Saturday, June 4, 2011

Forensics in court today- day 10

Forensics evidence started entering trial yesterday and today the main focus was the hair collected from the trunk of the car.
FBI analyst Karen Lowe :
-agent for over 15 years. 
-currently an FBI evidence examiner. 
-During the Frye hearings in March, she talked about hair band found on a single hair in Casey Anthony's trunk. 
-Prosecutors say it proves Casey put Caylee's remains in the trunk after she was killed.
- only case where Lowe has found a hair where they didn't already know the person was dead.
-Expert says the hair did not come from Casey but it did look similar to the hairs of Caylee Anthony

Things got extremely heated between Ashton and Baez. Baez wanted to get the evidence thrown out.

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