Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 9 Casey Trial

July 30, 2008- George and Cindy
-George and Cindy show Casey a new Caylee shirt.
-George:"the house is very quiet without you"
-"I will help you guys out however I can from in here."
-"I just want to go home. Every day I hope and pray to go home with you guys."
-"I'm being as string ad I can considering the situation but it's hard.
-concerned about her grandmother's health
-"I know she's coming hone. I can feel it."
-" everyone needs to keep their faith. Mine's growing stronger everyday."
-" laughter can get us through anything we are going through"
-"tell Caylee that I miss her and love her. That is the constant."
- On previous court hearing " to get to see you both was the most important part of that day."
-" you've done everything you possibly can. You've been a great father and grandfather. I can't say that enough. Don't think otherwise."
-"you and mom have been the best parents"
-Cindy:"you've always been the protective mommy"
-"dad is the quiet reserved one. Dad always processes rungs first before having a reaction."

As Casey is listening and watching, she sits stone faced

-"I'm glad I'm not crying anymore"

August 3,2008 George Anthony
-" I love you, mom loves you so so much."
-" your daughter, my granddaughter has captivated the world"
-George " I would give up my life for you and her"
-" you are a great mom"
Casey:" it's nobody's fault"

Casey starts crying in court as she listens to her father say that he wishes he would have listened to her when she needed to talk
- George is concerned about her eating habits
-" we're doing everything we can financially, even asking family for money"
-" dad, I've done everything I've can from where I am. I've given you guys everything that I can."
- George voices concerns about Baez' intentions.
-Casey tells George that it's nothing that the family has done that has caused this.
-George encourages Casey to read her bible
-Casey " the most important thing is having together as a family
-George tells her he would switch places with her. At this point Casey in court, shakes her head no and mouths the words " that's a lie"
-Casey :" you'll always be my buddy, even besides my dad, you know how much I love you"
- Casey video shows her disappointment when visit ends

At this point, Judge begins recess

Casey has shown no emotion at all during the videos shown so far except, when the video with her and her dad started. She cried most of the time and actually wiped away tears. I honestly have no idea what the defense is going to say.  She must have some sort of resentment from throwing her dad under the bus. She must have realized how much he does or did love her. Why is she crying? Is she sorry the defense said what they said?

 George and Cindy sat in court watching the video and George again, showed no emotion. He must really feel hurt by this child that he loved.  This is a grieving grandfather, a proud grandfather. This is not a man who had something to do with anything.

As jurors watch this they have to know that the defense's story of what happened that morning in the pool is an obvious lie!

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