Friday, June 10, 2011

Jurors see more images

"Casey Anthony has arrived at the Orange County Courthouse Holding Facility.
Inmate Anthony will attend court today and is now in the secured areas of the Orange County Courthouse.
While we can't reveal any medical information regarding her status yesterday and this morning due to confidentiality laws, she was seen by Corrections Health Services Doctors immediately after arriving back at the jail yesterday." Orange County Correctional Facility

-First photo is the torn and tattered shorts Utz says consistent with decomposition
-keeping her head down entire time. Photo shows letters from clothing to say "comes small big trouble"

Cross Examination
- bones were disrupted but not broken.

John Schultz:UCF anthropology professor specializing in forensics

-Photo is of vertebrae are same tannish brown as clothing. About 8 laid out.
-Photo of bone fragment found on12/8/08 marked as found six inches deeper.
-Femurs were chewed on by animals
-remains were there for about 6 months

Casey wipes away tears

-accepted as expert witness
-Photo shows bones making up fingers three bones per finger each smaller than a quarter
 -Pics of pelvis bones Schultz says important where one found completely buried in muck
-Jurors see skeleton pieced together for first time
- topographical map of where bones found
-Seems most bones found in area a same spot skull found. Map is b/w without any distance markers easily seen
-says most of the spine was dragged away from skull since it did not have as many ligaments holding together
-Schultz says appears bones dispersed naturally by decomposition. And was intact skeleton when put in woods

Dr. Jan Garavaglia- Chief Medical Examiner-Dr. G television show
-photo of the hair mat can see the wholes Dr G talking about from insect activity
-Blanket had Winnie the pooh on it testimony by family earlier said it was Caylee's favorite

-Roots and plants lot more recognizable than the blanket in photo state trying to show it had been there for awhile
-Photo from 12/11/8 has bone out of bag labeled unidentified remains.Later identified by FBI
Watching some of these photos are really hard to hear the description and to even see the photos. I can't even begin to imagine what is going on through Casey's mind! She deserves going through this. She deserves to listen to what her actions did to this poor child.

-Dr. G examined evidence and acknowleged them
-Manner of death is classification based on scientific evidence available in this case is homicide by undetermined means
-Homicide based on: 3 factors 1. not reported 2. hidden body and 3. duct tape
-no reason for duct tape after death
 -child could absolutely die from overexposure to chloraform

Cross Examination
- she doesn't watch news so didn't really know it was a big case before remains found
- she knew chloroform was possibility before she began examining remains from investigators
-Ashton overruled several times related to Dr. Goldberger being allowed to test bones for Zanax
-Casey had no reaction to  talking about animals chewing on the bones caused a breakdown earlier today
-Big moment of case Dr. G talks about drownings always being reported (100 % of the time) . Mason says that has nothing to do with case... Though it was in the defense  opening statement

Dr. G won that battle with Mason. She leaves the courtroom smiling!

More graphic pictures are being prepped for the jury. Casey has not looked at any of these pictures through the whole time. Now she is looking at it with a scowl.Apparently the pictures are of superimposed pictures of the skull over Caylee's smiling face with Casey. The video shows her decomposing slowly and returning back to normal. Prosecution demonstrates it as unfortunately graphic representation establishing that the duct tape did fit over her face to kill her. Casey shows no other emotion other than anger! My question: she was traumatized listening to the way the bones were, yet she has no problem seeing this!!

Ashton states clearly "duct tape is murder weapon" Baez says I thought you said it was chloroform

They are going to bring Dr. Warren up with no jury to see if video can be used. Again, jury out of room for this testimony of a superimposition video of duct tape and death and how it would happen to Caylee.

Dr. Warren: Forensic Anthropologist UCF

- he suggested bizarre video to State but never saw duct tape on skull first hand
-Photo of Caylee used in video they got off the Internet.
-Dr. Warren says video important because shows possible tape covered both nose and mouth at 1.75 cm

- Dr. Warren describing his superimposed photo video process now.
-Casey appeared to say "That's horrible."She also said "I'm not looking"

picture used in video

Cross Examination
-No laugh from Casey when after much debate about easel witness points out now he can't see it
-Baez drew a picture of the way skull was found to explain why the hair would be found under the mandible. Someone must have put that hair in that position along with the duct tape on the hair
-Baez asks if video was made and shown to appeal to the jury
-Baez just finished asking Dr. Warren if this was a stunt out of presence of jury. He said no

Michael Vincent: CSI Tech
-shown vial of maggots he collected from the garbage bag
-taking maggots out of vial

 Cross Examination
-collected on August 28
-there are different stages of maggots and insects
-It is possible to pinpoint time of death using these pupae
-no insect activity in trunk of car when car was collected only in garbage bag sometime later

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