Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sexual offender gets custody of step-daughter

A judge's decision to award a convicted sex offender custody of a nearly 4-year-old girl has sparked protests and made headlines around the world. Donald Coleman, 51, was convicted of sexual battery on a child in 1997 after getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant. He served prison time for the crime, and when he got out of prison he married the young girl. He went on to father two more children with her. Coleman's wife then had an affair that resulted in the birth of 3-year-old Miranda Coleman. The woman died in a car crash shortly after Miranda was born.
Donald Coleman

"I made a promise to my wife I'd take car of our kids if something happened to her, and she made the same promise if something ever happened to me," Coleman said. Last week a judge awarded custody of Miranda to Donald Coleman, her legal, but not biological, father. Ever since, Miranda's biological family has begged to get the girl back in their custody, saying she shouldn't be living with a registered sex offender. Miranda has been raised by her maternal grandmother.  
Miranda will turn 4 years old on Sunday. Since the judge's ruling, she's living with Coleman and her three half-sisters, ages 8, 10 and 13.Friends and family of Miranda's late mother have been outside the Baker County Courthouse since last week's ruling, protesting, asking for help. They said they won't give up until they get her back."It's awful," said Becky Graves, Miranda's aunt. "She's been with us since she's been born, and to have her snatched out of our arms is just as bad as losing her mom."Coleman's supporters said Miranda's in a good place."He's not a monster," Carter said Tuesday. "If he's such a bad person, why didn't they fight to get the other three kids back? I mean, all four have the same mother. Why are you after one instead of all of them?" MAYBE BECAUSE HE IS NOT THE FATHER OF THIS BABY!!!!!!

 This is an outrage! What type of judge would even think this is proper!  What is wrong with the justice system today!?

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  1. I am more concerned about the 4yr.old yes because she is not his. He may when she gets older have resentments because she is a product and reminder of his wifes affair and may molest her.