Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 2 of jury deliberations!

The jury consists of seven women and five men.  If convicted of that charge, the 25-year-old could get the death penalty or life in prison. And if you read my previous blog, you know where that will be spent!  The five alternates will continue to be sequestered until the jury reaches a verdict.

Well Casey is in the courthouse, annoyed about something. She was doing quite alot of handgestures while talking to Dorothy Sims.  George and Cindy are not in the courtroom, and neither is Jose Baez.  Rest assured that I will be right on it for many of you as soon as the court knows there is a verdict, You will know because I will post it. From the point of having a verdict until it is handed down, we have 30 minutes to get to a computer or TV to watch it happen.  One juror looked at the defense table. That was juror # 3.  Judge Perry let the jury go and continue to deliberate. Perry: "We'll be in recess subject to call." 
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From the Osceola County courthouse-My sources took this pic

Update: Jurors have now passed the 10 hour mark.  They ate lunch at 11:58 am. Casey is being held in a holding cell in the courthouse. She does not have any books or magazines that we know of.  The jurors also have not asked for  a break as of 12:50 pm.  The jury room consist of conference table, dry erase board, small kitchen, and bathrooms.  
After reporters interview jurors, they will be taken to hotel, then back to Pinnellas County, unless they decide 1st-degree murder.  1st-degree murder verdict, there could be 48-hour delay for penalty phase.
 Update: Jury is in a break until 1:30.

WE HAVE A VERDICT!!!!!! Verdict will be read @ 2:15!!!!!

Some legal analysts think the state got what it wanted: guilty on first-degree murder, but that is NOT confirmed.

George and Cindy walked in @ 1:43 pm.  The media room gasped to learn of the verdict.Basically the same thing happened in my house! My 5 year old ran to get my 4 year old and they waited in the living room to see the jury's decision!  This just goes to show how important this case has been to so many people!

Total deliberation time: 10 hours, 40 minutes
Cindy screamed at reporters outside the courthouse, telling them to get out of her way.
The judge will advise audience (public)
Not to show any signs of approval or disapproval of the Verdict.  Judge Perry will ask clerk to poll jurors.  As we wait George is seen praying and Cindy looks anxious.  OCSO Sheriff Demings is sitting in the courtroom in uniform. He is sitting in the second row of the gallery.  Lead investigators Eric Edwards, Yuri Melich, John Allen; also FBI agent Nick Savage seated together.  Casey is sitting at defense table biting her lips and nails.  Lee is not in the courtroom!  Baez and Mason leaned in to talk with her. Baez is squatting down to talk. Just took a seat. If it ends up Judge Perry sentences Casey it could happen as early as Friday but likely next week. (If not first degree). Casey appears to be sitting lower, making her look smaller than her defense team.  They don't look at Casey as they walk in!  She looks at them and Judge. She looks like she is about to cry.

 Casey Marie has been found not guilty of First degree, 2nd count not guilty!!!! count 3 not guilty!  Lying to law enforcement Guilty. Casey is crying and holding hands with attorneys!

Casey Anthony not guilty of any murders or child abuse . George and Cindy left the courtroom.

Ashton is shaking his head no!
Casey is smiling and crying.  This is a shame!
Casey will be sentenced in Thursday at 9am for the charges of lying to police.If the judge decides to give time served, she may be out by end of this week!

Defense celebrates with a group hug! She is crying loudly!  Her lies have even convinced the jury!
Ashton, Burdick and George sit while shaking hands.  One of the jurors was crying!
I can't believe Caylee's death has gone without justice!!!!!!  Casey laughs as she was being fingerprinted!

The most she can serve is 4 years if that's what the judge feels. The detectives can be seen STUNNED!!!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!   Our legal system sucks!!!!!! The jurors family is going to be so upset. When the jurors find out what they didn't get to hear in court, I hope they will feel the pain they caused to so many people!!! 
Legal experts say Casey Anthony will walk out of jail by the weekend. She's already served 3 full years plus gain time.

Where does Casey go? Where would she be safe? Does she move back in with mom and dad after what she accused them of?!!  And now the book deals will prevail!

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