Saturday, July 2, 2011

And now the end is near......

Not me
Well folks, the time has come to wonder what am I going to do after this trial is finished. I mean I'm awesome, don't get me wrong, but I'm not that awesome! What will I be writing about? I have so many readers and I don't wish to disappoint.  So yes, I have a single sister who has an array of hilarious dating stories that seem unworldly but how many of you will be attracted to those stories.
Not my actual sister

Not one of my ghosts

Yes I see ghosts and spirits, but hey don't really make for interesting stories. So the question is: what am I going to write about! I was already performing a Baez (grabbing at straws) when I started this blog. 

Not our actual spaghetti, It was worse
Sure, my life is sitcomy with these 3 kids 4 if you count the husband and my single sex in the city type sister, but I doubt you guys want to hear about the time my sister and I (I was in HS and she was in college) started performing twirls as we walked into the living room for some reason while each holding our dinner plate of spaghetti and watching in slow motion as the spaghetti slid out of the plate and not so gently landed on my parents oriental rug.  Or about the time my sister got in trouble for making me insert my finger into the cigarette lighter thingy in the car while we were playing "taxi".See we're from NY originally so this made sense to us. 
Not OUR taxi

Not THE cigarette lighter

She claims she told me to touch the edge, I claim differently.  I was 8 or 9 years old, not stupid, just s kid. I guess this day she was the Baez and I was the Ashton when making the argument to our parents of who caused my burn.  She was later held in contempt of house in this situation as well as the spaghetti situation. See, I'm not that interesting. So what will I write about.Hmmm? Well, this blog is called Anything about Everything, so I guess I will write just that and if you guys have anything you want me to write about or investigate just let me know! And thanks for reading my blog and making me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile!
Not me
Thumbs up!

Not my sister  

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