Thursday, July 7, 2011

A little about me

As I was listening to Judge Perry speak to the attorneys representing the media today, and speaking about real journalism and fake journalism, I thought I would let you guys know a little more about me.
Though I may not be working or reporting for a news agency or a published newspaper, I am actually qualified to report. I did attend college and did receive a Journalism degree.  I have interned at CBS' The Morning Show in New York City.
However, I chose family and dedicated myself to raising my children as a stay at home mother. I started this blog because I didn't want my writing to go to waste and of course, I have been interested in the Casey Anthony Case since little Caylee went missing.  It has been an extremely important part of me these past 3 years.  So yes, I do have an opinion and yes, I have been called the Nancy Grace of the Blog World.  I don't consider myself a journalist however. I consider myself a normal member of the public who wishes to give another view to people out there and to give them a place to write comments and be free to let go of their emotions. 
That is all :)

P.S. I do wish to thank the people that have continued to be readers of my blog and have participated in the comments.

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