Saturday, June 25, 2011

So when are the psychics coming? Did they fortell another short day like today!!!!!

So honestly ever since I heard psychics would be taking the stand, I have been waiting and waiting for them to show up. What are they going to testify to? And how is this going to work with the jury. WIll it backfire? Will the jury will finally establish that the defense team is a joke? Hey, here's an idea! Let's ask the psychics if Casey will be found Guilty or Not Guilty

Court started earlier than usual due to housekeeping matters. Jeff Ashton said he was just handed material from defense. Apparently Dr. Furton is going to testify about something else not in his report-AGAIN with this defense?  Baez says "State is incorrect." Judge asks if 1. Has his opinion changed? 2.Did you supply supplemental report? Baez says no new opinions.  Apparently, the witness would testify about chloroform and would list amounts in his PowerPoint presentation.
 Both sides are very annoyed with each other.  Judge Perry: "Somebody get me a copy of the gentleman's report."  Baez says "We're not going to go through this." They will tailor his testimony.
JP: "Gentlemen, I don't know. The only thing I can do is read his report, read his deposition, and see if he has changed any opinions. You'd think this would've grown old by now. But I guess some things never change."  Makes you wonder what was in report that Baez doesn't want Judge Perry to see.
Mason called for a sidebar and Casey along with defense attorneys left with Judge to his chambers. This lasted an excruciatingly long 13 minutes!  Still waiting for Judge while defense talks to prosecution.  Now they have all gone into Judge's chambers minus Casey.   Casey then left with another one of her minions named Michelle Medina.   After 16 minutes Casey finally entered courtroom.  After 18 minutes attorneys returned, then left again.

*personal note: the picture that was shown to Cindy yesterday of Caylee opening door is getting alot of attention. Apparently many people don't think it's an actual picture of Caylee. People are disagreeing with her height. Cindy did testify that it was her however.

That took 23 minutes!  Both sides have come to a conclusion that a legal matter has occurred. The judge did say it has nothing to do with Defense expert Furton (who knows if it does) and court will be in recess until 8:30 Monday morning.  Casey leaves smiling and laughing.  The good thing is that Casey will spend day in jail instead of in court.

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  1. can you believe she leaves smiling and laughing? this trial is really something else!
    Jeanne D