Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where has the romance gone?

So the other day I had a revelation told to me my my husband when I asked “Where is the romance?” His response: “I want to  but you’re always home so I can’t surprise you and we don’t have anyone to take care of the kids. Even if we put them to bed, they still keep coming down and talking to us.”
So I thought to myself, “Well, I can’t be the only one out there who has gotten this response from my husband.” Well, it inspired me to write about this topic on my blog. I asked all my guy friends on Facebook, what would they do if they were in this situation?How would they romance their significant other?  Below are there collected answers as I received them. Guys, take note and ladies print this out and tuck it somewhere your significant other will find it.

Y.M.:Cook dinner... Lol... Or arrange a good friend or family member watch the kids as I rent a limo and take u to a spa treatment and after a catered picnic at a park with some nice chilled Pinot grigio

L.S.: I would wink at her and say "you want some of this!"

TJ:get a babysitter and take her out lol

CM:Not sure, since i'm not in that situation but i think as with everything, you have to stay creative, find the romance in everyday life instance and/or find a way to put romance into everyday instances

JO: I walk thru the door to find you knee deep in kids and toys...i pick up the phone and call one of our closest friends to sit with the kids for a few hours...I turn and take over kid duty so that you get a chance to take a long hot shower as... we wait for our friend...once they get to the house I escort you to the car...open your side to let you in....you keep asking where we are going...I simply tell you..."you'll see"...we drive to your favorite restaurant were I have already called ahead to order your favorite meal...a nice bottle of wine...and only candle light to steal romantic glances at each other as we eat...after a wonderful meal...a playful game of footsie under the table...and a shared scope of ice cream...we decide to drive back home...but take our time getting out of the car...after re-enacting a stolen moment before we were married...we sneak to the backyard to enjoy the oversized hammock i set up before hand together under a crisp moon-lit night...after a second trip down memory lane...I open the porch door...but before you cross the door way I steal one last kiss at the base of your neck and whisper to you..."same time next Friday..."........so did I do ok with that scenario?

So I thank the 5 out of 21 men that I asked this to!  This goes to how that there are quite a few men out there that really do not have an inch of romance on them or could care less to romance their significant other. It's a darn shame that romance has truly died.
Yes, a couple are funny, but still they acknowledge doing SOMETHING to get things started!

So I say BRAVO to those that give romance to the ones they love and show them appreciation.  You are a special few.

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