Wednesday, July 6, 2011

George and Cindy shocked!

George and Cindy Anthony are shocked by the verdict in their daughter's murder trial.  They have been recieving death threats since the verdict was read yesterday.  The Anthony family attorney told George Stephanopoulos this morning that the parents are shocked. You can never tell what the jury is going to do and they weren't expecting anything.  Shock that the jury didn't find any sort of evidence against her and even though the state did a fantastic job, the defense came through with defending their client as they predicted. George Anthony and Lee Anthony never molested her.  George had nothing to do with moving the body and the rest of the things that the defense said about my clients in particular never happened. At some point they expect to speak to Casey, but they haven't yet.  I don't know when.  It's like a 12 step program. It's one day at a time. Hopefully they can start to rebuild their lives. Their lives will never be the same.  This case has destroyed everybody's reputation. Even if it's baseless, their are people out there that aren't  gonna believe what I say or they say for the rest of their lives. They are gonna believe whatever the defense told them and unfortunately that's just the way society treats them. Prior to the trial they have reached out. During the trial they are not allowed to reach her.  
 At some point, he does expect them to speak to her.  There was a slim chance that we were hoping to get some sliver of truth during this trial and that would have been by testimony from Casey , but certainly she didn't have to testify. It's her constitutional right not to testify. And hopefully one day she'll tell her story, but who knows what to believe. Everybody wants the truth and who knows if it will ever come out. 


  1. I believe George and Cindy were conflicted. What is known is that George, an ex-homicide detective, drove home his daughter's car after smelling human decomposition, whereupon the car was aired out for hours, Febreze sprayed, car probably thoroughly washed down. Cindy destroyed potential evidence by washing the clothing in the car and gave Casey' hairbrush instead of Caylee's to investigators. Cindy lied on the stand. George' "miatess" a/k/a "close family friend to both Cindy and George" told a false story that George knew it was an accidental death on the witness stand to bolster the defense. They vacillated between telling the truth and lying for Casey. Well, I believe they helped get her off. Now let them live with the monster they helped create. Though I do understand the pressures that led them to do this. And they will suffer the rest of their lives regardless of the verdict.

  2. no one is going to believe your clients Sir cause they did NOTHING but lie and hide facts, they should have this follow them for the rest of their lives, a 2 yr old lil girl was killed and tossed away like trash and George and Cindy stuck up for the so called "wonderful" mother who killed her, they only love themselves, they never loved caylee