Monday, July 11, 2011

My opinion on the jurors

So I was reading MSNBC'S Field Notes yesterday and I read this:
"Her name remains a secret. She’s known simply as juror number 12. And while she has a certificate from Florida’s 9th Circuit, embossed with calligraphy thanking her for her duty as a member of the Casey Anthony jury, her life since being released from that duty has been one of cat and mouse. 
She was due to retire in the fall, but Juror number 12, after being released from sequestration, chose to call her boss to announce she couldn’t come to work. She didn’t feel safe.
She retired over the phone. 
Her husband had packed his own bag and says he’s ready to leave if and when the court releases his wife’s name. For now, the court record of all the jurors’ names remains sealed.
Her husband says, before she left the state to escape, she told him, “I’d rather go to jail than sit on a jury like this again.”"

Now, don't get me wrong, Yes this is a horrible way to feel and ok, I feel a BIT sorry for this woman, but REALLY?! Calm down people! If you are so frightened for your life and you knew your verdict would cause such a huge scandal, why even vote that way!  The jurors knew what they were getting themselves into when they all chose the verdict of NOT GUILTY! Nobody was putting a gun to their heads and making them choose immediately! They had time! If they weren't so rushed they would have made a better decision. If she didn't want to be caught in such scandal, why didn't she go against the rest of the jurors and make it a hung jury!? So now this woman is terrified for her life! Well, then that's her problem that now she doesn't want to face the music of her decision. Guess she isn't so confident in what she believed as a juror! So I don't want to hear any more pity about these jurors frightened for their lives. Again, nobody was rushing them, they rushed themselves, so now DEAL WITH IT!

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