Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caylee's dad may have been found!

Watching Nancy Grace tonight and SURPRISE! Caylee's dad may have been found! His name was Michael Duggan and he looks like Lee!

Rutland, Massachusetts resident Donna MacLean claims her son, Michael Duggan, is the biological father of Caylee.
Donna says that Michael confided to her that he fathered a child with Casey Anthony.  He even mentioned Casey's parents names as well as Lee and that George was an ex-law enforcement official.  He had a close connection to Orlando, because he had some family members that lived in the area.
She learned this just weeks before Duggan died in a car crash in Falmouth back in 2007, when Casey said Caylee's dad died.
Casey Anthony had told family and friends Caylee's father had died in a car accident and Casey’s parents repeated the fact under oath during her criminal trial.
An Anthony family attorney is refusing to relay any comment from the Anthony’s on this matter and officials are refusing to do a grandparent DNA test.
Donna is willing to take a lie detector test as well!

Quite Believable!

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