Monday, June 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Week 3 begins

The much anticipated trial of the century has now entered its third week. The first week brought friends and family, the second brought jailhouse videos and the beginning of the prosecutions forensic evidence. Most likely this week will be more forensic evidence that the prosecution hopes will convince the jury that Casey is guilty of cold and calculated murder.

Dr. Arpad Vass: Senior research Scientist at Oakridge National Laboratory for over 20 years.  The lab is a federal government research center, and the same location where the atomic bomb was developed during World War II.  Used "air sample" tests to find signs of decomposition in the trunk of Casey's car.

Dr. Vass spoke about the complexity of cells and what occurs inside a cell when a person dies abruptly.
Baez tried to object various times to this witnesses testimony citing that he was not a chemist or biologist. Of course, he was overruled many times. Baez looked bored and mocking through most of Vass' testimony. Vass cited he "loved" his subject when stopped by court reporter because of rapid speaking

Casey looked bored and annoyed as he described what causes bloating in a decomposing body.

Temperature, presence of water, PH, and the presence of oxygen are the four basic processes that control rate of decomposition.  Over the years, he has smelled 50 decomposing bodies from start (fresh) to finish (skeletonized) . There is a unique odor. Has also sampled animal (pigs, roadkill) decomposition.  Human decomposition is distinguishable from animal decomposition. "Animals have a muskier and sweeter scent that human remains."

Jury taking notes and on edge of seats according to reporters in court

-"I don't think you quite understand what's happening here" to Baez during Voi Dire. He found inorganic compounds indicating decomposition in the carpet of the car. He found presence of Butyric acid (first compound liberated during human decomposition) in the carpet of the car. Not usually found in environment. The odor was "extremely overwhelming" in the little can of sample
He said there was a "shockingly high" level of chloroform found in the air sample, saying he had never seen that in his 20 years of work. Said paper towels and napkins revealed a # of fatty acids present which are associated with decomposition. Stated air samples from the garage and garbage in the trunk revealed that the carpet from the car was the source of decomposition compounds. No compounds in trash and garage. Mentioned compounds on carpet were consistent with human decomposition as well spare tire cover.
- His opinion is that he can't find no other explanation for these tests results but that there was a human decomposing body in the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire

Cross Examination
Vass states "The last time I took a course in Chemistry was perhaps in the 80's". In his opinion, he has no financial interest in testifying. Vass said he has patents out on an inverntion used to detect decomposition. Used to assist cadaver dogs in finding clandestine graves. Baez asks if this device is sold to departments will he get royalties? Vass says yes but it's minuscule

 Vass seemed annoyed with Baez' questioning.

Vass wasn't pleased with the fact that his conclusions in preliminary report were released and being discussed by the media. He says his final report is more accurate.
Glances at Prosecution as he answers Baez' questions and got quite annoyed. Baez is trying to discredit the witness. This seems to be backfiring for Baez since he does not seem to understand the complicated results of this scientists testing.

-"Assumptions are sometimes relevant in conclusions" Baez rolled his eyes. Vass continues "common sense included"

Baez kept repeating that Vass is not a physicist or chemist and Vass was showing obvious signs of annoyance. I wonder if the jury was also or is also annoyed at Baez.

-Baez says the junkyard car used for comparison could have been through winters, etc. No idea the history. Vass says correct.

Wow! At one point Baez starts writing chemicals on a notepad for Dr. Vass to identify where these chemicals are found,  and was not sure of the spelling of CALCIUM and substituted MAG for MAGNESIUM! These are things learned in High School! How can you not know how to spell these!?

-Baez says protocol is to not collect samples near trash or gasoline because it could create false readings.Vass says yes. Unless it's crime scene. Baez asked about inventions the scientist has done, such as putting electronic leashes on flies. Sustained.

Vass saai if you eliminate all the overlapping compounds (gas/trash) you still have 10 compounds consistent w/ decomposition. Vass says this was the first he's ever done an experiment on a carpet.
He also says that in regards to the positive control he used for comparison (child wrapped in blanket and left in car for 3 months in Montana), "Thank God, I don't have more cases of children being left in cars". Vass isn't a member of the American Board of Anthropology or any professional org. that governs members. He told Baez that his experience is so extensive that he wouldn't know which to join. *Mama G claps hands*
-"I'm being paid to be creative and think outside of the box. I don't even know where outside of the box is"

-Vass says scientific curiosity out weighs financial benefit.  Says when first questioned about any financial interest he had to go and ask someone else about it. Neither Bluestar nor Febreze contain Chloroform

Vass looks at jury sometimes during his testimony.

Vass says because they've never studied a possibly decomposing body in the trunk they looked for similar cases. Baez asks if he knows those paper towels have anything to do with stain in trunk. Vass says he has no first hand knowledge.
In my personal opinion, Baez as much as he wanted to discredit this witnesses testimony, FAILED! The truth is this scientist is much wiser than Baez and Baez himself is a huge failure!

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