Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update to previous blog: Casey's released!

So as reported before, I did see a plane take off that may have held Casey. It turns out that plane was not the one from NY. The plane from NY had fired up it's engines but never took off. The one that did take off was headed to Columbus, Ohio. It is not known if Casey was on the plane. It has yet to be confirmed.
The flight was originally scheduled for 10 p.m. Saturday, two hours before Casey got out of jail.
The Anthony family is originally from Ohio. At the Anthony family home, George emerged once to wish goodnight to a visitor earlier in the night, but by the time Casey was released, it looked like to neighbors that they had gone to sleep.
UPDATE: Sources are now telling news outlets that Casey Anthony boarded a plane at Executive Airport, where these other planes were, at 3:00 am Sunday. No reports as to where that plane was headed to, but that the plane did have a connection to an attorney on her defense team.

So you can make your own decision. Did Casey go back to Ohio or did she go to an undisclosed location? Personally, I think she went to Ohio.

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