Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awards for Reporters covering the Casey Anthony case

Many reporters have been covering the different aspects of the Casey Anthoy case, so I thought it only fair to award them for their hard work. The following are the lucky ones to have gotten the following awards in my opinion.  Granted I must still thank them for keeping us entertained!

Most Annoying:
Nancy Grace for her use of "Tot Mom" and for calling Jean Casarez "Jinkasaurus"


Jinkasaurus and Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace Parody

Vinnie Politan for his "boobies" outake

 Most Patient 
Jean Casarez aka Jinkasaurus

She gets this award for not bugging out on Nancy Graceasaurus when called what sounds to be an extinct reptile

Great Personalities, Most Likable Male/Female
Ashley Banfield

Ryan Smith
Most aggravating to listen to
Jane Velez-Mitchell
*Note: I refuse to put up a video of this reporter for fear that it may cause damage to my readers ears as well as their vision and that I'll be sued for damages caused to their well-being*

Most Annoying
Sonny Hostin, Legal Analyst from In Session gets this award for being so irritating. She constantly spoke about how she doesn't know if Casey did it and constantly brings up her "DR" husband! Who cares!?

Most Controversal
Geraldo Rivera for letting the skull-animation image go public

AND for the best coverage of The Case Against Casey, I have to give the award to CFNEWS13!!! They aired the trial from start to finish with absolutely NO commercials!


1 comment:

  1. Jane Velez Mitchell is totally annoying.
    If she appears on the screen at anytime I immediately mute it.
    I must protect my eardrums.
    Nancy Grace? judgemental as they come.
    Vinnie and Jean?
    No complaints.
    Why oh why did they ever give Nancy Grace a show?