Friday, July 1, 2011


Today we were expecting to hear from Gentiva (Cindy's former employer) Executives on whether Cindy worked the days the chloroform searches happened in March.  The state has brought them up  in their rebuttal case against the defense. Cindy claims that even though her work records show she was working at the time that she in fact was at home searching chlorophyll and chloroform.
Housekeeping Matters
Baez discussed information from Cindy's employer, Gentiva.  He wants to exclude testimony.  Baez said state computer experts will render new opinions and wants them made available to defense.  Baez basically asked judge to make sure prosecution has offered all its evidence, so there are no "surprises."
Burdick said Sheriffs computer experts did new keyword searches regarding Cindy's searches for chlorophyll. They found no record either in hard drive or deleted entries. There were also no remote log-ins.
JB: We would've liked to have our expert go in and do the same kind of work (on Anthony family computer) * All I can say is that, if I knew that the State was going to look at the records to verify Cindy's testimony, how is it the defense didn't know!?*  Baez said it's a court order for any and all experts to issue a report. He says that's the issue he got in trouble with.  JP: How much time do you need, Mr. Baez? JB: I don't know until I see their reports.  
Regarding Dr. Goldberger-toxicologist: Baez says they are being ambushed after the defense closed.  JA: Dr. Goldberger provided opinion yrs ago to defense that cranial wash produced nothing; rebuts Spitz claim. JA: (paraphrased roughly again): None of anything our experts say can possibly be a surprise to Mr. Baez.  Baez says he can't identify something as organic or inorganic. JP : He's a toxicologist and he can't testify if something is organic?
Regarding Dr. Warren-forensic Anthropologist- Ashton wants Warren to say top of skull did not have to be opened to rebut Spitz.  Judge offers for Baez to take depos if he wants, but he says, "Guess what? We'll be here tomorrow/Sunday."  Baez said he will stay here and do the work- for as long as it takes.  JP: "There are real problems and there are imaginary problems. I hope this is a real problem and not an imaginary problem."  Recess subject to call. Don't know how long it will be!
Perry to Baez,Ashton: "I don't care what you do folks."

*Baez is upset because these witnesses are going to testify on the skull they did not inspect and study? WAIT A MINUTE! They had a grief counselor that did not interview Casey!!!!!*

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