement by giving an analysis of chronological events of the time-line during those 31 days that Caylee went missing.

The prosecution started with announcing the fact that this is a story about Caylee Marie Anthony, not Casey Marie Anthony.  Described Caylee as a happy child who enjoyed playing in her playhouse that included her own mailbox.  They also described in detailed chronological order all the lies Casey told her family and friends.

Some examples include lying about her job as an event planner @ Universal Studios. She had an identification card as well as a uniform and would even leave for "work" on a daily basis.

The first time Casey showed any emotion was when the prosecution mentioned Father's Day being the last time that a photo of Caylee was taken while alive. At this moment she shook her head "no".

George Anthony was stoic during the opening statement as he sat with an open bible on his lap. He bit his lip as the prosecution described the parent's frustration when they returned home with Casey's car that had been towed, while she was supposedly in Jacksonville with Caylee and a co-worker from Universal.

When speaking about the computer searches, Casey mouthed the words "not true" when it was mentioned that George and Cindy were working when these searches were done and that Casey was the only one that could have done these searches.

Some lies that were mentioned were:

1. Appearing on surveillance camera renting videos at Blockbuster with her then boyfriend Tony Lazzaro while she was supposedly staying with "Zanny the Nanny" and Caylee.

2. Claiming she will be in Tampa for a work conference with Caylee, "Zanny", "Juliet" and "Annabelle" (all whom didn't exist)

3. Lies about being in Jacksonville while she was seen in her parents house while they are at work.

They definitely kept a few surprises from the public and have disclosed quite the grab-bag of evidence and lies that have not been mentioned before. I honestly have no idea how the defense is going to counter this statement.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Defense tactic?

Alright, so I'm watching Nancy Grace and they are claiming the defense may use accidental death as the cause of Caylee Anthony's death? Are you serious!?

#1. How did this "accident happen"?
#2. Shouldn't Casey have reported this "accident" immediately instead of going out clubbing and hanging with her boyfriend?
#3. Um....what about the story about the duct tape,babysitter and other false leads?
#4. Why wait 3 years until the day before the trial starts to claim it's and "accident"?
#5. What was up with cashing in false checks and shopping at Target?
#6. What does her previous supposed "sexual abuse " have to do with anything? What's the point of throwing her family under the bus?
#7 What about searching for "chloroform" and "breaking necks" on the family computer?

I, for one, cannot wait for this case to start and am preparing my game face to keep you guys updated as much as possible!