Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Guilty: The aftershock!

Before we can even get over the shock of it all, the defense was already in the media room talking to reporters.  http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2011/07/05/exp.HLNcaseyanthonyverdict.hln
Dorothy Sims says thank you. The defense has been crying and they all announce their names.   Mason says he hopes this is a lesson to those who have speculated and says he is ashamed of attorneys who went on TV and talked trash. JB: Casey did not murder Caylee. It's that simple.  He said he's happy for Casey but there are "no winners" in this case. Caylee  "passed on" far too soon.  Baez complimented Linda Drane Burdick, Frank George, called Ashton a "fierce" opponent.  Baez expressed disapproval for death penalty.  He thanked Cheney Mason for taking him under his wing.  Baez said he hopes people learn you can not convict someone till they have their day in court. Frye nodded her head in agreement.  He says he can't wait to tell his daughter "He helped save a life" when she asks him what did he do today.  Baez in Spanish: 'A mi madre que me esta mirando en este momento...te amo mami.' Translation of what Baez said in Spanish: 'And to my mom who is watching me now...I love you mom.'

All I can say is now it's in God's hands. OJ Simpson was found Not Guilty and eventually he got what he truly deserved. Well, whatever God thinks should happen to Casey, will happen. 


Neither the 12 and alternate jurors do not want to talk to media.  Guess they are afraid of the mob!  They will be transported to Pinellas County tonight.   The jurors are each given a packet of media offers to do interviews and can decide on their own.  Those jurors will be attacked as soon as they get home tonight. I can't believe the child welfare juror broke out in tears! YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS NOT GUILTY?

Casey is back at the Orange County Jail's Female Detention Center. She remains in protective custody status as before.

State Attorney Lawson Lamar
I promised we would do our talking in court. We did.  For us, case has always been about Caylee and speaking on her behalf.  We think justice best served when counsel doesn't make public statements but in courtroom instead.  This trial team is world class and in command of the evidence. Did it skillfully and without histrionics.

Orange County Sheriff Demmings
Acknowledges his investigative team. Men & women have died to protect rights of others like us. For 3 long yrs, citizens of Orange County have been seeking justice for Caylee.  Acknowledges agencies and personnel that helped in search for Caylee, the case, etc.  I could not be any more proud of the performance of my staff, throughout the investigation and the trial.  We ask our community to respect the decision the jury and court have made today.  Demmings asks that there not be any civil disobedience as there has been in other cases. Maintain peaceful resolve.
Lawson Lamar again: Grateful to attorneys/staff who put case on. Linda Drane Burdick brought a precision case, Jeff Ashton wonderful, science, owe them much. Also thanked individual folks from sheriff's office, FBI, Texas Equusearch etc. for help.   Medical Examiner's office is world class and Dr G did her usual outstanding work.  Tomorrow, my team go back to work like they do every day, to work on 140 other murders (11 kids) in Orange County.  The delay in recovering little Caylee's remains worked to our severe disadvantage. Disappointed in verdict, but I never criticize a jury. Dry-bones cases very difficult to prove.   Our mountain of evidence did not alleviate reasonable doubt for jurors.  This is justice in America. We go forward to fight again tomorrow.  

Now all I can say is that the Prosecution go after Cindy Anthony for perjury!  According to reports, there are plans to get the beast ...ahem...Casey away from here (Florida) where she is severely hated. Reports are that she may go to the West Coast.   The defense went to celebrate at a restaurant downtown.  At the end of the day maybe this is what Caylee would have wanted.  
                                             RIP CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY 2005-2008 

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