Thursday, June 2, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial Day 8

Jeffrey Hopkins (imaginary friend):
-does not have a son Zack
-met Casey in middle school
-not close friends
-worked @ Universal Studios in 2002 for 1 year.
-Does not know Zenaida Gonzalez
-Never lived in Jacksonville or North Carolina as Casey stated.
-Saw Casey on July 2, 2008 after years of no contact. Exchanged #'s
-Did not know Caylee was missing.
-Asked by Baez if he was Jeffrey MICHAEL Hopkins. No.
-Did not have a crush on Casey.
Told cops all the stories were fiction. "Not me"

Leonard Turtora-Loss Prevention Asst. Manager
-No Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, Juliet Lewis worked at Universal Studios.
-Jeffrey Hopkins employed from late 2001-early 2002
- Casey Anthony employed under Color Vision (3rd party affiliate with Universal) in April 2006
-Told defense that he knew she did not work there and relayed this information to detectives before they began to tour the building.
-"I believe she knew I knew, she didn't work there."
-Nobody advised her of Miranda Rights in his presence.
-Casey was no handcuffed.

Yuri Melich
-shown map of detective's path of Universal Studios
-Casey was "very convincing"
-Played audio of interview. Lasted over an hour.

The lies continue!! They asked about Jeffrey. She says he hasn't worked at Universal for 2 months. They reply he hasn't worked there since 2002. They ask about Juliet. She replies oh, SHE hasn't worked here for over 2 months! They reply she has never worked there.!!! She really has to be insane! The juror that couldn't judge anyone, honestly, has got to be seething and praying to God for forgiveness when she goes for the Death Penalty!
As this tape was played Casey 's color just flushed away from her body. She looks extremely frustrated and glances were missed by her and Yuri looking at each other. She also kept shaking her head no various times. I don't understand that! What Casey, is that not your voice!? I really just want to shake this beast of a woman!!!!! She is an animal!!!

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