Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Opening Statements

My impression of the Prosecution's Opening Statement: Wow!!

The Prosecution decided to dive into the opening statement by giving an analysis of chronological events of the time-line during those 31 days that Caylee went missing.

The prosecution started with announcing the fact that this is a story about Caylee Marie Anthony, not Casey Marie Anthony.  Described Caylee as a happy child who enjoyed playing in her playhouse that included her own mailbox.  They also described in detailed chronological order all the lies Casey told her family and friends.

Some examples include lying about her job as an event planner @ Universal Studios. She had an identification card as well as a uniform and would even leave for "work" on a daily basis.

The first time Casey showed any emotion was when the prosecution mentioned Father's Day being the last time that a photo of Caylee was taken while alive. At this moment she shook her head "no".

George Anthony was stoic during the opening statement as he sat with an open bible on his lap. He bit his lip as the prosecution described the parent's frustration when they returned home with Casey's car that had been towed, while she was supposedly in Jacksonville with Caylee and a co-worker from Universal.

When speaking about the computer searches, Casey mouthed the words "not true" when it was mentioned that George and Cindy were working when these searches were done and that Casey was the only one that could have done these searches.

Some lies that were mentioned were:

1. Appearing on surveillance camera renting videos at Blockbuster with her then boyfriend Tony Lazzaro while she was supposedly staying with "Zanny the Nanny" and Caylee.

2. Claiming she will be in Tampa for a work conference with Caylee, "Zanny", "Juliet" and "Annabelle" (all whom didn't exist)

3. Lies about being in Jacksonville while she was seen in her parents house while they are at work.

They definitely kept a few surprises from the public and have disclosed quite the grab-bag of evidence and lies that have not been mentioned before. I honestly have no idea how the defense is going to counter this statement.

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