Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jesse Grund and Casey's Aunt speak!

Nancy Grace had an exclusive interview with both Casey's former fiance and with Casey's Aunt.

Jesse Grund said he is shocked and beside himself. I feel like someone who has just been in a war and doesn't know what happened. I walk away from this case with dis-satisfaction from every side. I'm angry with the defense's lack of tact by having a champagne toast right across the street from the courthouse, even though they're talking about the fact that nobody wins cause Caylee's not here anymore.  This was not a search for the truth, this was about you winning at any cost. And I'm, I'm, I'm angry, beside myself seething over that fact. This has been a frustrating experience for all based on the fact that Caylee, I still love and miss dearly. She's never coming back and nobody sought out the truth in this. This was all about winning. This was never about the truth. 
It's hard for me to wrap my mind about what happened. I have to sit there and think about Casey doing something terrible to Caylee. I have to visualize it, I have to put it together with my brain and that, that hurts. It leaves me empty inside, when I do it. I have no idea. Obviously this family knows more than what they said on the stand.  At the end of the day I just want justice for whoever did this and for having her life cut so short.  There is a plethora of evidence. The prosecution never filled in the gaps.  I treat the Casey that I was engaged to like she was dead. She doesn't exist anymore. I don't know her. I try not to think about it as much as possible. 

Pam Plesea, left
Pam Plesea is another person out there who was close to Casey and is furious! I'm apalled and now I'm angry! I say shame on this jury!  They are either not to bright or just plain lazy! I'm absolutely shocked! Shame on anyone, at this point who does anything to facilitate her needs and shame on anyone who will contribute to her "beautiful life"  by giving her money for any of these stories. I hope that's something we don't have to see!
On July 2nd she also called Nancy Grace and recalled what Cindy's mom told her about June 15, 2008:  Plesea recalls a birthday party held  for her son's fourth birthday. At that  time, Casey was just days or weeks old, however Cindy was in attendance at Pam's home for the party.  At some point during the activities, Cindy approached Pam and held the then infant Casey up to Pam's face and said, 'What a shame you will never know how it feels to have your own child.' Pam said  Cindy's remarks were disheartening and hurtful.  Pam explained she and ex-husband Rick adopted their son. "Our son is just as  loved and treated as if I had given birth to him."  Cindy then said, 'Oh, I meant that you never will have a girl, and it's the best thing for a mother. She's my life now.'
Now, twenty-five years later, I see she is willing to possibly perjure herself for her daughter, stated Plesea. Pam describes the Anthony family she formerly knew "as a typical all-American family".

Shirley Plesea has been talking to ex-daughter-in-law, Pam Plesea since this nightmare began. Plesea says Shirley told her that on June 15, 2008, Father's Day, she, Cindy and Caylee went to visit Alex Plesea, Shirley's husband and Cindy's father, at the nursing home, which is very close to where Shirley lives. Afterwards, Shirley, Cindy, and Caylee returned to Shirley's home for lunch. It was then when Shirley showed Cindy that Casey had forged a $354 check on Cindy's father's nursing home account."

Regarding a conversation with Shirley Plesea, Pam says, "She later told me Cindy found out Casey had done this. She claimed she used the money to buy a new work phone for Universal Studios. Shirley told Cindy that she was going to call the police and she said Cindy told her, if she did, she'd never speak to her again."  Shirley feels guilty to this day that she did not call the police. She had warned Cindy, if something was not done to stop Casey, she'd end up doing something bad. Shirley lives with the grief of if she had only called the police, Caylee might still be alive today, said Pam.   Pam states she told Shirley that none of the family could have ever known this would happen and attempts to encourage Shirley that she in no way contributed to Casey's actions. 

Shirley also told Pam that Cindy and George are not being totally honest about the night of June 15, 2008. Lee was there, Cindy confronted Casey and they ended up in an altercation and Cindy choked Casey. Lee pulled them apart, and Cindy called Shirley to tell her that Casey would never steal again and that she had choked her.
According to Pam, Shirley has also revealed Cindy called Shirley the following morning, June 16, 2008,  and told her Casey had taken Caylee and the car before anyone woke up and was gone.  Thus, contradicting George's testimony that he saw Casey and Caylee leaving the home at 12:50pm on June 16.
Searches on the Anthony home computer, performed at times after George left for work,  also impeach George's testimony.

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