Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Released!

Casey has been released at 12:11 am. She left in a caravan. She was led by Baez and was walking quickly wearing a hot pink shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. A plane from Westchester, NY was at Executive Airport. She was taken to the OC courthouse for a car transfer. More news will be available as soon as I get info.
Meanwhile people from as far away as Canada voiced their displeasure at Casey's release. One radio station paid someone to fly a banner over the jail. It said "guilty bitch"
According to AP the sheriff's office did not want to give her any preferential treatment. So she along with Baez walked out the front entrance. The AP cameraman said she looked relieved. *To me it looked like she was anxious and trying to hold Baez' hands.
(I'm writing on my IPhone as this is happening, so it may be choppy)
Currently looking at cars at Executive Airport. Personally, unless they have a mass of cars it shouldn't be hard to see her with her hot pink shirt. 

2 cars stopped next to the airplane that is owned by Wells Fargo, and unloaded a mass of luggage.  The jet is a 22 seater and the number of people that came out of the car were about 9 people, including a blond female in a dress. Still have yet to see a hot pink shirt board the plane. There are rumors that the plane will be going to Puerto Rico (WE DON'T WANT HER THERE!!!). Supposedly one of her attorneys have a few houses there.
There is also a high profile case occurring there with a woman named Ana Cacho who is being tried for the murder of her 8 year old son.  His 5 year old sister was sleeping next to him when she heard a noise and felt wetness coming from his head, that would turn out to be blood.  Rumors are that she may want Baez to represent her.

The plane has left , but it is still not confirmed that she was on that plane.  The news reports that even though there is no tracking on it, but they have kept track of the plane's tag # and will find out where eventually it lands.
Again, I'll be sure to update in later blogs to warn where this baby killer has landed and for those interested in the case with Ana Cacho can contact me and let me know if they want me to follow if I can.

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