Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caylee's skull and other pictures are shown

Lee Anthony

-after Casey was released from Jail the first time, Casey told him Zany and her sister forcibly took Caylee away from her @ Jay Blanchard Park becasue she was a bad mom and they were going to teach her a lesson.
-Zany held her down by her wrists
-He did search for Sawgrass Apts. and Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez after Casey told him what happened when he first spoke to her
-Zany was 100pds., dark complexioned, medium height, and Hispanic

Cross Examination
-Zany would contact through Myspace and tell Casey how to act and where to go and maybe see Caylee
-No, Zany the Nanny never materialized.

Played Dec'08 911 call from Roy Kronk stating that they found a human skull

Edward Turso: deputy (OCAO)

-responded to 911 call
-Kronk led him to location
-saw skull and walked away. Nobody touched it.
-took statement and roped off area

Baez got advice from Mason because he kept getting sustained

Cross Examination

-20 ft from street
-alot of vegetation near skull. Doesn't recall fallen tree
-don't recall seeing a white bag and a red bag
-" I focused on the skull and the bag that was next to it."

Skull and crime scene photos will be shown soon!

*WARNING When pics are shown, I will describe what is being shown*

Jennifer Welch:  forensics unit  (OCSO) Crime Scene Investigator

-Welch is recalling the crime scene. It was raining. 
-First picture .It shows the thick vegetation
-Next pic you can see crime scene van, police tape, woods.
-These pics are from Dec 11, 2008. The day 's remains were found. George and Cindy Anthony aren't there
-Next pic Welch points out an old flyer/ sign for day care.
-In the picture everything looks wet. Very wet. (from the rain)
-her head is down and is crying
-The picture is a close up of a small skull. It's the top of it. Looks like there is some hair.

 Family attorney is in the courtroom

-Next picture is a medium shot of ground w/ skull in the center.
-Crime scene investigator points out black trash bag and another bag in photo of the skull.
-Next pic shows canvas bag... Black trash bag... You can't really see the skull.
-Next picture is close up of skull. You can also see bag and pair of shorts.
-The shorts are so little and dirty I don't think you would know what it is. Welch is pointing them out to the jury in photo.
-Extreme close up of skull is next
-Next picture shows black plastic bag and pair of shorts.
-Next pic shows a beer bottle somewhat close to the black plastic bag.
-The next picture is close up of skull. And Welch says can see "clothing remnants" -a tag and collar of a shirt.
-Next pic is close up of the tag. Linda Drane Burdick points out front of skull and asks what it is. Welch says it's duct tape.
-Next photo: wide shot- black bag, canvas bag and skull.
-Next pic shows black bag, canvas bag and in the corner Welch says is duct tape. She said it was on the skull
-Just to give you an idea. The skull is tiny. No bigger than the length of a woman's hand.
-The next picture is of someone (csi) picking up skull. It is bigger than other pictures shown. You can also see black bag.

Cross Examination

-Baez pulls up photo of skull and bag.
- now asking about the duct tale. Pulls up extreme close up of it.
-Welch says he'd ?(csi) have to use force to pick up skull (w/some vegetation) Baez asks about protective footwear.Welch says he isn't wearing any

Stephen Hanson:
-His hands are seen picking up skull.
-Hanson is the chief investigator for the Medical Examiners office.
-Hanson is reviewing more pictures.Casey is looking up now but looks down when a pic is about to be published.
-Hanson is looking at pictures of the wooded area- moving into the path where remains were recovered.
- Hanson looks directly at jury and talks about trying to preserve anything and everything that could be important to a crime scene.
-Hanson says they were hoping and thinking there were more remains (bones) inside the bag (black plastic bag)
-Hanson says as medical Examiners office they control the remains while Sheriff's office controls crime scene.
-Hanson uses his own head (he is pretty much bald) to show jury what exactly they are looking at.
-Hanson says he went about 6-8 inches to the side and went down as far as he could and scooped it (skull) up to a brown paper bag.
-Hanson says they also collected canvas bag and black plastic bag as wellness 2 other large bones in area.
-Hanson says he didn't know at the time of collection the shorts were actually shorts. Also collected what was believed to be a blanket.
-Hanson says his last trip to crime scene was Dec 17, 2008 he went to gather things he thought were remains.
-Cheney Mason steps up for cross examination.
-Mason points out a picture where it looks like someone cut a path through some underbrush.
-In this photo it looks as if a machete is stuck in the ground.
-Mason makes a joke about being technologically challenged - tells Burdick to "stand right there" jury laughs
-Ashton stood up and objected loudly asking for a sidebar. He even started heading in that direction. Judge said no.

-Mason asks if Hanson knows if someone moved skull. Ashton objects and moves to strike. Stricken.
-Mason asks when Hanson "scooped" everything up if duct tape could have changed positions. Hanson says "it could have"
-During that joking period Linda Drane Burdick wasn't amused -she said "I don't work for you" when Mason joked "stand right there."
-No redirect. Hanson is excused.

 Gary Utz:Deputy chief medical examiner
-Utz says the canvas and black plastic bags all came together w/ fabric (blanket) and debris. skull in sep bag.
-The next pic is of the bag opened up. They are zooming in on a leg bone.
-Next photo is skull/ tape/leaves at the morgue. They ripped the brown evidence bag open.
-The pic is of an upright skull. You can see hair wrapped around it. The tape there looks like it's sitting in front of what would be mouth
-The skull is sitting on an exam table on the brown evidence bag. It's been ripped open.
-This next picture you can see much more hair. You can also see the tape - it's sitting in front of the nose/ mouth area.
-This next pic is from a completely different angle. It would be as if you were laying on your right side-head resting on a pillow.
-Utz says there are multiple pieces of tape. He doesn't know exactly how many. He thinks 3 but def. More than one.
-Utz says the pieces of duct tape were sticking together.
-Next pic is the of the skull looking up.
-Jurors are leaning in as Utz explains typically the mandible and skull aren't attached.
-Utz says roots had grown into and around the hair mat. Some hair had to be cut to preserve tape.
- Casey is looking toward the floor. She looks as if she might get sick.
-You can see teeth
-Utz is pointing out plant roots growing and being tangled in hair and tape and skull.
-Next pic is canvas bag in an upright position.
-Next picture is black plastic bag. It was tied.
-Next picture is of shorts / pants. They are filthy. And ripped (a large hole in them) very ragged.

bookbag and other items

Duct tape

black bag

Casey is standing and leaning heavily on the table. She was helped out of the room with a deputy very closely behind her

Court is recessed as Casey Anthony is "ill". Court will resume 9:00 am tomorrow morning.

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