Friday, July 29, 2011

Larry Flynt continues to disgust

On Thursday evenings, Nancy Grace show , Hustler magnate,Larry Flynt, admitted to propositioning Casey Anthony's people for a photo spread of her nasty self on the pages of the magazine. She would be paid $500,000.00.
Jean Casarez was the stand in for Nancy on the show. The following are parts of the interview:

CASAREZ: We want to go out now to a very special guest. We thank him so much for joining us tonight, Mr. Larry Flynt, one of the foremost businessman in this country, truly, the founder of "Hustler" magazine and the co-author of the book "One Nation Under Sex."

And I want to ask you about that book a little bit later on, but I first want to talk to you about Casey Anthony. Mr. Flynt, I want to ask you, our sources are telling us that her people are actually the ones that approached you or your people in regard to Casey Anthony being in your magazine. Can you confirm that?

LARRY FLYNT, "HUSTLER" MAGAZINE: No, I won`t confirm what talks that we`ve had. But right after the verdict, I was asked if I wanted to do something. And I felt like a lot of Americans did. Even though I didn`t necessarily agree with the verdict, I thought she might have been responsible for the death of her child, and I just felt that people wouldn`t necessarily want to see her with her clothes on or off. So I kind of forgot about the idea.

But I just recently got off a book tour where dozens of people would come up to me in Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, and they`d say, Why haven`t you made an offer to Casey Anthony? You know, Why don`t you want to pose for pictures? And many of them came up and actually would say things like, Look, she`s a really attractive person. You don`t realize this because she`s been in jail. She was in the courtroom, the clothes that she was wearing and all this. A great hair stylist and makeup artist could have her looking, you know, really fabulous.

So I`ve never been one to shy away from controversy because when nobody else in the country would, I published he nude photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1975, and I made over $20 million off of them. So I -- if something will work, I don`t have a problem doing it.

Now, the offer that we made to Casey through her attorney, the half million dollar payment`s only part of it. We`re willing to pay 10 percent of the profits. So if this thing goes viral, and it could be as big as everybody thinks it would because of how big the trial is, she could make millions, more than`s ever been discussed with her in any other possible interviews that she would be involved in.  

CASAREZ: So you're saying that people actually come up to you on your book tour, asking you that they want to see her?

FLYNT: They want to see her in the magazine. Why haven`t you made an offer? We can`t understand it. You know, It looks like you would be the one to do it. And I`ve seen that there has been interest in past years about, you know, certain celebrities, but never to this extent. I think a lot of people really think that she is attractive and they would like to see her in that sort of a layout.

CASAREZ: What do you think the fascination is -- very short, we have to go to break -- but with people coming to you in droves that they want to see Casey in your magazine? Why?

FLYNT: That was my big surprise. Why, I don't know. I looked at her and I never had a desire to see her in her birthday suit, but a lot of people did.

Well, we made an offer of a half a million dollars, but in addition to that, any additional profits, she would receive 10 percent of and the reason why I did that is I`m still ambivalent as to how well this will do.

But in case it goes viral and there`s this huge interest and everybody wants to see the photographs, well, you know, millions could be made, so we don`t know, but I think it was generous of us to put a percentage of the profits in for her because it could amount to a great deal more money.

And one thing I want to say while I`m at it, I didn`t bring this up before because I feel like it`s sort of pandering, but we really did decide before we ever did this that we were going to donate a portion of the profits to abused children and abused children`s shelters. So we intend to put up money for that and that doesn`t change the horrific crime or incidents that`s already happened. That`s created all this grief.

CASAREZ: Did you watch the trial?

FLYNT: Yes, I did. I didn't watch all of it, but I watched a good part of it.

Well, people there it is. Honestly if this happens it will bring in money from alot of sick people out there. But hey, if they want to waste their money on this BEAST OF A WOMAN, more power to them!

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