Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amy Huizenga's testimony

On her friendship with Casey:
The only other witness called Tuesday, Casey's former friend, Amy Huizenga, said she met Casey on New Year's Eve 2007, entering 2008. She said they were "very, very close friends," and the two talked or texted each other nearly every day.
On Caylee:
Huizenga recalled Casey not being able to go out some nights, about once a week, because she had no one to watch Caylee. She said sometimes, Casey brought Caylee with her to friends' homes, but always put her down "at a reasonable hour." Huizenga also said there were a lot of times in May 2008 that Casey would get frustrated when her mother could not watch Caylee.
On making plans to live with Casey:
She said Casey researched apartments, but later said it would not work out. Huizenga also said Casey told her she was going to take over mortgage payments of her family's home, and Amy could move in with her. Huizenga said they even set up dates for moving trucks, but Casey later cancelled, saying Cindy cancelled the previous deal.
On Casey's relationship with Cindy:
She recalled Casey telling her that Cindy thought Casey was an unfit mother. Huizenga said Casey described Cindy as crazy, and when she was nervous when Cindy approached her in July 2008 to help lead her to Casey.
On Casey's promise to drive her to Jacksonville:
Huizenga said Casey was supposed to drive her to Jacksonville so she could buy a new car. But Casey told her she had a last-minute family emergency and could not take her.
On Casey's "car trouble":
She said she knew via texts from Casey that she was having car trouble. In one text, on June 27, 2008, Casey mentioned a possible source of the smell:
Definitely part of a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car.
Casey also told Huizenga her car ran out of gas two Fridays in a row. Casey said she parked it at an Amscot and hoped it would not get towed.
On keeping Caylee out of the Anthony home:
Huizenga said Casey told her George and Cindy were having problems at home, and were considering divorce, so she wanted to keep Caylee away of the drama.
On her trip to Puerto Rico:
Huizenga acknowledged taking a trip to Puerto Rico with her friends, Ricardo Morales and Troy Brown, who previously testified. Casey picked them up at the airport on July 15, 2008.
On Cindy reaching out to her:
Huizenga said she was shopping at the Florida Mall when Cindy Anthony called her cell phone. She admitted she was cautious, because Casey had told her Cindy was crazy. After she agreed to lead her to Casey, she described the mother-daughter confrontation as a "massive explosion."

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