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Roy Kronk testifies and Lee contradicts Cindy on the stand today!

A day after Judge Perry declared Casey competent to continue with the trial, the defense is set to finally put up the witness who they believe placed Caylee's body at Suburban Drive in order to reap in the rewards. In opening statements, Baez called Kronk a"morally bankrupt individual".  Kronk attorney said yesterday his client has been told to show up early Tuesday at the courthouse by the defense.  Roy Kronk received $5000 as compensation for finding Caylee, another $5000 from the Anthony family spokesperson, and $20,000 for an interview he did on national television.

*personal note-Jeff Ashton was wearing his "Stay Dwight" tie hoping to convince Basketball player Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando.Ashton says the tie was "half dare, half favor." The site creator of staydwight.com received a request from Ashton's son who is a Howard fan. Two of his kids are here as well. Not the son who made the request*

Joe Jordan:  Equusearch volunteer
 Texas Equusearch searches for missing people and it was his first time he was involved in searching for missing people. He became Team Leader.  10-30 people in a team.  *this guy does not look trustworthy* CM uses digital display to show where Jordan performed search.  He said he does not recall how many times he searched Suburban for TES. Telestrates parking, main search focus areas.  Jordan says on first occasion, went about 5 ft into the woods. There was standing water, red cooler, pink baby blanket.  CM: Turn over to OCSO? JJ: Marked it on my field report, turned that over to TES. Doesn't know if LE collected blanket.  Jordon says 2nd time was later that day; had dog handler bring their dog up to check blanket, cooler.  Says he can't remember, might have been day he brought 2 dog handlers in. CM: 1 of them cadaver dog? JJ: Don't know. Mason lays a tape measure across the floor and has Jordan step down and asks him if it's this far ? Jordan says it wasn't a straight path.  Jordon doesn't recall if went back a third time. CM: Send email Dec 13 2008 to detectives? Yes CM: What was in email?  Jordan says he told detectives he believed he was in the area where remains were found. Told them dogs were out there too.
CM: Recall telling them you thought remains were moved after your search? JJ: Yes, I did say that.  CM:How many people searched that area from fence to pathway? JJ: About 5 people, alongside road because of heavy brush.  CM refers to Jordan's sworn statement. CM:Remember Cpl Edwards asked if 100+ people searched that area? JJ: No, I don't.  Jordon says there weren't 100 people searching there when he was present. CM: Did you know where Anthony residence was? Yes. CM: Lot of media trucks, lot of people in area whole time? JJ: Around the house, yes, sir.

Cross Examination 
Before he volunteered he sent emails to detectives involved in the case searching for Caylee.  He gave tips, told LE of people they should talk to, etc., he said. Agrees he was trying to help because Caylee deserved to be found.  
LDB: Took detailed notes of things you thought of interest, that someone might want to look at later? JJ:Yes. She then shows him his notes and maps to ID.  The jury looks over a "Field team activity" log from TES. On it Jordan wrote they searched church behind elementary school.  He also wrote dogs "were not fresh" Burdick asks what that meant. The dog handler said that, so Jordan wrote it down.  Jordan says he highlighted map where they searched. He says he also found bones- not human though. He also wrote in the suggestions section "when water recedes re search" He says there was concern of gators and snakes.   Jordan was also concerned if there were any remains- they could be further damaged by trampling through water.  Items of interest included Gap bag, mound, toys, cooler cleared by dogs, pink baby blanket.  LDB: Couldn't get far into woods in that area b/c of relatively deep water? JJ: Yes, ma'am. LDB: Document created before remains found? JJ:Yes.  LDB: When you emailed Melich/Allen on Dec 13, didn't know where remains found? JJ: Just speculation based on TV reports.  Jordan said he just knew he'd been in area, but was incorrect in telling LE he'd searched that spot.

CM: See blue tents from LE out there? JJ: Were gone when I went out there. CM: See it on TV? JJ:Yes.  CM:Did you recognize what you saw on TV as area you searched? JJ: Thought I did. CM:Any reason to want to testify about where you searched? JJ: No, sir. CM: Were you threatened with prosecution? JJ: On advice of counsel, based on my 5th amendment rights-- Objection-Sidebar

Jury Removed/Jordon steps down
Burdick says the defense knew the witness would invoke his 5th amendment rights if asked about criminal prosecution.  Mason refers to prosecution advising him during deposition of using immunity and not to destroy tape he'd (illegally) made.  (Jordan secretly made recording of interview with defense investigator at his lawyer's office. That was illegal to do, but destroying would be 2nd illegal act).    CM: Was threatened with felony wiretapping, then offered immunity. He doesn't get to alter testimony, goes to credibility.  Mason says Jordan changed his story so law enforcement wouldn't come after him.  Judge: There will be no questions asked of him that tend to force him to invoke 5th Amendment privilege.  Judge says proper procedure would've been to proffer that question to see if witness would invoke right; deal without jury.  Judge: Fair game to bring up immunity; would be up to state as to whether to go into details of alleged crime.  Witness's lawyer is in court. Judge asks him about what immunity he knows he has. JUST for statements, not for recordings. Burdick now says she'll give witness immunity for other statements today too! Judge will instruct jury to disregard the comment about 5th amendment rights. Now time for a "special break"

*Lee is also inside the courtroom, He has only been in the courtroom when he has testified.*
Jury instructed to disregard. And there are no more questions for Jordan. George Anthony is called to the stand.

George Anthony
Baez asks if he knows Krystal Holloway. George says he knows her by that name and "River Cruz".  When asked about a romantic relationship, he laughs and says he finds it funny.  George says she volunteered at command center to help find Caylee. George says she just another volunteer.He never borrowed money from her.  (His voice is very shaky. He is very nervous). Says he visited her at her condominium, because she claimed to have a brain tumor and said she was dying. He was there for her as a friend.  George says he didn't have an exact work schedule, so he wasn't supposed to be working when he visited her.  He says she also explained the brain tumor and visits to Cindy, though Cindy never visited her apt.  George says he never confided in Cruz about Caylee's death being an accident. George says he never told her any such thing. JB: So you're saying while being romantic her, never said accident? GA:Never did. JB: Did you send her a text saying "I need you in my life" George says he sent that to a lot of people.  JB: Ever write her letter? GA: Dropped off letter to cheer her up, help her feel better. Don't see anything wrong with that.  George Anthony started a long narrative about how Holloway has a questionable past but judge sustained objection and cut him off.

Cross Examination
Met her at the command center probably the 3rd week of October 2008.  Says he never told Holloway about throwing Casey on the wall and attempting to choke her while asking about Caylee.  

Cindy Anthony
Never told PI's to search Suburban drive or to videotape that area.  JB: When Dec search warrant served, tell Melich you had your people walk area month ago & nothing found? CA: Can't recall.  LE did not leave an inventory list of what they took on Dec. 11, 2008.  Cindy said they later rec'd list of items confiscated, incl. Winnie The Pooh blanket.  Says she never told anyone including Lee about the PI search because she didn't send them there.  JB: Have argument with Lee about sending PI to search in that area? CA: No knowledge of that search until after Caylee found.

Lee Anthony
Says he had an argument with Cindy about PI search. Says Cindy told him she sent PI's to search area. It was prior to him returning to work in October 2008. He says he was angry they were looking for a deceased Caylee.  Lee's testimony disputes his mother's testimony of sending PIs to crime scene.

Cross Examination
Prosecutors says that Lee had the argument before the search even happened (search was done in November.)  Lee says he knew conversation took place before Oct b/c fueled his decision to go back to work. George asks if he's aware PI's search in Nov, so he would've had conversation with Cindy BEFORE the event? Lee says yes.

Re Direct
Baez on redirect re-emphasized that Lee was angry at family for searching for dead Caylee.
Re Cross

FG:so you were completely sold on the lies your sister told you? LA: yes and no.

Wow! Jury now sees that Lee and Cindy were lying.  How did Cindy tell him about the search that "happened" when it hadn't happened! But then Cindy said that she didn't send anyone. Now he says she told him she sent PI's to search!  WOnder if the jury will take that into acct. in regards to computer searches!?

Yuri Melich
Melich admits Cindy mentioned PIs searching area. Also contradicts her earlier testimony.

Roy Kronk :meter reader who found Caylee's remains
Kronk says never knew what route would be; they were assigned night before. CM: District you worked? RK: All of Orange County. CM: Have occasion to read meters in area of Hope Spring Dr? RK:Yes. CM:Familiar with residence of Anthonys? RK:No sir.  CM:On Aug 11, who was with you when reading meters in area of Hope Spring/Suburban? RK:No one. CM: Someone join you?  RK: Two coworkers joined him in afternoon. Says he remembers finding dead rattlesnake that day.  CM: Stop your county vehicle on Suburban on Aug 11 to go into woods to relieve yourself? RK: Yes sir.  CM: Something you normally did? Kronk says you go where you have to when no facilities are around .Saw a suspicious looking bag, but did not look closely at it or touch it.  He saw what may have been appeared to be a skull.  He said they also found a dead rattlesnake and that took all their attention.  Mason looks over toward Baez - Baez shakes his head no. Mason is trying to get Kronk to talk about 1st time he called 911.  CM: You did not say anything to Mr. Dean about seeing skull? RK:Not at that time, no.  CM: Mr. Dean get shovel from truck to pick up rattlesnake? RK: Yes. CM: Tell him that you'd seen a skull? RK: Told them saw something odd.
Called OCSO and he was told to call Crimeline. He called crimeline about maybe finding a skull.  Nobody contacted him back.  On August 12, called again, told operator he was a meter ready and was near Anthony home.  Kronk didn't know he had Anthonys' home route in the morning, he found the skull.  Kronk says he remembers telling operators it was something white in a gray bag, and a fallen tree.  Nobody responded to his call.  Called police 3 times in Aug about seeing a skull. 
CM:On Aug 13, call OCSO again? RK:Yes. CM:Was told to call and an officer would meet me out there.  Kronk said two officers met him. CM:Did not take them into woods to show possible skull. They didn't ask him to show them, he says.  He said he just pointed (from outside woods) to area where he believed he'd seen it.  Kronk says again he was never closer than 20 feet from what he saw.  Kronk says next day he called and said bag like a pool cover looked suspicious. He told operators he didn't touch it.
CM: Drew map for LE as to where you'd been? RK: Yes. CM: Drew in privacy fence from Suburban house to HopeSpring Drive?  Kronk can't recall. Mason shows him document. RK IDs as his drawing dated 12/17/08.  Mason points out where Kronk labeled privacy fence on drawing. Kronk explains what items on drawing represent.
Cheney Mason goofed up asking Kronk about the wrong date. Kronk snapped "clarify what dates we're talking about!" Kronk said he never said bag appeared to have bones in it.  Said he never went closer than 30 ft.  The land was dry.  Kronk said he "believes" he was aware of reward money available if Caylee was found. Around $250,000.  Kronk said he told roommate that he found something that appeared to be a human skull, but not media.  Kronk wouldn't know if bag found Dec. 11, 2008 is same as one identified Aug. 11, 2008.  Mason refers to Kronk depo where he said he believed bag he saw in Aug. was same as Dec. Kronk said was told same bag. RK: I don't remember. If I said yes, then yes it is. CM: After finding that skull, try to get coworkers to look at it Aug 11? Kronk again says he tried telling his coworkers about skull but once they saw the dead snake, it was
the only thing they focused on.
Judge reads stipulations between state/defense re calls Kronk made to LE & all agree they're authentic. Jury hears phone calls.
First phone call is from August 11.  Kronk describes what there was when he went to use the bathroom in the woods. Says it could be something or nothing.  Kronk says he saw bag in swampy area, possible skull; said he wasn't saying it was Caylee, but in area of Anthony home. Kronk told operator after they found snake, no way he's going down into the swampy area.
Second phone call is From August 12.   Kronk tells operator about swampy area, says behind tree was gray vinyl bag like pool cover, further up fallen tree.  Kronk says bag looks suspicious. Says he didn't touch it. "Doesn't know what it was but it doesn't look like it should be there"  Says there was board across fallen tree and something white beneath it; doesn't know what it is, but doesn't look right. Operator tells Kronk to call Crimeline. Kronk says he doesn't want to because he is a county employee. Operator says you can remain anonymous.  Kronk laughs on phone call and says "not if you find the freaking body."
Third phone call is from August 13. The operator tells him to wait in the corner of Hopespring and Suburban for officers.

*uncut phone calls: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28384099/video.html*

After first 2 phone calls, he watched some TV and went to bed. They were both made after 9pm.  CM: CM:Recall giving recorded statement Jan 6 to Melich? Kronk to Cheney after Cheney lets out sign of frustration... "I don't mean to be rude sir, but you're being a little vague." CM: You were asked about your CrimeLine calls? RK:Yes. CM:You knew where Anthony house was, didn't you? RK:At end of day, not beginning of day. CM: Aug 11, have any conversation with coworkers about being a place to hide a body? RK:Yes, we all were.  CM:Tell Melich 99.999% sure it was skull? RK: Yes, but also stated could have been prop, didn't know if real. CM:On 13th when deputies responded, recall who talked to? RK: Off. Kane & a female officer. Kronk says he was looking "down at it (skull) at a distance." Kronk says he wasn't over top of it. Kronk said Deputy Cain walked down looked away, slipped in the mud, and then, "Chewed me out for half an hour."  Kronk says he pointed in general area of where it was. CM: Within 6-8 feet? RK: No, sir. CM:Tell  LE statement 6-8 ft from skull? RK: No. CM:Statement says 6-8 feet?RK: It was 3 yrs ago; if that's what it said, that's how it was. 1st time I went back to area was with Kane.
*Mason sounds like he is giving up on witness*
Mason shows Kronk statement CM: Did you say you were 100% sure? RK: No, I said I was 99.99% Mason shows him paper again.  Mason asks it again and Kronk says yes. CM: Did you do anything with the authorities prior to Dec. 2008? RK: No.  Kronk said Orange County (his previous employer) paid for his attorney until he was terminated.  Kronk said he was paid $15,000 for a snake photo.  CM: Did you collect $5k for CrimeLine? RK:Yes. Mason asked if he called his son and said he was soon to be famous. Kronk said, "no sir." Kronk says he never went by remains location again between August 13th and December 11th. CM: Did any law enforcement ever inspect your car? RK: No.  CM: Did you ever submit DNA? RK : No.  Kronk says he didn't have any knowledge that he was investigated by detectives and never had cadaver dogs search his car.  CM: Knew your phone records subpoenaed? Says he let Melich "take a picture, so to speak" of his phone in office.

CM:Dec 11. on same route reading meters? RK:Yes. CM:Read Anthony's home meter? RK:Didn't get that far. CM:Go by yourself into woods? RK:Yes.  CM:Were you searching when you went into the woods? RK:No. CM:Find Caylee's remains Dec 11? RK:Yes. CM:Same place you'd last seen? RK:Yes. Still didn't think it was real, so I stuck it in right eye socket and turned it over. Immediately called supervisor. Kronk says he pivoted skull up, didn't lift from ground. Says it was a shock to realize what it was, horrific thing.Told supervisor he needed him there immediately, that he'd found a human skull. Can't remember supervisors last name.  Sheriff's dept got there quickly, he says. CM: Ask deputy if entitled to $255k reward? RK:No sir. CM:No discussion about it at all? RK: I really don't remember, to be honest with you. CM: Ask female deputy if entitled to reward if that's baby & she's dead? RK: Might have, can't really remember. CM:Tell her you wanted to keep quiet so ex-wife didn't hear about money? RK: Maybe jokingly. Kronk says he was pissed off about deputy chewing him out after he'd tried to do the right thing in calling in August.  CM:On that day, hadn't read any meters? RK:In that neighborhood, no. CM:Went straight to the site? RK:No, went to relieve myself.  Kronk says he joked with co-workers about reward but not about finding the body

*Ashton let's out a yawn. Burdick looks at him.*   Kronk says his son was mistaken about phone call where Kronk allegedly told son he was going to be famous.  Kronk admits he did tell son he could see him (Kronk) on TV.   Kronk says it would be first time son saw him since he was 8. RK:"You are making it sound like I was standing over top of [skull]!"

Mason needed his heart meds so he needed a break! This guy just blew up the whole defense theory! LOL

CM: In any of those calls to your son, tell him you were gonna be famous? RK:I don't believe so. CM:Tell him you'd be rich? RK:No sir. CM:Any words to that effect at all? RK:Not really. We talked about when he got out of Coast Guard we might go into business together. CM: Have general conversation with Melich about needing money but wanting to stay out of media, keeping low profile? RK: Possible.  CM: Talk to LE about story changing in any way? RK: Yes, told them after having chance to think about, realized mistake in original statement.  CM: Didn't tell them you lifted bag, did you? RK:I don't remember. CM:Did you lift? RK:Yes. CM:About 4 feet off ground? RK:Yes. CM: Didn't put in your statement about putting meter stick into eye socket, did you? RK: No sir. Kronk said he mentioned those things verbally to LE but didn't write them down.  CM: True you lifted bag 4' off ground and skull dropped out, rolled out of bag? RK: No sir, told you mistake on first statement. CM: Did skull pop out, roll out, come out in any way? RK: No, sir. CM: But it's true you lifted w/stick? RK: When bag no longer on top, yes. CM: After you moved bag? RK: Yes, have never denied that. I gently lifted skull. Had I known what it was, wouldn't have even done that.  CM: Is "today's version" that skull did or did not roll out of bag?RK:  It did not, sir. CM: Realize you've said that before? Objection CM:  You lifted bag to see what was in it? RK: Lifted bag and after shook it, skull was at his feet 
Mason is asked if Kronk was told by law enforcement not to bring up finding the remains in August? Kronk says no. Mason mention that on Dec. 10, Kronk spoke to his son and mentioned something about needing money. Kronk took that day off because the clutch in his car broke down.  Kronk says needed $1000+ to fix car. CM: Very next day, you go back to Suburban and make this find? RK:Yes sir.  Mason hands him a document. Kronk IDs as bill for vehicle repair.

Cross Examination
Says he doesn't know the Anthony family, nor the PI's. Says he lives in St. Cloud near Kissimmmee in Osceola County.  Moved to FL in 07. Says he got around by putting addresses into his GPS.
*Personal note: I live in the border of Kissimmee and St.Cloud and it is about 30-40 minutes to Suburban Drive.*

 Burdick states Kronk had to use GPS because he wasn't familiar with the area.   Kronk says he had just been assigned that route (Anthony home) he had only been to neighborhood 2 time.  Kronk says it's a 3-neighborhood route; coworkers finished some of route & gave him GPS coordinates to meet them. Kronk says whoever finishes first finds the others because heat is brutal; they want to get done and get out of there.  LDB: You go to relieve yourself, look around, come back out, other guys there and you say something suspicious in woods? RK said both coworkers were screaming "like little girls" over the snake; that became focus from then on.  Kronk tells Burdick after he called Crimeline, no one asked to meet him at Suburban Drive that night.  When cops went with him to location, Kronk says the deputy berated him for wasting his and the County's time. Kronk says he let issue go because of how he was treated.  Kronk says he's never had access to the Anthony home, computer, diapers, Caylee's clothing, laundry bags, garbage bags, blankets and their duct tape.

 David Dean:Kronk's ex co-worker
Dean said he was in the area because he was sent there to help Kronk. He had another guy there who he was training. Baez asks Dean to ID Suburban/Hope Spring on aerial photo he put on easel. Shows where parked that day.Dean said they needed a rest so they found a little bit of shade along Suburban Drive. Dean: At the time, told Kronk he felt Caylee's body might be in swamp.  Kronk mentioned finding a "skull", but they found the snake to be more interesting.  Says that he didn't take skull seriously because Kronk didn't push it further.  Also mentions that in their office, the case was spoken about.  Says Kronk never mentioned calling authorities.  The next time he heard about the skull was December 11,  2008.    Baez asked Dean about Kronk's demeanor on Dec. 11, 2008.  JB: What was Kronk's demeanor on call? DD: Without seeing his emotions, I guess he was excited, explained what he'd found.  JB: What did you say to Kronk when call came in. DD: I told you she was in there. Baez asks Dean if anyone else saw the skull. Dean said no.  Dean kept dead snake in freezer. Deputies performed an necropsy, he said.Dean says Kronk went into woods about 25 ft in.

Cross Examination
Dean said on Aug 11, 2008 he told Kronk he thought Caylee was in swamp area. He tells Burdick he had nothing to do with her body being there.  Burdick asks if Dean was just making a statement- Dean says he thought it was good place to hide body and because Casey said on video "close to home" Dean also points out how swampy the area was in August.  LDB:Times of year when Suburban area is wet or dry? DD: Yes. LDB:And after Aug 11, Tropical Storm Fay hit? DD: Yes.


Baez asks if he recalls George saying Caylee was close to him. Dean responds with no. Baez says it's because nobody looked at or ever questioned George. Objection. Sustained.

Alex Roberts: Kronk's ex-supervisor. Senior meter reader
Kronk did not read any meters on December 11, 2008.  Roberts said Kronk was smoking a cigarette when Roberts arrived at Suburban Dr after Kronk discovered skull. Baez asks what Kronk said
*personal note- How many people out there, if given the opportunity to find a clue about a crime and receive a reward, would do it? There are quite alot of people who are money hungry and Mr. Kronk is not the only one. *
Kronk was smoking nervously.  Recalls day skull was brought to workplace. Kronk never mentioned he called 911.

Sgt. Dennis Moonsammy: Supervisor at The Orange County Jail
 Baez asks where Casey is held at the jail. Objection Relevance. Sidebar. Both witness and Burdick give off big sighs. Sustained

Jury has an engagement tonight at 7pm so they are being let go by Judge Perry.

Proffer of Witness:
She is in protective custody. In cell 23 hours a day. When out for an hour, she can take a shower, watch tv or go to the rec room. Says she is a model inmate. Always smiling and very pleasant.*Personal note-Casey relaxed her pose putting her elbows on the desk and wrapping her hands around her neck. Never seemed this comfortable before!* JB: Is her behavior under those conditions different than other inmates? DM: In what way? JB: Seem unusual to you?  DM: Unless an inmates behavior is bad/uncontrollable, but pays little attention otherwise.  Says Casey is always happy.  DM: Her behavior has never changed. She has never changed. She's never up or down. Always smiles, pleasant.
*what the hell does that have to do with anything?*

Marlene Baker: Orange County Corrections
Used to work in the area where Casey is housed. Observed her for a year and a half. Describes her as pleasant.   Jail cell is 6X8.  JB: Does solitary confinement often stress inmates?MB: Yes.  
MB:Cried sometimes, but not often. Always pleasant. 

*So she's happy that she killed Caylee, but she's sad in jail. That's all ! *

Judge Perry finds their testimony is not relevant. Jury will not hear testimony.

Jesse Grund: Casey's ex fiancee

Was going to be proffered but he was released 5 min before by Michelle Medina who works at the Baez law firm and is a minion.  They found him and he will be proffered.
Grund says he felt uncomfortable around Lee and wanted nothing to do with him.  Said Casey did not want Caylee around Lee, because one time Casey told him she woke up one night and Lee was standing over her. On another occasion, he was groping her.  Grund says he took anything Casey said as truth and fact.  The state has objected to his testimony because of hearsay.
Judge Perry:"The research I'd previously done indicates it is not admissible.I will look again tonight and see."
Judge is going to make final decision on Grund's testimony tomorrow. But doesn't think it's admissible.   Judge: Finnell wants to take up mistrial motion by phone 8:30 tomorrow morning.  Ashton says yes, he suggested phone.
Now Ashton is talking about witness, a doctor.(grief expert) Says Baez agreed to proffer her testimony. Baez says not correct, doesn't wanna proffer. Baez says prosecution is never ready. *This coming from a guy that never had any files ready in the beginning of trial!*  JB: Ashton was tired, didn't want to take her depo. He has her report. Willing to give limited proffer. He had opportunity. One of those instances where you give an inch, they take a yard."
 Judge wants to know why depo wasn't taken. Defense doesn't want to give state a "preview" to prepare.
Ashton and Baez are both upset.  
Judge is asking questions about her testimony. It's concerning grief. She never interviewed Casey. The doctor is expected to be called tomorrow morning. Judge Perry says, "I don't have a crystal ball. Depending on what she is going to say, some of it may be admissible, some of it may not be admissible."Says they will go back and forth like pop tarts tomorrow!  

6 more witnesses after this grief expert. Then Perry will talk with Casey about testifying!!! Perry says he wants to make sure whatever the decision is (testify or not) it's her decision.

Court done until 8:30 am

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