Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can insects prove that Casey's guilty?

Neal Haskell: Forensic Science Professor

-expert Witness in 27 states, Canada, Australia and Spain
-Looked at larvae from flies located in Casey's car in September 2008
-Found decomposition liquid in paper towels that contained larvae
-done research in bodies found in trunks
-based on decomposition, 3-5 days in the trunk could have created these flies in the Florida heat. Basically body was in trunk 3-5 days
-Flies feeding on decompositional liquid.
-all fly types were consistent with decompositional remains
-body was not placed immediately after death in trunk
-body was deposited in location found in early stages of decomposition
-findings at scene and at car show decomposition had begun, some later date after body placed in trunk, body was placed where found and decompose fast and rapid

Cross Examination
-"nice to see you again, Mr Baez" in a cocky way
-dr. Bass and I have known each other for a long time
-knows Dr. Bass studied biochemistry
-made statement to Dr. Bass that flies could be coffin flies
-Casey, jury , Baez, and witness laugh when trying to describe what flies appear in days old restaurant food

Nice to see laughter for once in the courtroom

-didn't send flies for DNA testing. Sent them to Dr. Vass
-Haskell found 1blow fly's leg in garbage. There can be thousands of these bugs around a body. Baez will try point out only 1fly leg found.
-thinks everyone did a great job of collecting evidence
-Judge Perry to Baez: " What part of objection sustained don't you understand?"
-Baez reads fact from encyclopedia like source. Witness rests head on hands.
-Again asks how much witness gets paid by prosecution. Witness mentions defense still hasn't paid his testimony. Baez says check is in the mail.

-there is a difference between trash and garbage
-insects he deals with does not go to empty pizza boxes. Therefore what was in the trunk would be considered trash since no food was involved. Then it would be called garbage.
-no plant decomposing in bag

-my definition of trash and garbage could be different from yours
-Baez wants to admit into evidence pictures that have already been admitted into evidence (oh Baez)

WOW!! These trash pictures are stealing the show today!!!

Jennifer Welch-CSI Photographer
-Pictures of wooded area shown to jury. A machete and cover are in the picture. Sheriffs investigators issued machetes to cut vegetation.
-Jury looking at picture of tree trunks in area. Also evidence flag in picture.
-Evidence flag locating a bone at scene. Casey looking away from pictures again.
-Pink plastic word items recovered from scene. Looks like the magnet letters kids put on the fridge. Welch removed duct tape found at scene along with the shirt lettering with forensic gloves.

Cross Examination
-Skull 19 feet 8 inches from S. Suburban Drive
-Baez used tape measure to show distance from road to skull.

Ronald Murdock:Forensics supervisor with OCSO
-Murdock used computer program to get a bird's eye view of the scene and make a diagram.
-Murdock made a diagram of the area here Caylee's remains were found. He circled areas where bones were found, not individual bones.
-Cindy Anthony is looking up at large TV showing the diagram.
-Picture in evidence now shows items in shed. Pool toys, bikes & large inflatable soccer ball.
-#2 pic of shed. Item collected=Gas can. Also in photo "private property" & "no loitering" signs, tools.... Ect
-Looking at more pictures. Stickers collected at Hope Spring. The Anthony home.
-Picture of Casey's bedroom entered into evidence. Baez questioned relevancy because it'd been 7 months since Casey lived there.
-Picture of Caylee's room entered into evidence. 5 Elmo dolls sitting on her shelf.
-Murdock holding Caylee Anthony winnie the pooh bedding in brown bag. Evidence bag.
-Murdock is now identifying evidence taken from Anthony garage Dec 11 2008
-In Pic: washer/dryer, storage coolers typical garage stuff
-Close up pic of items/ clothing in trash bags on shelf
-Another picture shown of a canvas laundry bag, it was inside trash bag.

Cross Examination
-No duct tape found in garage- says Murdock.
-The only item where the same duct tape was found is on gas can. No where in the house was the same brand duct tape used.

Gerald Johnston: land surveyor called in by OCSO
-Looking at 3D image of Suburban Drive
-Casey Anthony looking away. The images are not gruesome just a computerized map.

Court done for the day 

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